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Your makeup bag is like car insurance. You either skip it [tisk, tisk], complain about having to keep it around or don’t put a lot of thought into it. But when you need it you thank your lucky stars and the Lord you have it. I use a glambox when getting ready at home, but over the years and dealing with many awkward situations I’ve finally found what I have to keep inside my bag. 
Here’s a peek into mine:
I keep this palette around because the pinks double as a blush, the highlighting shades work to brighten and the eyeshadow colors work as an eyeliner, too! It really encompasses everything you need for some color on your sweet baby face. 
2. Sanitizer:
The world is a disgusting place.
How many times do you think, “I smell like a spray tan. I need some spritz.” I think that at least 4 times a week…
If there is anything I’m embarrassingly high maintenance about it is my hands/nails. If my nails chip I pull a toddler and just feel like I can’t function. I’ve got strange quirks…but this lotion always seems to keep my manicures in tact a bit longer. 
This is light enough that if you throw it on while you are at the lake you’ll look “no makeup gorgeous” but really easy to build in case you find a spot during the day.
This is an embarrassing staple. You look at it and think, “oh gross. concealer lipgloss.” Don’t judge it! But view it as a brightening lipgloss [those are white glosses]. This gloss allows any bright lip to easily blend with with whatever skin tone you have. I put it on all my girlfriends when I do their makeup to allow colors to match their coloring. 
Keeping a raspberry-toned lip pencil in your bag allows you to use it for your cheek and lips!
Spray tan in a bottle. Kidding, but this stuff gives you the spray tan glow.  
The nude lip Emily Maynard swears by. Which basically means we all should, too. 
*This product is discontinued, so I will work on finding a dupe!*
A bright pink that doubles as a moisturizing balm. Peace out, chapped lips. The oil is a treatment for your lips, so if you are a Chapstick girl needing some summer color this product is your go to. 
I’m constantly posting this brush on instagram. I purchased it years ago, and it works for any need you may have. Powder, blush, bronzer, blending. It has your back, girlfriend. 
Blasphemous to leave the home without it. Lancome is known for their mascara, so whatever need you have: volume, length, curl, this mascara has the ability to to give you Twiggy lashes. 
What do you keep in your makeup bag?!

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  1. If Emily Maynard swears by it, I definitely need it. She recommended Bare Minerals Nude Beach eye shadow and it’s my absolute favorite. I wear it almost every day. You should check it out!


    Published 07 Apr 15Reply
  2. A B&B Works hand sanitizer is a makeup bag must-have for me, too…especially because I can’t apply makeup on the go without accidentally smearing it all over my hands!

    Published 07 Apr 15Reply
  3. so that nars gloss, #6, how do you do it exactly? over lip color? under?

    Published 08 Apr 15Reply
  4. LOVE!!! I can’t live without Mario Badescu rose facial spray!! I would die without it! Plus you can spray it in your hair too. So good.

    Published 08 Apr 15Reply
  5. Jessica wrote:

    Been meaning to try that Bare Minerals compact! After using BM for years, I switched and totally regret it! I’m a big fan of their Complexion Rescue and am so after that compact above! PS Car Insurance is the perf metaphor for a makeup bag LOL
    xx Jessica
    Dirty Blonde Barrage

    Published 10 Apr 15Reply