Christmas Update

Have you recovered from your post-Christmas frenzy?! We’ve been living on leftovers and stepping on these little Mega Blocks my parents got Maxi! ha. I hope you all had the loveliest Christmas. This year was even more enjoyable than last since Maxi could really play with her presents and loved every minute. I know that the years will only get more exciting as she starts to understand the traditions we do and why!

One little thing I started over Christmas was drinking celery juice first thing in the morning! I’m only 4 days in, so I hate to give some big old review. I kept seeing celery juice from Taylor and then she referenced Medical Medium. TMI, but my eczema has been so bad lately. I’m talking, I keep going to the Dermatologist and none of my prescriptions are working. I was getting so frustrated {to tears, since eczema can itch and be irritating} as I’ve had it since I was a little girl but it has always been manageable. It has only been spreading since early September, so I bit the bullet, bought this juicer, and decided to try. I just started with 10 ounces as opposed to his recommended 16, so I could adapt to it. By day 3, my eczema was nearly gone. I’m honestly in shock and I never ever believe when people say something went away quickly. I’ll keep doing it and give you all a month review once I do this for 30 days! I don’t want to be too eager over here and steer you wrong, but so far I’m going to be sipping that celery juice for as long as it works!

I’m keeping the rest of the week pretty low-key as I’m trying to tackle my end-of-year list! 

My poor sister ended up with mono, so the rest of our holiday plans to travel to see family has gotten postponed since we don’t want her to miss out. But today, I’m going to tea with my friend, Cierra, to celebrate her birthday! Her birthday falls around Christmas so we have a tradition where we take advantage of Christmas teas at hotels to celebrate her. If you have a friend with a Christmas birthday, definitely try this! So many hotels go all out for a proper tea this time of year. I’m going to wear this look above for it!

Before I go, I wanted to share with you two sales going on! There is the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale and then there is the MacKenzie-Childs Post-Holiday Sale and as many of you know, MC is rarely marked down.

MacKenzie-Childs After-Holiday Sale

If you are a MacKenzie-Childs fan, you know to treat yourself during one of their rare sales! Lots of my halloween decor is on sale as well as the cookware. I do get a lot of questions on the cookware and it is fabulous! I hardly even use the cookware we got for our wedding because I find this to be better, cook more evenly, and clean easier!

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

Last but not least, many of the looks you’ve seen this fall on my blog are on sale during the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale! You can browse it here.

Whether you are traveling, at work, or trying to sort out your children’s toys, I hope you enjoy this last week of 2018. Reflect on your blessings, but remember it is okay to acknowledge the seasons of struggle, too. Paul and I like to spend NYE talking about the highs and lows of each season, so we can be filled with gratitude and also acknowledge growth! Do you have any fun NYE traditions?

As always, thank you for the tremendous support you have given me during 2018! It never goes unnoticed that I have friends to talk to on COF, because of your loyalty as readers. Sending you all a huge hug for the holidays!

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  1. So sweet, love the photos! I’m glad the celery juice worked for you, Katey. What a fantastic Christmas present, haha! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 27 Dec 18Reply
  2. Annaliese wrote:

    So glad y’all had a good holiday! Love these pictures!! 🙂

    xoxo A

    Published 27 Dec 18Reply
  3. Val wrote:

    Thank you for ALL the wonderful posts! Happy holidays to you and your family. Blessings ! xoxo

    ?? here we come 2019. Big HUGS

    Published 27 Dec 18Reply
  4. Skye Sawyer wrote:

    These photos of you and Maxi just warm my heart. She is getting more and more animated and you can see how happy that sweet girl is. As always, thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your adorable family the best in the new year! Looking forward to all your new content!

    Published 27 Dec 18Reply
  5. Christi wrote:

    Happy Holidays Katey! Can you give me more direction to ideas for helping Ezcema? My husband got diagnosed this year and it’s super bad on his scalp! He’s cut out Gluten, did the prescribed medication, tried Ezcema Honey and now Hemp Oil but nothing is working! I am going to show him the celery juice idea but I know you have dealt with this for a long time!!!

    Thank you so much!

    Published 27 Dec 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Christi! Ugh- it is such a battle, I feel for y’all! I’ve cut gluten, I’ve tried prescriptions, etc. I feel like mine is very weather/stress based because it always flares in the winter. Sun helps mine a lot- but that’s not really an option right now for most of us. Pure organic Tamanu Oil honestly helps a TON! I can apply at night and see a huge difference in the morning. I also use Silvergel {from amazon} to help when the eczema gets so bad there are open wounds. I used that a lot with my Lupus rashes and this works as well. If he deals with itching, SkinSmart Antimicrobial Eczema Therapy Spray {amazon} is great too! It soothes so well. This isn’t a 100% pure fix but I know with eczema we all spend hundreds on creams and this is what works best for me! xo, Katey

      Published 30 Dec 18Reply
  6. I love Maxi’s little buns! <3

    Published 28 Dec 18Reply
  7. Rebecca wrote:

    Anxious to hear your review on the celery juice after 30 days and if it helped your lupus at all!

    Published 28 Dec 18Reply
  8. Roxanna wrote:

    Hello! I’m looking forward to your 30day update on the juice. What else do you put in it? Does it taste awful?

    Published 30 Dec 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Roxanna! I just did pure celery juice. It has a bit of an aftertaste, but it’s really not that bad! xx, Katey

      Published 30 Dec 18Reply