Spring Tee with Duluth Pack

Tee: [c/o] French Connection | Jeans: Link | Bag: [c/o] Duluth Pack | Shoes: Link | Lipstick: Link | Bracelets: Link, Link, Link, Link | Sunglasses: Link
This past weekend I had my bridesmaids luncheon where I got to ask my besties and mini me’s to be my bridesmaids and flower girls! I finally feel like everything is coming together. The first months of my engagement I felt a little overwhelmed. I wasn’t super decisive and we ended up having to switch our venue just because the reception venue hadn’t been built on the timeline. It was a litttttle bit dramatic and we didn’t fit with our guest list in the one that was already there. So I just spent most of my time house hunting, and now I’m back to to the wedding planning game.
This week my planner, my mom and I got a lot knocked out, like cake tasting and menu planning. The important things. Paul also booked our honeymoon which will be in Maui [For those who have been what are things we should do?! And where did y’all stay? He won’t tell me where we are staying so I just google aimlessly all day guessing! haha].
The weather has been getting prettier [and by that I mean it only rains 3 days a week instead of 7] so I’ve been wearing lots of little spring white tops to pair with denim. I pair it with my Duluth Domer Shell bag. It’s made in America and made to order, but the wait is 100% worth it! I love it’s neutral tones that fit whether you are in work out clothes or going to lunch.
I’ve loved Duluth Pack bags for the past few months and each time I’ve been eying this lighter option!  The versatility it gives for spring and summer brights makes it an easy staple to add to your collection. It also has a lifetime guarantee if you are a little bit more rough with your purses, and you can get mine here.
Also, remember when I said I was nominated as a blogger for the Better, Homes & Gardens awards? It was such an honor and this week you can vote for your favorite blogger here!
I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Wedding planning is so exciting once things start to fall together. Stressful, but exciting!! 🙂


    Published 23 Mar 15Reply
  2. Ohhh I love this bag! Such a classic spring staple! Plus I love hearing about your wedding plans! As a former intern for a wedding planner I know it can be stressful but you seem to be handling it all in stride! I can’t wait to see it all come together :]

    Morgan Paige

    Published 23 Mar 15Reply
  3. Congratulations on your nomination from Better Homes & Gardens! That is so awesome. Also can’t wait to read and see how the wedding planning continues to go! It must be such an exciting time.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 23 Mar 15Reply
  4. Sydney Shein wrote:

    I just ADORE Maui! I went a couple years ago and would go back in a heartbeat. We stayed on the Kaanapali beach and it was amazing. Just being able to walk out to such clear, warm water was incredible. My recommendations would be to 1. go on a snorkeling tour. we saw so many animals like sea turtles, dolphins, gorgeous, rainbow colored fish, and even an octopus! 2. go to a luau, they’re so much fun. Lots of good food and the culture and dancing is incredible (I wanted to be a hulu dancer for a year afterward) 3. just go explore! i didn’t get a chance to do any hiking or nature things not related to the ocean, but the entire island, not just the beaches, is incredibly beautiful 4. ENJOY EVERY SUNSET! 🙂 seriously, they’re to die for. Hope you have a great trip and congrats on the engagement! 🙂

    xx, Sydney

    Published 24 Mar 15Reply
  5. Voted for yooou xx

    Published 27 Mar 15Reply