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It’s the guy gift guide today! I decided to break down today’s post with my recommendations for gift hampers for him. Granted, you can totally intermix all of these as Paul helped me pull this gift guide together. AKA we sat in bed watching House Hunters {lamenting over a couple choosing the wrong home} and he approved/modified each selection! But, I hope this helps simplify your gifting whether you are just starting to date a guy- or you are happily married with three little babes!

For The Stocking: 

Stocking stuffers are my favorite kinds of gifts. Along with his favorite candies, or homemade cookies, add in some grooming products. This is Paul’s favorite comb and hair product. Last Christmas, I put these tiles in Paul’s stockings and they are the best! Paul always loses his keys and this way we aren’t 10 minutes late daily. Add in a cool new condiment like this truffle-infused hot sauce. Top it on your popcorn- yum! We also give each other devotionals in our stockings so we can start the year with a new one. This one is rated really well!

For The Boyfriend: 

Boyfriend can be quite the vague term- is this new? Have y’all been together since high school? Do you have a set amount you spend on gifts? I tried to go with softball gifts, any guy would love! I think most guys will be wanting AirPods this year as they can use them on their commute or at the office. A wool sweater is always appreciated as a lot of guys hate to spend on their casual wardrobe. If he lives alone, a Coravin is a wonderful gift so he won’t waste great wine.

For The Graduate: 

I received quite a few e-mails from readers saying their guys were graduating grad school either this December or in May. If you are wanting to commemorate that huge accomplishment, treat him to something he’ll use daily at work. Paul is so obsessed with this briefcase he has asked for it for Christmas. This leather catchall can be used at your guy’s desk or even at home. Paul always says leather office goods are a great gift.

For The New Husband: 

If you got married this year, I think it’s always special to celebrate your first holiday with something he will have forever {or at least 10 years! 😉 }. I got Paul this wallet on our honeymoon and it still looks brand new. Paul also says his favorite gifts from me have been his Citizen watches. I say his best gift was Maxi….

For The Soon-To-Be Dad:

If you’ll be celebrating 2019 with a snuggly new addition, get your guy something he’ll use with the baby! A Yeti mug is perfect for those early mornings when he will take the baby so you can rest. Noise Masking Sleepbuds would have been so well appreciated in our home back when Maxi was a newborn! There were many nights Paul needed to get good rest for work because he had a really long commute to the office. These Sleepbuds would have let him get that rest so I wouldn’t have worried about how tired he was. A nice leather toiletry kit is also a fun way to prep him for the hospital.

For The Husband Who Never Wants Anything: 

If your husband never wants anything like mine, I always try to go the practical route or the “better version than what you have” route. I got Paul a watch box and he keeps it on his nightstand. It is something he uses daily and he really appreciates it. You all know his love for Mizzen + Main shirts, too! Another gift idea is this Peter Millar vest. Paul loves his and you can see it in these family photos here. But one practical gift Paul just asked for? A mirror shower for shaving! This is the one I got him.

What is your go-to gift for your guy?



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  1. Guys are super hard to shop for, especially my Dad, who basically has zero interests haha! I really appreciate this post, Katey. Will check out some of your recommendations! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 03 Dec 18Reply
  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Such a good list of items! Seriously, my husband would love all of this stuff!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 03 Dec 18Reply
  3. christi wrote:

    Thank you! I got mine the Yeti!

    Published 03 Dec 18Reply
  4. The AirPods were a HUGE success for my husband last year. He went through a stage where we barely could ever speak because he always had them in hahaaha

    Published 04 Dec 18Reply
  5. Love this gift guide! So many great ideas for my husband. We have the Coravin and LOVE it. Such a cool gadget for wine lovers!

    Published 04 Dec 18Reply