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Hardcover Photo Book | Baby Book | My Sweater {runs small, wearing size S} | My Shoes | Maxi’s Pajamas | photography by: Angie Garcia | In partnership with Artifact Uprising. All opinions are my own!

A clean home doesn’t last. A fresh manicure doesn’t last. A fabulous meal doesn’t last.

So much of what we spend our time and money on doesn’t last. At the beginning of the year, I started to cringe thinking how I have 9,000 photos on my iPhone and not much to show for it. Sure, I have a blog and an Instagram and I cherish the fact those act as a virtual diary. But if I had to grab the 5 most sentimental things in my home, I’d be grabbing picture frames scattered throughout. My organized-personality was craving some sort of system for sorting memories. I mean, I didn’t even have a wedding album coming into this year.

I started small by printing photos of Maxi’s first year and I chose Artifact Uprising. I found them on Instagram and printed them all before her birthday party. You can see the pictures here. Then, came Father’s Day and I purchased Paul this calendar for his office. Next, we had Paul’s 30th and I made him this box from Artifact Uprising to store cards Maxi and I give him. I put a photo from his 30th birthday shoot on top. For our anniversary, Paul got our wedding album printed. You can see the small goal or printing that turned into a habit.

As it came time to talk about gifts for the holidays, I told Paul I wanted to create a tradition where we spend a date night together sorting our top photos of the year and making a book. A few weeks ago we did just that! We put Maxi to bed, we ordered take out and we went through our phones picking our favorite photos from the year. The next part was so easy and yet it was the part I had been dreading. We just uploaded them to my Artifact Uprising account {which already had a lot with my prior purchases} and the book has a layout sorter so this part took 15 minutes! In our book, we took the first page and wrote an update for the year with Maxi’s age, our current jobs, our family vacations, etc. My goal is to create one each year and then go through them all on New Year’s Eve! A new family tradition where we can look back on our memories and see how grateful we are. We didn’t really have any NYE traditions- in fact, we are quite boring on that holiday, so to start one feels nice. It sounds quite cliché, but you start to think, “In 40 years we’ll flip through and we will love these detailed books so the years and memories don’t just blend together.” What a beautiful gift to give your spouse or family. We also decided to print extra ones to give to our parents as gifts, because what grandparent doesn’t want 800 photos of their grandchild? I mean we could just mark our faces out and replace with Maxi and they’d be thrilled. Anyone else relate?! {AU makes this super easy, you can simply click reorder on your order history.}

While I was on this kick {Enneagram 1 problems. We get on obsessive kicks.}, I also ordered their version of a baby book, “The Story of You” in Orchidee-Copper. What I had found while sorting Maxi’s things was that I had so many loose papers and with this being set up like the chicest binder you’ve ever seen with folder inserts, you can store everything neatly. The photos I had printed last year for her birthday applied perfectly in the book. If you need to gift a mommy-to-be a gift, get her this!

Today I partnered with them to share a discount code with you all so that you can mark this off your to-do list for the end of the year! I’m thrilled to have gotten a project marked off my checklist, subsequently loved the company I organically used and partnered with them to bring you this!

To get the exact photo book I used:

Hardcover Photo Book – Full Book Jacket – Fabric Color “Parchment” – Book Size “8.5×8.5” – Base Page Count “50”

I found 50 pages to be great because you can switch your layouts up and have 4 photos on a page. If you were going to do a book for grandparents including multiple families {their children and grandchildren} you could definitely do more base pages! They also have other photo books here to select from.

So before you start January 1st with a mile long list of goals and 15 areas you want to deep clean, I hope this encourages you to work on this one thing that will last! Go through your iPhone and computer photos, delete the random screenshots, upload your favorite images and start getting organized. 🙂

Use code COF20 to get 20% off your until Monday the 26th!

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  1. This is such a great idea, Katey! Memories are everything, and printed photos are just so much better to look like than digital ones. I still look at my own baby photos in photo albums my Mum made when I was young! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 19 Nov 18Reply
  2. Annelisse wrote:

    Love this idea! Thanks for the recommendation. I have a few vacations I’m needing to make books for!

    Published 19 Nov 18Reply
  3. Rebecca wrote:

    Hi Katey!

    I’ve never ordered from AU before, but I’ve seen a lot of bloggers promote this idea and I LOVE it! However, as someone that doesn’t have much of their family life photographed by professional photographers – and everything is pretty much captured via an iphone…how does the quality of iphone photos look in these? Would love to know your thoughts!

    Thank you 🙂

    Published 19 Nov 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Rebecca! It turned out great! Most of the photos printed for Maxi’s birthday were iPhone and then I’m not sure if you can tell but the photos in the book from the Disney page {the picture with the book and all of us at Disney} those photos are all iPhone! The books are so nice {honestly nicer than anything I’ve ever hadn’t printed before like this} that I was blown away. I think I purchased so much this year they were like “Do you want to collab with a coupon for your readers?!” Haha. Because I truly have purchased all year long! Xo, Katey

      Published 19 Nov 18Reply
      • Rebecca wrote:

        Thank you so much for your feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to respond 🙂

        Published 20 Nov 18Reply
  4. Brittney wrote:

    I have been so torn on biting the bullet with a photo book, have you found you miss the actual photos printed or no since you have some you have printed to frame?

    Published 19 Nov 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Brittney!

      I printed the little squares for Maxi’s party and have enjoyed having those, as well! I have sorted those in a box in a closet by her baby book. But I am happy with the frames we have in our house. I would definitely want to do a gallery wall too- but that’s my next project! Haha. Xo, Katey

      Published 19 Nov 18Reply
  5. Alex wrote:

    Yes I love all of this. I’m doing this FOR SURE!!!

    Published 20 Nov 18Reply
  6. Alyssa wrote:

    Love this! I’ve been looking at their books since I saw them on Mackenzie’s blog (Design Darling). I just haven’t sat down to do it yet! Love that baby book, too.

    Published 20 Nov 18Reply
  7. Bethany wrote:

    Great post! What a good idea to finally get all your photos in order, definitely going to get on that right away. I would be devastated if I lost all of them but don’t even have any of them printed.

    Published 20 Nov 18Reply