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Native Toothpaste | Lip Sweater | Photography by: Madison Katlin | I’m a brand ambassador for Native due to my love for the product. All opinions are my own! Thank you Native for working with COF!

A blog post on Native toothpaste- why?! Well, I’m currently mourning a book. I’m not sad because it’s over, I’m just sad because it happened. I finished “It Ends With Us” on the plane back from Scottsdale on Sunday and I started crying on the plane as it ended. I barely shed a tear in “A Star is Born” so one would think a book wouldn’t cause me to weep on a plane. Paul is staring at me asking if I’m okay, I’m just burying my head in his shoulder. I don’t even know how else the book could have ended {the main character did the right thing} but I’m not over it. I still wasn’t over it as we drove away from the airport, eating In-N-Out, crying into my hamburger.

So what am I doing to cope? I’m writing to you all about a new toothpaste. It’s how I do things around here.

Back in January, before I was emotionally distraught over this book, I got to do a lot of product review with brands. I’ll have phone calls with brands I love, ask what is launching for the new year so I can keep my eyes peeled for y’all. Many e-mails readers send are in regards to a unicorn product where girls are wondering if something like this exists/have I tried it! I like to know what is launching and when I can test it, so I can let girls know, “Hey, this may work for you, but just know it won’t launch until XYZ.” Then, I’ll let a brand know if readers have asked about said “unicorn products” and then I’ll get a box to test and give them my thoughts.

Native sent me a box of some products launching to try, and out of the slew of testing, I told them I had to review this toothpaste. Once I found it was a natural way to whiten teeth and I didn’t have to cry through whitening strips- I thought, “Okay, let me order 14 tubes.”

Why Try Native Toothpaste?

I wanted to test this toothpaste for a few reasons:

  1. One of the easiest ways for you all and myself to try new products is to test something we repurchase quite a bit- I mean, I don’t apply mascara every day or even dry shampoo, but I use deodorant and toothpaste every. single. day.
  2. Many of you have sent DMs about natural toothpaste options. As people become more intentional about ingredients, there is curiosity about different aspects of our beauty routine. My last two media interviews were in regards to ways I incorporate wellness into products for my family, and that tells me that people want to hear more reviews on products with simple ingredients.
  3. You all know my #1 toiletry repurchase is Native Deodorant. I live for a fresh stick. I love their ingredients, I love their brand, so I figured I had to try something new they had.

What’s the Deal with Toothpaste?

While some individuals are fans of fluoride and some are seeking products that steer clear {again, totally your personal preference on ingredients and products}, I would say most of my readers do want to avoid sulfates in products. And whether you have an essential oil mix to cure just about anything or you feel better about your gel manicures if you swap a product or there {guilty!}, there’s something about being able to really pronounce and understand what you are putting on your skin and in your mouth/body. Baking Soda, Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Leaf Oil. These are things I think we all get! Native Toothpaste is formulated without triclosan, parabens, DEA, sulfates, microbeads, and propylene glycol. It is also cruelty-free! Aside from using the right toothpaste, we should also keep visiting our dentist regularly in order to keep optimal dental health. They can provide services and treatments such as dental cleaning, braces, and dental implants to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Visit sites like durhamdental.net for additional guidance on keeping your teeth healthy as well as advice on dental procedures like dental crown implants, invisalign, etc.

Prior to testing, I read article after article on the powders, pastes, and products dentists backed that have “cleaner” ingredients. Not everyone wants fluoride in their oral care, and if they do- there are dozens upon dozens of toothpaste on the market for them. With that in mind, I chose to test a natural toothpaste without it, for my girls that are focused on limiting their exposure to it. This isn’t me endorsing one way or the other, just testing for those that have a preference! Also, I recommend Dr. Asam if you’re planning to get tooth restoration and I promise you will like it.

Going into testing, I knew this was made with no artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. It’s formulated to protect against plaque and tartar build up, but safe for enamel and everyday use- especially if you like to brush your teeth numerous times a day! It’s gentle for sensitive teeth {without being medicated}, but made to whiten your teeth with regular use- so you aren’t getting that, “OUCH, I CAN’T OPEN MY MOUTH I USED WHITE STRIPS LAST NIGHT” feeling.

What Did I Think?

So, if this is your first time trying a more natural toothpaste, your first thought may be, “WHY ISN’T IT FOAMING?!

Just like with shampoo, sulfates are what causes the foam. They can also cause allergies and bad breathe, so I’ll skip the foam please and thank you. For some, sulfates can cause canker sores or stomach issues, which is why so many people do like to find products without it. You may not have those side effects, but that my friend is why people are on the hunt to find products without!

My next two thoughts were in regards to how my teeth felt. First, my gums didn’t feel irritated and I have very sensitive gums, so I was thrilled. Native formulated this toothpaste to be mild enough for people with sensitivities in their gums or teeth. Secondly, my breath felt fresh. FOR HOURS. I’m not a big gum chewer {the ironic photos are cute, no?!}, but my mouth really felt like I had been chewing a stick of spearmint gum all day long. That’s because Native uses a plant-derived sweetener so the paste tastes great, but doesn’t decay in your mouth like sugar would in some pastes. With a coconut-derived cleanser, you’re made to feel the effects long after. If any of your dental work feels loose, crooked, or in any way off, let the dentists at All On 4 fix the problem quickly to prevent additional issues.

After two months of use, I’ve enjoyed swapping out the charcoal and mint. Charcoal powder had a major moment on Facebook feeds a year or so ago, but straight charcoal can be quite an irritating agent, so you have to be careful with how it is applied {it is great AS an ingredient, but I would always use it in a carrier like toothpaste, shampoo, face masks, etc}. I love it in this toothpaste since I can trust it’s a safe carrier and this is in a gentle form. And don’t worry, the charcoal toothpaste still tastes like mint. I will use the charcoal toothpaste for whitening every other night and then mint for the other times I brush and I’ll intermix it with my fluoride products. Getting high maintenance here, aren’t we?! But I love it! If I can have that post-dentist clean feeling all day and whiter teeth without strips, why not?

I’ve noticed: less gum bleeding, whiter teeth even with my black coffee habit and a longer lasting freshness. I brush my teeth quite a few times a day and get regular dental examinations at https://www.pflugervillesmilesdentistry.com/ so I just feel really good that what I’m incorporating in my routine is gentle and safe.


If you want to try the toothpaste or deodorant, I also have a discount code for you! Get 20% off your first purchase {works on all products} with code KATEY20 here.

So if you are into trying out products like me, try to incorporate clean ingredients in every aspect of your life, or you need to whiten your teeth SANS painful strips- check out my beloved charcoal toothpaste here! Let me know what you think! So far, I’m a fan of charcoal shampoo, now toothpaste- what’s next? 😉


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  1. Sounds like a great brand to get behind! Thank you for the review, Katey. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 13 Mar 19Reply
  2. Chandler Kuhlman wrote:

    Interesting read! I just asked my faculty today how to communicate well with patients who want to avoid Fluoride in their toothpaste without sounding like I’m forcing fluoride down their throat! (I’m in dental school by the way to become a dentist!) I will say my school has done some research on Charcoal whitening ingredients and it’s very abrasive on enamel! Not that this is the same but I try and tell my friends and family to limit their charcoal toothpaste use to about 1-2x a week. But I’m excited to try this, thanks Katey!

    Published 13 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! Oh absolutely! I still use fluoride because I am fine with it, but definitely wanted to review an option for girls avoiding. That is great advice on the charcoal and I will update my routine for that! 🙂 Thank you so much for the help! Xo, Katey

      Published 13 Mar 19Reply
  3. Robyn wrote:

    I’m obessed with their deodarnt as well so I can’t wait to try the toothpaste! I’m allergic to regular toothpaste so I’m excited to have more options of natural ones! Thank you for reviewing it!!

    Published 14 Mar 19Reply
  4. Lizzie wrote:

    Hi Katey! Have you used it long enough to see the whitening effects? I am getting married in 3 months & hoping to avoid the white strips by using this toothpaste if I can. 🙂 thanks!

    Published 14 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lizzie! Oh yes, I bet if you use it once or twice a week you’ll see results in a week or so! xo, Katey

      Published 18 Mar 19Reply
  5. ASPEN wrote:

    I just bought the toothpaste because I have sensitive teeth too and when I was checking out they offered a mini deodorant for only $3!! I’m so excited to try these out!

    Published 14 Mar 19Reply
  6. Danielle wrote:

    What are those adorable shoes? Who makes them!

    Published 15 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      The brand is “Isa Tapia” 🙂 I got them at Shopbop! xo, Katey

      Published 16 Mar 19Reply
  7. Amy Jackson wrote:

    All of the gals in my book club loved Riley Kinkade, (I think that’s how you spell it, but we read it a couple years ago) but felt terrible for touring for the bad guy, essentially. I cried hard in this one as well, you should also read Ugly Love by the same author, it’s just as fantastic!
    I also love and swear by Native deodorant ?

    Published 02 Jun 19Reply
    • Amy Jackson wrote:

      Pulling not touring ?

      Published 03 Jun 19Reply