Over The Knee

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 Once October hits pull out your boots! But, in Texas October is still 97 degrees and boots look absurd. Thankfully the weather right now is beautiful and I’m finally enjoying all the fall boot purchases I tucked away in June and July. 
The first little numbers I whipped out are my over-the-knee boots. I know we all have 47 pairs of riding boots in our closets, and keep those, but don’t take them out every day this fall. 
There are two things in life to always expect:
1. The Bachelor finale will consist of 47 minutes of said Bachelor staring into the sunset wondering who on earth they will give a free Neil Lane diamond to.
2. Girls will wear leggings with riding boots and carry red Starbucks cups every. day. in. the fall. 
I’m shamelessly all for number 1 & 2, but over-the-knee boots are my new favorites. They give a little luxe touch to your outfit with the extended leather and you also can get away with jeans or leggings that need to retire, because you practically don’t see them! Win. Win.
In order to add an unexpected touch to your wardrobe, I’ve shared some of my favorite options below. Order a half size up so you can squeeze in with jeans and socks!
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  1. You look absolutely fabulous! Love how stylish you are!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 10 Nov 14Reply
  2. Jessica wrote:

    Love this look! I completely agree. Bought a pair of cognac over the knee boots last year and they are my favorites! xx

    Dirty Blonde Barrage

    Published 11 Nov 14Reply