How I Clean our Patio Furniture

Texas is not too kind to patio furniture. Pollen. Intense heat. Tornado season. Add in ALL the toddler plastic toys {playhouse, etc.} and it’s enough to drive any clean freak wild. If you are looking to replace your patio furniture, you may check this page to look at the available benches.

Right when we moved in this house, I asked you all what you used to clean your patio furniture. I would spend an entire day scrubbing down the cushions with a hose, soap, and rags. While it was a great workout, we’d have a storm the next weekend and I felt like my work was all in vain. In true COF reader fashion, y’all gave me some fabulous ideas. I’ve used a multitude over the past year, and today I wanted to share the method that works the fastest for me. I’ve also started using this genius way to rake leaves because in my third trimester y’all know I’m not about to clean the lawn by myself when I can barely bend over. ha!

The below photos aren’t the prettiest, but they truly show you how powerful this method works! I do this about once a season and it takes me 30 minutes to an hour. If you live in a more mild climate, you could probably get away with doing it a little less, for the garden I got a great green house from these Conservatories Near Me.

Products Needed:

Everything saved here.

  • Hose Pressure Attachment: This is the KEY product here. You can get away with other cleaners, but this is the real time saver here. I add this attachment to our hose to create a mini pressure washer. You can use it to clean your patio, your cushions, your strollers, etc. If you need to clean a bigger area though, you might need to hire expert pressure cleaners.
  • On walks at night, we will let Maxi have a treat or a Yasso. Many nights the ice cream ends up melted and then we just hose the stroller down with this after and it’s all gone! You can see below in the before and after what it does in just ONE spray. It’s perfect for all those little plastic toys kids have outside.
  • Cushion Cleaner: I make my own cleaner with 1 quart of water, Dawn dish soap, and 1 tsp Borax. I’ll spray the cushions, then put this cleaner in a spray bottle and spray all of the cushions. I scrub the cushions down, let sit for a bit, and then hose off again. Then, allow the cushions to dry in the sun.
  • Fabric Guard: This is the fabric guard I use on our fabrics when DRY. If you get new cushions, just spray this and let it dry in sun for 6-12 hours. It’s very potent, so don’t saturate.
  • Scrub Brush: I use this scrub brush to scrub off any tough stains or pollen/mud on toys and concrete.
  • Method Cleaner: I also use Method All-Purpose Cleaner for lots of her little outdoor toys and bins for her chalk. I just spray, hose off, and wipe down!

This is using no cleaner and just the hose attachment! 

This is with Method cleaner. I just sprayed it first and then hosed down to get in the tiny crevices! 

This is cleaning our stroller. This was left on our back patio after a walk this week and after lots of storms and pollen, it was pretty darn gross. I ONLY used the hose attachment to clean, no cleaner, to show you how powerful it is. I could have used the cleaner on the cushions, but the hose attachment worked perfectly for this. I let it sit in the sun and it was dry in an hour. 

 A look at our small little patio which we love! This is after I cleaned our rugs and cushions in the fall. Her playhouse is by Step2 but currently out of stock.

You can find all of our patio decor in this post. If you are looking for new patio decor, I’ll link pieces I love below.

For Kids:

For You:


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  1. I swear your home is the cutest! Love the patio and the items you picked for it! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 23 Mar 20Reply