Closet Hacks for Little Ones

If it is wrong to be envious of the closet your daughter’s room came with, I don’t want to be right. We live in a ranch-style home, and our master bedroom was an addition they made. Maxi’s room was the original master, so she lucked out with a large closet! When we moved in, each side was filled with rods to hang clothing. It was a TON of hanging space {still is!} and while we are lucky to have so many borrowed hand-me-down dresses from friends with older daughters, we couldn’t fill all the hanging space if we tried. Paul and my dad, installed shelving to keep her toys organized in her closet as well. We’ve been here coming on two years, and her closet is still one of my favorite organizational systems we have in place. It is incredibly easy for her to put her toys away and it actually stays neat. In fact, we photographed half of these photos before I gave birth to Harry and the other half just now. I wanted to make sure these products I recommended truly worked, and they have been the key to keeping her closet tidy.

So whether you have a small closet, a large closet, or organized chaos in between, here are a few things I think make a major difference in your little one’s closet.

Shoe Risers

For little ones’ shoes, they won’t take up the entire width of a shelf. I use these 10″ acrylic risers from the Container Store to place in the back, so I can get extra shoe storage. I can also fit shoes horizontal under the risers if I need to store extra. Not only does this help me fit her shoes neatly on her shelves, but I can also see everything she has. I will buy a size or two up if shoes are on sale, and if they were tucked behind other shoes I might miss them once she has grown into them.


If it can fit in a bin, it goes in a bin! You know how people always say to rotate toys with babies as it helps them keep interest and not get overwhelmed? I think the same goes for 4-year-olds! {Maxi will be 4 next week- I can’t believe it!} I’ll tell her she can play with 2 bins at a time and this way she stays interested in what she is playing with while I tend to baby brother. It also allows us to clean quickly. These shelves have been the biggest help with keeping her toys organized, but having bins for everything from figurines to Barbie clothes is key to making cleanup time a 5-minute chore. Maxi knows where things go based on the bin, and I can snap the lid and place it back on the shelf. The pink bins are from Target here {I think only the small ones are in stock}, but I also love these clear ones from Amazon as they have a double latch. I have the clear ones for all her arts and crafts.

Label Maker

Once you’ve got your bins sorted, a label maker makes it easy to tidy! Especially if dad helps clean up. 😉 It can be frustrating to create an entire organizational system only to have it turn into a mess in a week. We labeled the bins over a year ago and they are still sorted. Our label maker is old from Container Store {no longer sold} but we’ve had this one before and loved it.

Bow Hooks

Maxi girl loves a backpack! To keep them sorted, I love these bow hooks from Crate and Barrel. Vintage brass ones were so pricey, but these were $8 and serve as much style as they do functionality. Her bow organizer is from this etsy shop!

Felt Hangers

From tutus to Easter dresses, children’s wardrobes are filled with some of the most precious memories. Velvet hangers keep everything uniform and on a beautiful display. I get kid velvet hangers on Amazon here or from At Home! You won’t have leotards for ballet falling off the hangers and getting lost in the shuffle.

No matter the space you are organizing, I hope these risers or hooks can give you some inspiration. What do you use to organize your little one’s wardorbes?!

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  1. The cutest and most organised closet! Thanks for sharing! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 01 Feb 21Reply
  2. Alyssa wrote:

    Her closet is one to be envious of! Love the rug too!

    Published 01 Feb 21Reply