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Maxi’s Joggers | My Jacket {runs large, one of my FAVE Walmart finds ever!!} | In partnership with Walmart. All purchases and opinions are my own!

Yesterday, a few of my friends had their little ones start Kindergarten. This is something we’d talked about all summer, and each time they said how ready their children were, but their own mom hearts weren’t. And as I watched their Insta Stories and liked their Facebook “first day” photos, I CRIED. My own child didn’t start Kindergarten and clearly won’t for quite some time, but you better believe my heart ached for my friends. It sounds so silly, it’s Kindergarten of all things, they still need you to tuck them in cut their sandwiches- but it just feels like a huge ripple effect to the rest of their schooling. Why. Am. I. Crying. Over. This!

As I tell myself to suck it up, buttercup, let’s talk “back-to-school season.” Whether you’re in school, your kids are in school, or you haven’t stepped foot in a school in decades, this time of year still symbolizes a new chapter! The heat will soon dwindle down, football games will be on TV, and you’ll sniff pumpkin spice in each storefront you enter. The first week of September will be a big one for us as Maxi will start her MDO program again and she will also be starting dance lessons. Bible studies commence, book clubs start back up, and the laid-back summer schedule doesn’t seem so routine anymore. I made a checklist for “back-to-school” even though we don’t necessarily fall in that category. But with our schedule shifting gears a bit, I wanted to get a little more organized. I got a few new office supplies on Sunday, I made a firm meal plan schedule last week, and I organized a TON in our house this weekend. One thing I organized?! Maxi’s closet and drawers!

I wanted to make sure we were stocked up on her “basics” like leggings, tanks, joggers, and cardigans as we approached the new season. Today, I’m partnering with Walmart to share a few of our favorite basics we have in her wardrobe from there. We get a lot of her basics from Walmart online, and today I wanted to share those brands with you. This homepage is another easy way to shop Walmart kid’s fashion. You can shop by style, trend, print, etc.

one. Since Maxi was a baby, I have been buying simple cardigans and then taking them to get monogrammed. It’s an affordable little hack to making their wardrobe look personalized. Walmart has these toddler uniform cardigans, which is perfect since you’ll have all the classic color combinations to choose from. Order a few, monogram in different colors, and your little one has options all fall!

two. I’m all for a classic white shoe, and these are them! Pair them with a white ruffle sock or knee-high socks and a smocked dress. I personally prefer to send Maxi to MDO in a white shoe like this {and did all last year} because they are so easy to clean and match anything. I could bleach or wash them once a week and they’d hold up!

three. I immediately ordered this for Maxi to match with her! You know how there are sherpa pullovers for women every place you look come fall and winter? How precious are these for your toddler? They come in an array of pastel colors.

four. These are the unicorn joggers Maxi is wearing in the above photo. She LIVES in these at home, but they are also great for MDO play with a white tee and sneakers. They are super soft and wash great. These fit Maxi TTS.

five. Another sweet way to keep your little one comfy and cute while playing is a matching sweatsuit. I ordered Maxi about two last year and we wore both sets each week. It’s so practical come January and February in Texas. This navy star set is my pick!

six. You’ve probably seen these on Maxi before because she’s a huge fan of rainbow leggings. On days she wants to dress herself, she always selects these. They are ultra-soft and also run TTS.

seven. I keep this tank top set in her chest of drawers and use them for layering pieces. Tuck them into joggers, wear them under cardigans, or wear them under sequin tops a toddler might deem itchy!

eight. Another favorite way to style pieces for Maxi in the fall is with colorful tights. These heart tights can be worn with a solid jumper-style dress which makes for easy stain removal on your part.

nine. I like to send a sherpa jacket to MDO with Maxi in the winter since they’ll still be going in and outside for different activities. How cute is this one?! It looks just like one I would wear!

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Do you have a few things you do around the house as you shift gears for a more “back-to-school” schedule?!

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  1. Gosh, you two are so cute! Love the items you recommended as well! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 20 Aug 19Reply