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In baby boutiques everywhere, you see the apple-smocked outfits. A quick scroll on Instagram shows name labels and lunchbox ideas. While it’s mid-July and your kids probably don’t plan on getting out of their swimsuits anytime soon, it’s a gentle nudge that school will be here before you know it. Inclusive playground markings from can be used to promote accessibility and inclusivity, making the playground more enjoyable for children with disabilities. Disability learning strategies must be applied for children with special needs keep pace with their classmates.

Maxi has one year before Kindergarten and will be in preschool two days a week this year. Don’t even get me started, or I will cry you a river. Like every first-time mom, I have these emotional mind games centered around, “What will I do without my mini-me all day?” “Harry will be so sad without her!” “I WILL be so sad without her and her help!” Kindergarten feels BIG. But we’ve got one year left before we share her with the world {I admit I’m irrational about elementary school} and we are so excited to make the most of it. In big sister fashion, she begged for Harry to go to “little school” with her. The church her preschool is at has Mother’s Day Out, which she went to at his age. I signed them up for their two days together, and the director was so sweet and already showed Maxi the baby classroom so she can check on her brother. 😉 I’ll be crying like a baby at dropoff, but I know those hours each week will be so special for them to share time crossing over.

And so what does any sentimental Sally do when a milestone comes up? You head to Etsy and order documentation. One of my favorite Etsy shops is Honey Bear Pages– my mom always gifts me little notepads and gift tags from her shop in my stocking. She has School Memory Books for sale and it is truly exactly what I’ve been looking for to document photos and milestones from each school year. It starts at Mother’s Day Out and goes up until twelfth grade. Each grade has a space for the teacher, school, memories, current things they love, and memories. Then, there are a few pages for you to scrapbook with photos and notes. I have one for both Maxi and Harry and had to share with you all. I also got “First Day of School” signs for them, that are reversible, so the back says “Last Day of School.” These photos I took with them to show y’all crack me up! It’s the perfect representation of how I picture their days together next year. She’ll be the one in charge and he’ll just be thinking, “Oh help!” haha.

Their outfits are Smocked Auctions and I linked some options for you above! A little FYI these pieces are going quickly, as I was linking their looks most sizes are sold out. I know it feels like another world {or it does for me} to be buying school outfits in the summer, but they go so fast.

But I’d love to hear what traditions you do for back to school. I’m hoping to start something with the two of them before they both go!

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  1. Jessica N wrote:

    Thank you so much for this sweet little post. My 4 year old daughter is starting preschool this year- all the mama feels as I struggle with leaving my little bff. The outfits and memory books were perfectly sourced and much appreciated.

    Published 22 Jul 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Ugh, yes, mama! We will get through it, they will thrive- but goodness, it will be hard! Thank you so much for reading and for your support!

      Published 22 Jul 21Reply