Maxi’s Hello Kitty Birthday Party + 18-Month-Old Favorite Toys

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Cake | Hello Kitty Balloons | White Balloons {shop closed, these are similar} | Cupcake Toppers {sold out}, Love these! | Pink Cookies | Maxi Jeanne Plate | Pinatas {from Walmart, not finding them online!} | Party Favor Bags | Pink Tablecloth {from this shop, exact one isn’t available} | Party Favor Candy | Plates | Cups | Napkins | 3-Tier Dessert Tray | Cake Stand | Cookie Plate | Napkin Tray | Maxi’s Dress {gift from family!} | Maxi’s Shoes | My Outfit |  photography by: Madison Katlin

Hi friends, I hope your Monday is filled with lots of coffee and a great hair day. 😉 I’m starting Monday feeling so thankful as we had a wonderful birthday party for Maxi on Saturday! When we all had the flu on her real birthday, I said, “I quit!” after we rescheduled it 4 times {each week another family member was down with the flu}. It worked out perfectly because her half birthday was on Saturday, so we knew we could do a fun pool party. Well, of course, the only Saturday it rains all summer was her half birthday. We woke up to storms and thunder, so at 7 a.m. I just texted everyone we’d do the party at our house, instead of the pool. Thank the Lord for Chick-Fil-A trays and ordering pizza!

We got her this play kitchen and set it all up for her right before her party, so when she woke up from her nap she was ecstatic. {If you order this, I wanted to make note that my dad said a few screws were missing, but we were able to get it together and I thought it was a good price!} She fed her baby doll all the food and showed her new kitchen to everyone that came over.

We went with a “Hello Kitty, Hello Half Birthday” theme because Maxi loves her two “kiddies” that are Hello Kitty. For party favors, I did the Hello Kitty candies from Sugarfina and Target had Hello Kitty toys in the dollar section a few months ago. My girlfriend Jessica raided multiple Target stores for me and brought them all, which I was so grateful for!

Since it has been a little bit since I have shared her favorite toys, I thought I’d also share what we are loving for 18 months!

Do-A-Dot Art: We do this almost every single morning on our back patio and if she sees them during the day she will stop whatever she is doing to go paint with them.

Color Wonder Markers: This is another favorite activity! She loves to scribble and take the marker caps off and put them back on. We do this on her playroom table and chairs in the mornings as well.

Stroller: This is Maxi’s pram and she strolls her baby all around the house for hours. Her doll comes with a bottle and she’ll stop the stroller to feed her baby. Well on Saturday, we gave her a grilled cheese before her party. She ate half the grilled cheese and then was trying to feed it to her baby in her pram. It cracked us up!

Little People House: We got Maxi the Little People Princesses for Christmas in her stocking. She has been loving putting all her Little People in the Surprise & Sounds Home. It’s so easy to close up and move around the house, so I bring it in the bathroom with me while I shower so she can play.

Tea Set: Paul got her this tea set about two months ago. I was a little unsure if she would like it, but she carries the teacups everywhere! She takes them in the car with her. She loves to pretend to drink out of them and brings everyone that comes over a cup of tea.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess, Wheelies Playset Doll: If you follow me on Insta Stories, you’ve seen Maxi giggle over and over at this! It’s a little castle where the princess car slides down and plays music. She just adores it and giggles each time. 

Melissa & Doug Puzzles: I’m a big Melissa & Doug toy fan and these are her favorite puzzles right now. I love the farm animals one so we can teach her animal noises.

Kitchen: We have only had this for 2 days, but wanted to link it as it was the such a hit with the toddlers at the party. Don’t forget the food!

A few other questions I receive about her playroom:

Thank you all so much for always being so sweet about our little girl- we are so grateful to this community!

P.S. I’ll do a blog post on the formal living where the party favors were. Going to shoot it on Tuesday! 🙂

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  1. This is adorable! I love how you paired Hello Kitty with a pink theme instead of a red theme. It’s so girly and princessy. I love it! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 13 Aug 18Reply
  2. Brooke wrote:

    What are those yummy sprinkle white treats?!

    Published 13 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      They are frosted animal crackers, I got them at Target! 🙂 xo, Katey

      Published 13 Aug 18Reply
  3. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Absolutely adorable! Love all the details and sweet treats. Lucky little gal!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 13 Aug 18Reply
  4. Kerri Ann wrote:

    I love when you update us on the toys Maxi is liking, since she is a year older than my daughter! I always pin these posts for future reference. I love the little pram – I’ll definitely have to keep that one in mind for Christmas this year! It looks like something that would be a great family heirloom toy!!

    Published 13 Aug 18Reply
  5. Tasha wrote:

    Maxi and that pram has me cracking up. You did a great job with her birthday party. You totally gotta frame that first photo of you three in a HK frame.

    Published 13 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Ahh we do!! I need to find a cute HK frame. Thank you so much, girl! 🙂 xx, Katey

      Published 20 Aug 18Reply
  6. SO adorable!! Always love Maxi’s hair like this, too! <3

    Published 14 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you, love! xo, Katey

      Published 16 Aug 18Reply
  7. Katie Hodges wrote:

    Love!! Where is this scalloped pink heart bowl from? I need for my little girl’s birthday party!


    Published 14 Jun 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Katie! I painted it! xx, Katey

      Published 14 Jun 22Reply