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Hi friends! Happy Thursday! I had intended on sharing some photos from our honeymoon in today’s post and when I went to upload them it was hilarious. We were eating in all of them. We’d bring our camera out to take photos during the day, have our waiter snap a photo and then forget we had a camera with us the rest of the day.

The blog post would have gone something like this…

“Here is us eating snow cones. His is Pink Guava flavored. Nasty.”

“Here we are eating breakfast.”

“Here we are eating fish tacos. #mermaiddiet”

I guess our kids will look at them one day and think we had an eating problem. haha!

Yesterday was my first day “back to work” per say. I felt so guilty working when Paul is still on vacation, but I was chomping at the bit to get in the swing of things again.

Getting in the swing of things felt so different being married. I hate to be cliché and say your priorities change immediately, but they do. As I saw invitations to fun little gatherings on Sunday or fashion presentations on Saturday mornings I just had a different mind set. Not that my goals are any different, but my family unit is different. I lived by myself after college so I’ve been really independent the past two years. My schedule has included me, myself and I. And now that Paul and I are a family I just don’t ever want to look back and feel as if I put more emphasis on something that benefited someone else as opposed to time benefitting us.

This industry can be really fast paced and sometimes you feel like you’re pulled in a million directions, but if you are in it [or one that your feel the same way] don’t feel guilty. As women we want to do everything for everyone, but sometimes we just have to prioritize. A little trick I use is the year rule. [And y’all I have to use this a lot. Any time I say no to something or someone I almost cry because I feel so bad.]

A year from now will the person I’m turning down remember?

If it’s a company, a stranger or an old acquaintance, chances are no.

If it’s family, a best friend or a boyfriend, chances are yes.

This always helps put things in perspective and eases my mind about how I’m arranging my commitments.

Now what the heck does this have to do with weekend wear? Everything! haha. The weekends are the times I think women overextend themselves the most! With everything from work happy hours to fun runs you forgot you committed to, it can be anything other than relaxing. [And this post is not to encourage you to turn down opportunities! I think God puts people in our life to get us to be in certain environments and situations, but we all know when we have said “yes” one too many times!]  I wanted to throw together a cozy look for you to wear if you took a weekend off from commitments. Yep, I’m totally trying to inspire  convince you into taking a weekend off! Grab brunch. Go to a farmer’s market. Pick up flowers for your house. Treat yourself so that come Monday you feel energized enough to treat others!

Sorry for my little ramble, but I know we all can feel overwhelmed at points and sometimes it just takes someone else telling you, “Hey, girlfriend! It’s okay! Grab yourself a Diet Coke and don’t feel guilty. You deserve a few days with no plans!” 😉

What are your favorite things to do on a weekend with no plans?!


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  1. Kacie wrote:

    Agreed – Diet Coke makes everyone feel better!! 🙂


    Published 08 Oct 15Reply
  2. I’m in love with this light pink bag! Great pick! <3

    Published 08 Oct 15Reply
  3. Bets wrote:

    Can’t to wait to see wedding photos and those fabulous Kendra Scott earrings you wore.

    Published 08 Oct 15Reply
  4. belle wrote:

    On weekends off I love cleaning the apartment! It probably doesn’t sound fun but it prepares me for the week ahead!

    Published 08 Oct 15Reply
  5. melissa wrote:

    cute boots!

    Published 08 Oct 15Reply
  6. ” As women we want to do everything for everyone, but sometimes we just have to prioritize.”

    That really struck me because it’s so true! Never apologize for your rambles.. they’re brilliant!

    Published 08 Oct 15Reply
  7. That pink bag is too cute! <3


    Published 09 Oct 15Reply