One Mule, Please!

One thing I never thought I’d write a blog post about? Alcohol. But there is a purpose and it involves a store, so I guess it is okay.
I’m the worst date, ever. I don’t eat beef because I love cows. I don’t want to share, ever. And I hate 99% of cocktails, but give me a glass of beer or a cup of wine and sure it won’t last a minute.
But give me a Moscow Mule and I’m occupied for the next hour. Every time I post a photo of one I get a lot of comments asking what it is! It is heaven. Jesus would have turned water into Moscow Mules had Ginger Beer been a thing back then. So I feel from comments that a lot of you all have been neglected and never tried one, so next time you are on a date, get that!
But you have to have the mugs! [Ask the restaurant if it is going to come out in a regular glass, if so say no thank you and tell them to come to my blog so they can mass order. It tastes like spit in a glass.] They will tell you that you are supposed to drink from the side so the copper reacts with the chemicals and you get a better taste, but I’m just going to say I love them because they keep your drink cold for forever and they make your bar cart look perfect!
I’m always rearranging glasses, magazines, heels and champagne bottles on my bar cart, but these stay put!
You can order my favorites here.
What is your favorite cocktail?!
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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    What filter/app do you use to edit your photos? I always love how they come out 🙂

    Published 30 Sep 14Reply