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TGIF, friends! Am I ruining “Dear Katey” by doing a DM post?! Maybe?! Let’s just go with it….

Today I wanted to answer some recent direct messages that I found to be more common so that I make sure to answer whatever y’all need!

What was the name of the pillows that you recommend? Not the case, but the actual pillow.

The pillows are by Discover Night. I found them on Emily Maynard’s Instagram, so naturally, I needed them. They support melatonin, help you sleep better, and keep you asleep. The first night I slept on it, I thought, “Meeeeh. This is okay.Then, I slept on my other pillow and could tell the biggest difference. I automatically became addicted. I’ve used my pillow for a little over 3 months now, and I desperately miss it when I’m without it on trips. It’s silky, it stays cool, it morphs to you- but doesn’t feel like pure foam like a Tempurpedic!

Can you tell me where your acrylic bar stools are from? Are they actually comfortable and do they show a million fingerprints? Trying to find decent ones that are toddler-friendly. Thanks!

Hi! I so badly want to say they are Wayfair, but I scoured my inbox last night for a solid 45 minutes and can’t find the receipt for them online! Driving me mad- don’t you hate when you can’t find something specific?! I will say, they were a steal in terms of bar stools. I think I paid $160 for all four, or something like that. It was under $200, but I can tell they were more inexpensive in terms of quality. A few have cracks in them and they move around a bit when people sit on them. So if you find some online for that price, I wouldn’t 100% recommend. I think they’d be perfect in an apartment with girls that aren’t sitting in them frequently. They do show fingerprints a lot with a toddler, but the nice thing is they don’t stain. I wipe them down at least once a day, but I tell myself that is better than scrubbing stains out. We will switch these out when our designer works on the kitchen, just because the quality of these isn’t great and they aren’t comfortable at all.

Hi! If you had to recommend 3 Tula products to a Tula newbie, what would they be? Bonus points if they help combat redness and occasional dry patches! I love your recommendations!

Yay- love this question! I do typically recommend the Discovery Kit for girls trying the brand out, that way you can find your favorite products. However, to combat redness you’ll want the Kefir line! Grab the Kefir Replenishing Cleansing Oil {so soothing!}, the Kefir Pressed Serum for your moisturizer {my favorite-feels like a whipped butter when it melts in your skin!}, and the Illuminating Serum. Code “Katey” gets you 20% off at checkout.

Hey Katey! You shared how you mixed your Ningxia a few weeks ago..would you mind repeating that for me? I thought I wrote it down, but didn’t!

Of course! I love Ningxia by Young Living. It’s like my little vitamin mocktail each day. I grab a big cup, fill it with ice, pour in the Ningxia pack, and top off with Waterloo Sparkling Water I got at Whole Foods. I think I was using the Grapefruit flavor, but you can’t go wrong with any option! The bubbles make the Ningxia taste like Sprite! I order my Ningxia here.

Hey Katey! Where is your laptop stand from?

Hi girl! I got it here from Amazon. You can also save this page as it features all my favorite buys from Amazon.

Do you have any favorite black dresses for bachelorette parties?

Love an LBD moment and a bachelorette party is the perfect excuse! I would reach for this, this, or this statement!

Hi Katey! I don’t have much counter space but have a ton of makeup. Do you have a makeup bag you recommend that can be stored away but holds a lot?

Absolutely! I love this makeup bag you can get off Amazon. I actually got it for my sister because I wasn’t sure if she would have enough space on her countertops. It keeps everything neat and organized and then she can store it under her sink.

Are you picking up anything from the Sephora sale?

I thought you’d never ask! Honestly, I was so surprised Sephora threw us for a loop and did their sale right now! They usually do it in the spring and fall, but treated VIB members during the summer, too. If you aren’t a VIB member, you can sign up here {it is free!} and get your products on sale!

If you are Rouge, enter YESROUGE for 20% off. If you are VIB, enter YESVIB for 15% off, and if you are an Insider enter YESINSIDER for 10% off. 

  • I’ll stock up on my Olaplex which is the hair treatment I do once a week. If you highlight your hair, grab some! It is a miracle product. I actually throw it all over my hair, put it in a top knot, and sleep in it overnight. Then I wash my hair as usual in the morning.
  • I use these bags while traveling and will grab an extra just to have on hand. It is TSA approved and seems to fit more than typical TSA bags. It is probably just my imagination, but I can stuff so many products in this thing.
  • I’m also getting my Givenchy Mascara Primer, which I say is a must for any girl that loves thick lashes.
  • I’m going to repurchase the Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer that I used last year. This product has your bronzer, blush, and highlight all in one. If you are a busy mama or running late, just dip your brush in it, apply to your cheek, and “brush up!” It’s an essential for getting ready quickly.
  • Recently, I purchased the Kat Von D Contour Kit and I can’t say enough good things. I mean THIS is the product if you are intimidated by a contour. I don’t like to wear setting powder all over, so typically contour can “catch” on some of my foundation and then I can end up blending it out so much the contour looks like it was never there. You don’t experience that with this contour! Her powders are so soft and smooth that you get a perfect application the first time. I don’t have to blend for 30 seconds on each cheek. This palette is also refillable!
  • I’m buying the Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette. I haven’t had that one in years and I use my UD palettes almost daily!
  • I’ve heard Stila’s Highlighter in Incandescence is perfect for fair girls and Maxi girl broke my last highlighter. Oops!
  • Marc Jacobs Coconut Gel to mix in with my foundation! A girl from my sorority posted this on her Instagram Stories this past weekend and it creates the most beautiful glow to the skin.

What were the packing cubes you use?

These are the packing cubes I use. It comes with a ton, so I’m able to pack my things as well as Maxi’s!

What are y’all doing this weekend? I’m trying to get organized because I’m still behind from going to Nashville last weekend. My laundry has been folded sitting on our bench for a solid 5 days. I mean, one would think I could get my act together. Maxi also starts her Mother’s Day Out next week at church, so I want to get her backpack and items all labeled. You know, maybe have a few irrational cries about how big she is getting. The typical weekend activities. 😉 Honestly, these are my favorite kinds of weekends. I just get such a sense of peace having everything sorted where it needs to be.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with loved ones! Do you have any fun Labor Day plans?!

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  1. Haha, recent DMs is just another name for Dear Katey posts! Thank you for answering our questions! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 31 Aug 18Reply
  2. Morgan wrote:

    I LOVE this kind of post! Although I stalk your instagram (can you blame me??) it’s great to have a place to come back and reference things I forgot all about you mentioning 🙂

    You’re the sweetest, have a great weekend!

    Published 31 Aug 18Reply
  3. Michele wrote:

    Hi there! I read your blog all the time but haven’t ever commented! Speaking of the Naked palettes, the original is on sale at Sephora for half off since it’s being discontinued. That, coupled with the rouge discount, makes it $21.60! I just bought a new one since mine is pretty old.

    Published 31 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Michele! Oh no!! Why would they discontinue?! 🙁 I use that one almost daily! Thank you for telling me! I’m going to get an extra to keep as backup! xo, Katey

      Published 31 Aug 18Reply
  4. Lisa wrote:

    Hi Katey,

    Thanks for answering all of our questions! Now, just one more. Ha. Looked but couldn’t find a link – where is your top in this picture from? It’s the cutest. Thanks!

    Keep up all of your great work!


    Published 04 Sep 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lisa! 🙂 It is from Dillards! Here is the link! xx, Katey

      Published 05 Sep 18Reply
  5. Grace wrote:

    Hi Katey,
    I work in the beauty industry I actually mange a hair salon and I religiously use olaplex take home number 3 in my hair. It’s an amazing product and I love it and highly recommended it for anyone that colors their hair. The only thing I will say is that with the number 3 this product is usually meant to be used 2-3 times a week and it should be left in the hair 15-20 minutes. For your hair it may work and be just fine, but I’ve had clients who’s hair has broken off faster by leaving this in to long and usuing to much. Over using the olaplex system can do the opposite to your hair and make it break off and not repair those broken bonds. So just a suggestion to let girls know to also read the instructions on the back of the bottle. My hair personally I lighten to get a ashy blonde and I can only but the number 3 on the ends of my hair for 10 minutes twice a week or my hair is gross.

    Published 08 Sep 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Grace! You’re totally right!! I should have included that! I’ve written on that about Olaplex before {because I have such coarse hair} and just forgot to include it- would never want to hurt someone’s hair! Thank you so much! xo, Katey

      Published 10 Sep 18Reply