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Maxi stool from a boutique in FW called “Babies on the Boulevard



Do y’all remember when I went to Camp MacKenzie-Childs with my mom almost two years ago? My jaw drops thinking that was two years ago when I want to think it was only six months ago. I know it’s cheesy to say it was a magical week, but that’s the best way I can think to describe it! I was with my very best friend, my mom, and we got to tour and see how each MacKenzie-Childs piece was made. It’s an absolute art and when you see the artisans work go into each piece in Aurora, New York, you can’t help but think, “My goodness, this is affordable in comparison!” These pieces aren’t made on a factory belt, they are hand-painted. A plate takes three days, other pieces take a week. It was such gift to see one of my favorite brands come to life.

But reminiscing aside, part of that week allowed us to take a tour of the MacKenzie-Childs farmhouse in Aurora. That was one of my absolute favorite parts! From a pink kitchen to the most decorated dining room, I left with a full camera roll of inspiration. There was one room I still couldn’t stop thinking about almost two years later, the bathroom upstairs. It was pink with painted walls and a free-standing tub that deserves to be in a romantic comedy. I kept thinking that I would love to give Maxi a bathroom similar to that one day! I am also thinking of having the bathtub refinishing Los Angeles to make it look elegant.

One of the things that really drew me to the house we bought {other than the location and the fact that nothing else we had looked at was semi-renovated} was the blank canvas. There weren’t any vivid paint colors or design choices, so I could really envision decorating rooms to our taste. This summer, I kept thinking about what I wanted to do with Maxi’s bathroom and the bathroom from the farmhouse wouldn’t leave my mind. I knew that I wanted to add in those pink and white details to the walls, while incorporating the classic black-and-white check MC is so known for. I went to Instagram to ask y’alls opinion because at first I thought I’d paint the walls. It was far more budget-friendly and seemed like an easy weekend project. It can be so hard to find people to install wallpaper, or at least for me it is. After painting a few swatches, many of you all said because of the trim and cabinet color we really needed to do wallpaper. If you’re planning any bathroom renovations, it’s advisable to hire a plumber Adelaide to ensure that all plumbing aspects are addressed professionally and efficiently. Get professional plumbing services in Jonesborough from the best plumbers in Jonesborough for a guaranteed quality job done. Also check the drainage to see if it is properly working. Get services from a drain cleaning contractor. Ideal for compact spaces, Bathrooms On A Budget in Brisbane offer slimline vanity units for an ensuite which are stylish and have efficient storage solutions without compromising on design. These units maximise your space, providing essential storage while maintaining a sleek and modern look. Perfect for small bathrooms, they add functionality and elegance to your ensuite.

We went with this classic wallpaper choice that can grow up with her and added the MacKenzie-Childs’ butterflies to the wall for a touch of whimsy. I love decor choices to tell a story, and to me the butterflies symbolize that even the mundane things of parenting {baths, teeth brushing, etc} lead up to them learning to be independent and spread their wings one day.

The shower curtain ties in with the marble bathroom tiles and we added hardware to the cabinets. I swapped the faucet for something a bit more feminine, had a plumber install it, and used a mirror we have had since my first apartment post-grad. We went through returning at least three vanity lights because we couldn’t find the right size and settled on this one we love.

For those curious about her monogrammed towels, check this blog post. They make fabulous gifts!

I’m thrilled to share this space with you all today as I have been collecting MC for years and am hoping to pass that love down to my daughter as my mom did to me. This is a space she can grow into and one day the tile floors will be filled with nail polish from sleepovers and plenty of hairspray. But for now, this space is for fun bubble baths and time we spend together getting her ready in the morning.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    Pretty sure Maxi’s bathroom is my favorite room in your home!! So jealous I can’t make my apartment bathroom look like this! What a darling space.

    xoxo A

    Published 11 Dec 19Reply
  2. Gorgeous before and after! You’re incredible! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 11 Dec 19Reply
  3. Scarlett Randolph wrote:

    Omg I absolutely absolutely LoVe this bathroom for little girls. When you were talking about it on stories I was in the middle of planing my kids bathroom and got inspo to kinda put my own twist for MacKenzie child’s bathroom for my daughter and son. Soo I can’t use all pink but I am going to do yellow and I ordered the butterfly’s yesterday.

    Published 11 Dec 19Reply
  4. Kim W wrote:

    ADORE this bathroom, you did a fantastic job!!

    Published 12 Dec 19Reply