Friday Frills

I figured Friday Frills may be a little more fun with some bar cart inspiration for your weekend, because honestly this will probably get you through your work day faster. 
Your aren’t Don Draper, or Betty (RIP her skinny body), so your bar cart does NOT have to be filled with only alcohol. Throw in coffee table books, sparkling water and keepsake bags. 
Mine may lack a lot right now, but recently the only thing I can have is a little bit of wine or champagne. If I have three or more sips of anything else I get a migraine for 2 days. My father says this is a gift from God and my mother says this is a gift from the Weight Watchers Saint.
The secret to finding all your bar cart essentials: Home Goods. If you are in the DFW drive to the one in Fort Worth off of I-20. It’s the Home Goods enchanted Forrest and has a far better selection than any one I’ve ever been too. Then with all the money I saved you hop on over to Joe T. Garcia’s and sip on the best margarita you will ever have. If anyone says the food is “overrated” it is because they are just jealous they grew up in mid cities or some other place without any decent restaurant. 
Happy weekending! P.S. We are working on our spring editorial planner, so e-mail us for any posts you would like to see!

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  1. Hill wrote:

    Love how you styled your cart! I think they look so boring when just filled with alcohol and glasses

    From Mississippi With Love

    Published 21 Feb 14Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I think adding some type of colorful candy (even it’s just for decor) would be really cute too! I remember you did a post about your coffee table, can you do one on your whole apartment? Would love to see how you decorate! xx

    Published 23 Feb 14Reply
  3. Yes! I ALWAYS keep M&M’s on my coffee table (my waist is not too happy about it! haha). That is a great idea! The full apartment shoot is coming 🙂 I just still have some finishing touches waiting to come in the mail 🙂

    Published 23 Feb 14Reply