Harry is 2

Our precious boy is 2 today! Harry is all things sweet and savory at once. He is so tender-hearted. He needs an hour of snuggles on the sofa once he wakes up from a nap. He gets tears in his eyes when he sees characters sad in movies. Oh, his little lip pout! And then he is all sorts of tough and strong-willed. We had to put a lock on the pantry door because he has the “do-it-yourself” inner spirit, his mama has. If I’m cooking dinner and it takes too long, well he’s going to go fix himself some food. I’m the exact same way, and it cracks me up each time. To say he loves being outside is the greatest understatement. He wakes up every morning and walks to the back door and looks at me and says, “Outside!” And when we drag him in at 6:30 p.m. for dinner and a bath he is devastated. His favorite movie is The Grinch. He moves the rugs in the house to make way for his trains. He will watch bugs for hours. And his passion for eating. I cry tears of laughter just watching him. {If you have seen this on Insta Stories, you know. 😉 } He keeps up with the big kids, his sweet best friend is a 4-year-old in our neighborhood. And his favorite thing in the world is to do yard work with his daddy. There aren’t words to even describe my obsession with him.

He says “Wove Yeww” and “Tant Yeww” all day long and I wish I could bottle this precious voice up forever. I think back to my pregnancy with him {link birth story} and the intense emotions. I cried on the way to the hospital to give birth. I think a mixture of fear for the delivery and his safety, the unknowns with my placenta, the hospital changes in 2020, and the natural worries a mother has wondering, “How will my heart love two the exact same?” I wish I could hug that scared pregnant mama from two years ago. Because these two years with Harry have shown me the depths God allows the human soul to love. Your heart grows. You love both your children the exact same amount. But each child molds you in such a different way. To know their little personality and to see how it draws you closer to Christ is such a gift, I think we don’t even fully grasp.

Harry has made me softer, more empathetic, and more trusting of the miracles of Christ. I don’t think I will ever forget the feeling I had on Valentine’s Day in 2020 being told he probably wouldn’t make it. And I look at this thriving little boy that climbs up ladders, runs fast, and loves hard and I know that the God who promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the God who saved my son. Harry has also allowed me to see beauty in our world in a whole new way. Don’t fall out of your chair in shock…I’m not that outdoorsy. 😉 But my favorite thing in the world is to sit with him and Maxi and look at rocks and dig in the dirt and see the wonder he has for the one who made the world. To see a little boy who loves to just BE. Be outside. Be barefoot in the grass. Be part of his surroundings. Be silly. Be joyful. Be energetic. It awakens your inner child and makes you happier with less.

Harry, it is such a joy to celebrate you! You are everything and more. We can’t wait to splash pad with you all day long!

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  1. Kaylee wrote:

    SO sweet! Happy Birthday Harry!

    Published 09 Jun 22Reply