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Harry’s bathroom was a little decorating project that went nothing as planned and I absolutely adore the end result! His bathroom is off the hallway, which allows for guests to use it. It’s classically charming for a little boy but doesn’t feel too young. For an older home, it also has a ton of original built-in storage- which I’m quite appreciate of. He has more storage in his bathroom than I do in mine. 😉 I laugh that I was in such a hurry to finish this up because, like most young siblings, Harry bathes in his sister’s bathroom as she loves to help us get him ready for bed! But let’s get to chatting about this space, shall we?

This had always been a guest bathroom and so I never did much to it in terms of decor when we first moved in. I threw up a shower curtain I’d had since our first home and shut the door. ha. When we found out we were having a little boy, I was screenshotting ideas left and right. I thought, “Let’s retile the shower! Let’s get rid of this countertop!” I was texting my dad every week asking if he’d help me shiplap the wall behind the mirrors. Like most newly energized second-trimester moms, my intentions are good, I just was on and off bedrest and ultra antsy to do something in preparation for our sweet baby boy. Then, we found out the piping in the shower had to be redone and they actually went through the wall behind the tile, so we didn’t redo the tile while doing that. I kissed my decorating budget goodbye and told myself we’d work with the existing color scheme. To be fair, everything in here is totally fine, I just had nesting mama brain. You know how it goes. I kept envisioning shiplap and white and a more nautical theme.

To start, I wanted a jute rope mirror for his bathroom. I found gorgeous ones on Serena and Lily, but nothing would fit the space. I searched for days and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t too tall or too wide. I decided to DIY the mirrors. Using the mirrors already there, I purchased this rope {5 mm and one rope was sufficient one mirror} off Amazon and hot glued it around the mirror frame 7 times. It’s not perfect, I was a little {okay quite!} miserable doing this on the floor pregnant with a dislocated rib, but the mirrors are SO special to me this way! I watched Father of the Bride on repeat and just went to town gluing. He surely won’t care I spent an embarrassingly long time trying to make these while super pregnant, but I am proud of them.

Once the mirror situation was squared away, I messaged Milagro Collective on Instagram. I have purchased our kitchen runner from her and love what she finds! She can source vintage rugs for you, you just give her the colors and space and budget you have. I sent her all these videos on Instagram and within an hour she’d sent me many options. I ordered the one here and love how it ties in the blue from the shower curtain. Speaking of shower curtain, I ordered this buffalo check one from etsy {color waterbury} and it is quite possibly one of my top 5 favorite etsy finds to this day.

We swapped out the light fixture for this one from Shades of Light and then I ordered some Weezie towels for his bathroom. I fell to the Instagram ads for them! They are unbelievably fluffy and the monogram is precious. I added this Cocker Spaniel art above the toilet and then added in some of these accents from Pottery Barn.

Plumbers play a crucial role in maintaining the smooth functioning of our daily lives, ensuring the reliable flow of water and the efficient operation of plumbing systems. And whenever the toilet clogs up or the shower drain needs cleaning, I’ll just contact a reliable plumber who provides plumbing repair in San Jose or Clogged Shower Drain Services to fix it. After all, a blocked drain isn’t something you want to leave alone for too long.

The white wall color is Benjamin Moore White Dove but about 10% darker and I’m not sure on the accent color.

I truly love how his bathroom turned out and while I may need to hire a plumber to help me with clogged drains and water heater repair in North Palm Beach, FL every once and while and maybe retile the shower in a few years, I’m so glad we worked with what we had to decorate this for him. I feel it’s something he can grow into and with, just like his nursery.

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Amy wrote:

    Katey I think you did a great job on the jute mirrors! What a fun accent in Harry’s bathroom! I’m going to check out your rug source. I’ve been looking forever for my powder bath!

    Published 01 Sep 20Reply
  2. Even your bathroom is photogenic! I’m so jealous! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 01 Sep 20Reply