Career Spotlight: Ashley Sievert

I hope you all have enjoyed these little career spotlights as much as I have! This week I’m so excited as we have a makeup artist AND business woman! She has makeup to give you the Kardashian contour and books 135 weddings a year. So much cake and champagne, I am jealous! 

Ashley is a New Orleans self-taught makeup artist with over 9 years of experience. She specializes in bridal makeup and books about 135 weddings a year. [WHAT?!] She prides herself in being incredibly creative and thinking outside the box, which is what has allowed her to work on styled photo shoots. Due to her demand in 2013 she expanded her first location and launched a cosmetic line: Ashley Sievert Beauty. She sells to clients in over 300 cities. In August 2014 she relocated to a larger location which is a chic, super-girly beauty studio and is working on a few more expansion projects! Stay tuned! Oh and she is a beauty, too! Can she just make me look like she does?! I had a fun interview with her to give you the scoop on your makeup must for fall and what you should really ask your makeup artist for. If you are a New Orleans girl make her your new BFF.

Name: Ashley Sievert
Title: Makeup Artist
Location: New Orleans
Instagram: @AshleySievert
Facebook: Ashley Sievert Makeup Artist
1.    I love makeup girls! What made you want to get started in this industry?
I had always loved makeup and experimented in high school! Britney Spears was super popular at the time and I thought it was amazing how makeup transformed her. I would take magazine covers she was on and try to replicate her look. I have always been super creative and makeup was definitely something I enjoyed! 
2.     Not only do you make girls beautiful, but you have your own line, as well. What led to that?
My favorite part of a makeup application is the foundation-highlight process. When I first became a professional artist 9 years ago, there were not many product lines as there are now. I had trouble with my skin and searched for the perfect foundation. After years of foundations turning orange on me and breaking me out, I decided to take matters into my own hands. About 5 years ago, I started the process of creating my own line! 
3.     Biggest beauty mistake girls make?
The biggest beauty mistake is usually lover tweezing or not maintaining brows. They completely frame the face and are so important and complete a makeup look.
4.     What should brides be asking for with their wedding day makeup?
I describe my style as a glamorized natural, which is the perfect look for a bride to be!
5.     What makes your makeup line different than another?
My makeup like is very small at the moment- 3 items (foundation, concealer and powder) but to me it is the most crucial part of an application. You can have the most amazing eye makeup but if your face isn’t flawless it will look just ok! However, if you have the most amazing face makeup application and only mascara it will still look amazing! The Ashley Sievert Beauty Mineral Velvet Creme is a full coverage, light weight, virtually waterproof foundation which will not only make you look flawless it is known to improve your skin! The Finishing powder sets and gives an airbrushed effect while the under eye brightener conceals and brightens in one! 
6.     Can we purchase online?
You can purchase all times under “shop” at ashleysievert.comincluding a tester pack to match your shade before purchasing a full size of the velvet creme.
7.     If we have to invest in one part of our makeup routine, what should it be?
The Mineral Velvet creme is definitely the first and most important in my line. It’s the backbone of any makeup look! 
8.     What is a typical day in your life like?
My days are quite interesting now that I have a 3 month old and because my schedule isn’t consistent, my days are hectic! I am also opening a new beauty studio so have been loving decorating and getting it ready! I answer tons of emails everyday and make lists upon lists of things to do! I should buy stock in post its! I constantly am planning photo shoots, booking bridal makeup for my team and thinking of the next move for my business! Everyday all day I am brainstorming, creating and growing my brand! My busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays where I am usually on location doing makeup for weddings!
9.     How should we change our makeup routine from summer to fall?
A dark lip is definitely a fall must… It’s great to tone down the eye makeup from summer to fall and focus on a bold matte lip! I am working on some options as a special lip edition for Ashley Sievert Beauty this fall! 
10.    On a scale of 1 to death, how bad is it that I sleep in my makeup?
Sleeping in makeup isn’t the greatest for your skin but if it is a Mineral base makeup like ASB, it isn’t the worst either… I have definitely had a few I occasions where I have slept in my makeup and guess what… No breakouts! 🙂

Purchase Ashley’s makeup line here. I am getting the Mineral Velvet Creme, what are you getting?!

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  1. I’ve become a huge beauty geek over the past year and I loved hearing about the professional side from Ashley! I’m a new reader of your blog and I must say it’s quickly becoming my favorite, especially these career spotlights! Great job 🙂


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