Gingerbread Decorating Party

This past Sunday evening, we had a gingerbread house decorating party for a few of our friends. It ended Thanksgiving on a high note {Maxi had strep the front of the week} and felt like the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season. The girls did a great job on their houses, and while Harry declined gluing down gumdrops, he happily snuck pieces of candy from each guest. Ha! I wanted to share the photos for personal memories as well as give ideas for setup! It’s embarrassing, but not shocking, that I’ve gotten to this point where I borderline hoard party decor. A bit of this decor is very old- the gingerbread paper placemats are four years old, and the sequin tablecloth has more lives than a cat. You get the idea. But I’ve linked what I could, and if you spot something you’d like sourced, feel free to comment below, and I’ll search eBay for you!

I kept it simple and got the gingerbread houses from Whole Foods, candy from Walmart and Amazon, and served cheese, crackers, veggies, and sliders. We did a hot chocolate bar for the moms and Hapi Waters for the kids.

I hope these photos help get you ready for Christmas as we kick off December. I love December 1st! Advent reading with the kids, seeing everyone’s elf photos- it just brings a lot of joy to see how friends {online and in real-life} celebrate our Savior’s birth.

Sending you and your family lots of love this holiday season.

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  1. Jessica wrote:

    This is all so beautiful! Love the personal touches! I’d love to see a post on your favorite personalized/etsy finds, such as holiday items, keepsakes, etc 🙂

    Published 01 Dec 22Reply
  2. Kathryn wrote:

    I love this blog. It’s so happy and reminds me of my childhood sometimes, too. <3

    Published 08 Dec 22Reply