Maxi’s Playroom, Part 1

The Details

Dress Up Station | Pillows | Teepee, Love This Too | Giraffe | Storage Trunk | Baskets | photography by: Madison Katlin | In collaboration with Walmart, all purchases and opinions are my own.

I make pretty quick decisions. Always have. Our last home was the 3rd one we looked at, this home was the first lot we looked at, the very first night I met Paul I told my girlfriends, “I like him. I’d marry him.

Okay, maybe that last one was me just being young and infatuated, but you get the idea. 😉

Everyone I work with is always saying, “Your favorite phrase is, ‘That’s great!'” because I really do like options I’m presented with. Oh, but the playroom. I’ve had Maddie really hold off on art or curtains for this space because I’m torn. Maxi loves girly things, so part of me is like, “Let’s just throw some pink curtains up and call it a day.”

But what if we have a boy next that is all about trucks and baseballs?! Or what if we have another girl next that is totally not into the things Maxi is? I’m overthinking…

So instead of making permanent changes, I decided to focus on what we actually do in the space, play. I mean that is what is important- not the drapes! Seeing her interact with other kids at MDO, I realized, “Oh! Okay, she is ready for some more toys that allow her to use her imagination.” We had an open nook in the playroom, so I went for it. As of the past few weeks, she doesn’t want to eat in her highchair that often {why?! Is this a phase?!} and wants to eat at her little table and chairs that we used in her playroom for coloring. I moved that to the dining room for some of her meals and then took the empty space to create a cozy reading nook and dress-up station.

At Maxi’s little Mother’s Day Out class, they have a dress-up station like this. I didn’t think she’d be interested and figured that was a few years ahead of her. She is obsessed with it! Each time we go, she makes a beeline for that space and so I found this one online at Walmart. Paul also was veeeeery adamant that I make a note and give his review. He says that being married to me, I order everything online blindly and he is stuck putting together furniture that comes with no screws, etc. He wanted me to emphasize to y’all this was great quality and a breeze to put together. I mean clearly, I just torture the poor man with random purchases he puts together because he reminded me 3 times to tell y’all that about this piece. ha! Our neighbor saw ours and ordered the same one from Walmart and she says her little girl loves it!

So far, she just really enjoys putting her shoes on and then brings the dresses to me. We also grabbed this teepee from Walmart {it sold out, but I love this neutral option} and I added some fuzzy pillows for reading. Maxi will take all her stuffed animals and baby dolls in the teepee and read to them.

I also ordered this storage trunk and these affordable baskets to do an organizational overhaul now that I’m keeping up with crayons and puzzle pieces galore. I was shocked when I saw these all from Walmart and ordered them on the way home from our Nashville flight. I’m going to do a post for my organizational series with them and share how I organize it all. But if you’re looking for a little table and chairs, this section has a lot of cute ones!

So my question is, did you find it hard to make playroom decisions if you knew you wanted more kids?! Should I just go with more neutral curtains and art?

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Gorgeous photos of you and maxi, she is so adorable!! I love the little pink tent! Its super cute. ?

    Jelz Inspired |

    Published 14 Sep 18Reply
  2. Maxi’s room is sooo cute! I wish my bedroom was like that when I was young. The giant giraffe is such a nice touch 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 14 Sep 18Reply
  3. Alex wrote:

    Lol to Paul’s review!! My husband says I do the same thing.. but I just remind him that somehow I’m saving us money because I find such good deals online! 😉 I love how happy Maxi looks!

    Published 14 Sep 18Reply
  4. Jill Malsam wrote:

    Definitely go neutral….unless you don’t mind switching it up in the future! ☺️

    Published 14 Sep 18Reply
  5. Jessica G wrote:

    Our playroom is actually the one room that’s finished in our house! Haha. Our first was a girl and second a boy so I’m glad it’s neutral. Life just gets busier and crazier when you add another little and you won’t want to have to spend time changing it if the next is a boy. There are a few big toys I wish I would have gotten in neutral colors instead of pink, but then I would have probably had all girls and it wouldn’t have mattered. ? Cute room though! Thinking I might need to order that dress up station for Christmas!

    Published 14 Sep 18Reply
  6. Melissa wrote:

    Her playroom is so cute! It’s amazing how quickly their interests change so I have never wanted to spend too much on “play” pieces for my kiddos. Target and Walmart are the perfect place to purchase those items and I don’t feel bad when they have been loved to the point of being worn out. With my baby being our first girl (2 older brothers), I appreciate your girly suggestions!

    Published 14 Sep 18Reply
  7. Mallory F wrote:

    Need this for my daughter. So cute!

    Published 14 Sep 18Reply
  8. Catherine Ray wrote:

    We have done neutral paint and drapes but made the mistake of gender specific art with our son. Along comes our daughter and the play room/office has dinosaur art work and a huge train table. We have switched up the art and will be getting rid of the train table soon since neither of them uses it. I plan on creating her dress up space in that corner. If I could go back we would do different art from the beginning. Also I HATE that dang train table haha.

    Published 14 Sep 18Reply