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I’m a big believer that finding a functional method to store toys is half the battle of cleaning them. I’ve had methods that were too detailed, leaving my preschooler unable to figure out where to put the toys back up. You can also check out online sites if you lack knowledge or don’t what to do with those or how to deal with it, here’s More Info that you can learn efficiently.

I’ve had methods that didn’t allow for accessibility when playing, leaving my preschooler not actually using those toys. And I’ve had methods that weren’t all that cute….and well, no one wants that! {Okay, MOM doesn’t want that!} For those toys that need to get disposed, I found a cheap dumpster rental near me in Sacramento.

Read these tips of how you can be better prepared for junk removal day.

Once you find your Goldilocks version of toy storage, it is well worth it. I love baskets! Toys are in sight for play. They are easily picked up. And I’ve personally never met a basket I didn’t think was cute.

In case you find yourself in the battle of the Barbies each night while you pick up the playroom, I thought I’d share my three favorite methods for storage. You’ve seen all of these on the blog, so I’ve got pros and cons to help you find your fit.

  1. Scalloped Baskets: We’ve been using this method the past 6 weeks or so, and for this stage with Maxi it has been my favorite storage option. These baskets are $30 at Target, a lot less than alternatives, and the best part is your little one can easily grab them. We keep two on Maxi’s shelf next to her dollhouse. The only “con” I can think of is you may not like that there isn’t a lid to conceal the Barbies. That’s a “pro” to me right now as it helps Maxi easily find/pick up her Barbies.
  2. Stacking Baskets: If you have Instagram, you’ve seen these baskets. And while popularity may be a “con” to some it never bothers me if I have something a lot of people also own. I think that just proves it’s good! These stacking baskets by Ballard Designs are so sweet for a nursery and then can grow with them as they accumulate toys. They have plenty of storage, and it is nice because you can use the smaller baskets for Barbie clothes, the medium for Barbies, and the large for Barbie accessories and houses. I will say one con is you have to be careful when stacking them if they are heavy, they will cause the lid to sink in on the bottom one.
  3. Skirted Ottomans: I’m obsessed with these storage ottomans and have them in Harry’s room as well. Design-wise, they are my favorite option. Place two at the end of your child’s bed, you can custom design to match their room, and you’ve got deep storage when you need it. The only two cons are that this is a pricier option {serves as furniture, too} and they are heavy, so your child can’t pick it up and take the ottoman by their dollhouse.

Which method is your favorite for storing Barbies?


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  1. Alyssa wrote:

    I’m desperate to find a good solution for the knick knacks my kids accumulate – that they won’t let me throw away! And lego. Lego will forever stump me on how to store it!

    Published 05 Apr 22Reply