Let’s Play Dress Up

Let’s talk dress up. 

Kristin and I have gotten a lot of e-mails in regards to what we think you should wear to specific events or what needs to be in your closet. Sometimes they are just a question and sometimes it is full blown styling where we send up to 40 outfits.

So we decided instead of e-mail shopping together, we figured you could just take us with you! We are now offering styling sessions. I get it. This can sound ridiculous. “You can pay us to dress you.” Who would do that? And why on earth would you….

Because it is an investment in yourself. I love styling services and working with other fashion bloggers. We can go through your closet, put different looks together or just help plan out what you should wear for recruitment. What better way to feel confident than knowing you have 15 outfits planned out for the season, than freaking out right before you go to a birthday dinner where a guy who doesn’t know he is your future husband will be there? 

Kristin and I can service Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin. If you aren’t in Texas we can also skype you to go through your closet or create a style for your season.

You can e-mail us specifically asking for one of our styles (i.e. Are you a Katey or a Kristin?) or get both of us, dependent upon your schedule. One of Kristin and I’s favorite aspects of blogging is getting to meet you all and help find styles to suit you individually. This new venture is a great way for us to be able to service you the best! 
E-mail away at ChroniclesofFrivolity@gmail.com 

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  1. Emily wrote:

    I’d pay you to dress me! 😉 Love y’all!

    Published 22 Apr 14Reply