Master Bedroom Wallpaper

My wallpaper obsession is getting out of hand and this statement wall just might be why! ha. I walk around our home just thinking, “Maybe in a few years I will wallpaper this space.

I can’t believe the transformation our master bedroom has had! This room was an “add on” when the prior owners renovated and had been the garage they converted to a room. While it has tall ceilings, there are only two windows and it felt a bit darker paired with the carpet that had been installed. I was so happy the window treatments from our last home fit the windows here, we completely lucked out with that, navigate to these guys if you seek for a professional help for your window needs.

But I know I’ll eventually have to buy the strongest vacuum suction cups to have the windows replaced.  Now for wall paint, I did find out our paint is color-matched to Benjamin Moore White Dove. We got White Dove to test it and ours is a shade darker, so we just got it matched to that. Y’all probably know how to word that better than I do, but for those asking I hope that gives a good starting point.

Back to statement wall business. Around this time last year, Jenn Thatcher {one of my favorite artists!} came over to show me the wallpaper she was creating. You all know my love for wallpaper and so when you combine that with an artist you love, the wheels start turning in your head. We held a ton of samples up to the wall and I knew this blush grasscloth was it! It just felt like it would brighten up the space and bring the entire look together with the ceiling height. The soft hues mixed with the beautiful pattern felt like the right balance for the wall behind our bed. The end result is just beyond anything I could have envisioned! And no, my husband doesn’t mind blush wallpaper. 😉 Sometimes I get questions on if he cares about home decor and he does not. He knows it is my passion and so he would rather me pick what I feel drawn to than ask him 500 questions. Because the man truly doesn’t care, he just always says he thinks we need a larger TV in every room. Ha!

We had the carpet installed around February and then COVID put a delay on wallpaper install. I wasn’t sure when it would get installed, but we were able to have it scheduled right before baby boy’s arrival. I always knew I’d switch up the bed pillows {they were temporary and were intended for Maxi’s room, now they are in guest bedroom}. Our older pillows didn’t quite match the wallpaper so those are in our guest bedroom for now, and then I had Little Design Co. select the pillows that would look best in the space. I have a blog post on here pillows here. I’ve been purchasing pillows from her Etsy shop since, 2014?! I looked back on older posts and I first blogged them in February 2015, so it had to have been around that time. She’s so incredibly talented at styling pillows {you can send her your space before you order and have them design the mix} and even Khloe Kardashian is a fan. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll see reposts from the designers that order from her and it’s one of my favorite things to scroll on IG. The blush pillows we have are 26×26 and you use a 28×28 insert to give the full “chopped” look.

This room feels soft and glam all at the same time, the perfect escape for me to snuggle Harry in for weeks on end! Paul goes back to work next week and I told him, “You’ll probably leave for work with Maxi, Harry, and me snuggling in bed and come home to the same thing!” haha. What is your favorite part of the space?

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    WOW- the wallpaper completely transformed this space!! All of your bedrooms in every home have been gorgeous!

    xoxo A

    Published 12 Jun 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      You are so kind! I almost wish wallpaper wasn’t so transformative because now I just go around my house thinking, “Oh maybe I should wallpaper this space next year.” haha!

      Published 12 Jun 20Reply
  2. Chrisse R Olsson wrote:

    It really does add a lot of color and warm! Beautiful!

    Published 12 Jun 20Reply
  3. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 12 Jun 20Reply