Girls’ Trip to NYC

A few weeks ago, I got to take a quick trip to New York for a few meetings- this time with Maxi in tow! She loves Eloise and anytime we are at a hotel she asks, “Does Eloise live here?” I decided to surprise her and stay at The Plaza…where Eloise *does* in fact live. 😉 I think the combination of this being my first time back to the city since 2019, showing Maxi a bit of my job {I remember being pregnant with her at some of these offices and now she’s 5}, and the magic of Eloise, it was one of our favorite trips together!

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My mom came with us, and we say it may have to be a girls’ trip tradition we do. If you need some kid-friendly spots to eat for an upcoming trip, I wanted to share a bit of what we ate and saw.

We flew out on a Wednesday morning and arrived at our hotel around 3 in the afternoon. I had never stayed at The Plaza and always wondered if it was worth it. 100% YES. The service. The food. Everything was worth it. I kept joking with Paul that I’d go back time and time again and not go anywhere and just stay. haha. Maxi was in awe and wanted to play around the hotel. So we ordered room service for lunch and let her explore a bit! We took her to Grand Central Station to see it and had dinner at Cipriani Dolci {very kid friendly!} and finished with dessert at Serendipity 3.

On Thursday, we had some meetings to attend. She felt quite big getting to tag along and asked for a pretzel between each. ha! We had lunch at Laudurée and tea at The Plaza for an early dinner. We saw Aladdin on Broadway {amazing!} and snuck in some Junior’s cheesecake right after.

On Friday, we took her to my favorite view in the city- lunch at Bergdorf’s of course. 😉 We explored a bit of Central Park and showed her some staples. Afterward, we headed to The American Girl Doll store, and what a magical spot to enjoy. Her doll got her nails painted and I kept thinking, “I want to be 5! This is fantastic!” haha. It rained after, and she was quite tired, so we opted for naps and room service for dinner.

Saturday, we did brunch at Sarabeth’s with more site seeing before we headed home. It was a quick trip, but the perfect amount of time for a little work and a lot of girl time. I’ll share a list of kid-friendly restaurants that were recommended below.

We had a wonderful trip and look forward to more girl trips in the future, and I can’t wait to bring Harry back when he is a little bit older! I did want to note, that I had some moms ask about car seats. When you arrive in NYC, you can request an Uber with a car seat. It works on the app in the city, and that’s what we used for getting around.

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  1. Ana Finck wrote:

    What a wonderful trip Katey!

    Published 11 Aug 22Reply
  2. Hi Katey! Just love this post! My oldest son moved into Manhattan to start his career there just in July. I’m looking forward to visiting again and will def check out The Plaza to stay too! I also have 7 nieces so love to read all about your ideas for little girl gifts too. Thank you so much! Tracy Dillard

    Published 12 Aug 22Reply
  3. Lisa wrote:


    I love your Vega sneakers. Where did you get them. I cant find ones with a pink v and red on the heel.?

    Published 31 Aug 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lisa! I got mine from Shopbop a few years ago! Best, Katey

      Published 31 Aug 22Reply