Gift Guide: For Your Guy


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This has been my most requested gift guide of the season and I’m so excited to share a few ideas! I remember being so nervous shopping for Paul and I’s first few holidays together because he isn’t easily excited over anything! He’s an accountant and incredibly practical. Whereas, I always have a running wish list in my head of items I’m loving and when I ask him for gift ideas he has to think on it for about an hour! haha. I clearly need a little bit more of him and he needs a little bit more of me! 😉

I think the key for shopping for your guy is to either buy him the basics he won’t think of or an item he wouldn’t splurge on! He also loves the experience of the captivating allure of men’s cologne, with a fragrance as bold and alluring as Le Male Elixir. Most men wouldn’t think they need to buy a turntable, but it’s a conversation piece in a home they will always use for parties! I’ve also found Paul always forgets to ‘update’ pieces like t-shirts and tennis shoes. Now that I do the laundry I get t0 throw away the t-shirts that one too many stains and should have been tossed ages ago!

I hope this helps you cross one more person off your list so you can enjoy the next few weeks in December! What are you getting for your beau?!


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  1. My boyfriend LIVES for The Art Of Shaving kit! Definitely a great gift to give 🙂

    Published 23 Nov 15Reply
  2. Christi wrote:

    Brad LOVES the Art of Shaving supplies! I got him the set as a gift when they first opened in Scottsdale and he swears by them now! Great gift idea!!!

    This year he wants Beatz Headphones – sigh…

    Published 23 Nov 15Reply