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The Seventies is a key underlying theme for summer style. Fringe is equivalent to The Seventies first born. It’s on everything from sandals to our necks and this isn’t a trend that will be gone come fall. It’s my favorite one to splurge on for summer because fringe can be worn year round, whereas turquoise and all white isn’t totally your bff in December. [But you CAN rock it!]

I styled one of these pieces a few weeks back here and am still so happy I invested in it! From cut offs to Sunday dresses it keeps me warm in cool buildings and I can easily throw it in my bag for when I’m outside. I rounded up my favorite fringe pieces in an array of prices so you can find one that fits your style! The perfect thing about fringe is you can incorporate it in your wardrobe no matter how hippie chic or glam your style is! Just find whatever speaks to you and keep the rest of your look true to your personal style.

Which piece is your favorite?!

And on to another summer favorite, a statement watch! Wristology is a company [I’ve shared their pink-faced watch I have!] that specializes in beautiful watches, for a really reasonable price point!


From rose gold to turquoise, there are so many different watch styles with the same structured shape! When I shared their pieces before I got so many e-mails! Y’all loved them, and they wanted to share some love right back! One Chronicles of Frivolity winner will win THREE WATCHES of THEIR choices with a monogrammed jewelry tray as featured above! [If you win feel free to split with me ;)]. This is such a great gift to yourself to start the summer and style your vanity differently! To enter, enter below, and for an extra entry follow the Instagram giveaway on my page later today! They are also extending a 20% off coupon to my readers! Enter code: Katey20 at checkout!

You can keep up with them on their social sites here and shop their website here!

Good luck!

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Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.47.31 PMBrought to you by Wristology!

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  1. Preeti wrote:

    as i was reading this i was thinking “ugh i love fringe but not sure if i can pull it off” and as i scanned through your collage I realized I own 5 of the items! guess i can! HA! love this round up 🙂

    xoxo, Preeti

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Girl you can pull anything off!

      Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  2. Lizzie Roedel wrote:

    I love your style! All of this is gorgeous!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  3. Kristen W. wrote:

    Love the fringe for summer/fall! I feel like these pieces will look so cute for concerts and music festivals coming-up towards the end of summer. I can’t wait to grab a few pieces myself to rock to ACL 🙂


    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  4. Teresa O. wrote:

    Love this! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  5. Taylor wrote:

    Fringe used to scare me, but so glad you gathered a bunch of fun choices! And absolutely love those watches!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  6. Eleanor wrote:

    These watches are so cute!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  7. Hannah wrote:

    Fringe is my FAVORITE! you’ve rounded up such a versatile collection- anyone can wear!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  8. Sara wrote:

    Love your posts! Fringe is one of my favorites. These watches are adorable. I guess I missed the first post. If I dont get lucky and win I’ll def be buying one. 😉

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  9. Melissa Fielitz wrote:

    These watches are great! Read your blog religiously!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  10. Elisabeth Bender wrote:

    What a perfect giveaway!! Thank you sooooo much!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  11. Ashlee wrote:

    I’ve been rocking the MK two-toned watch for a solid 3 (maybe 4?!) years now. Time for an upgrade! Thanks for the post and introduction to an awesome find!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  12. Breanna wrote:

    Love these watches! and the jewelry tray is perfect!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  13. Alexa wrote:

    I love all of the fringe today! Especially fringe shoes! They are my fave! Also, wristology makes some great watched at amazing prices. SO happy you shared!


    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  14. Kaleigh wrote:

    I’m a recovering watch-a-holic and haven’t added a new piece to my collection in a while. Just looked through the Wristology website and absolutely love their styles! They look so similar to Fossil watches (my fave!), but at a way more affordable price. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂


    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  15. Hilary wrote:

    love the turquoise faced watch! So cute for summer!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  16. Hunter wrote:

    Totally obsessed with the seventies trend, its my fav!!! and no one could go wrong with different watches with every outfit ; )

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  17. Hunter wrote:

    Totally obsessed with the seventies trend, its my fav!!! and no one could go wrong with different watches with every outfit ; )

    Ps your my favorite blogger!!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  18. Kait wrote:

    I LOVE wristology watches! I recently purchased the pink face watch and have received so many compliments on it. I definitely have my eye on a few others.


    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  19. Holly G wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE wristology! My “Rachel Gold” seriously goes with everything and I love how it has a solid weight to it. It would be awesome to have another one!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  20. Mallory B wrote:

    These watches are to die for! How gorgeous!!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  21. I always avoided fringe thinking it was hippy, which isn’t my style. I’m going to have to try glamming it up now! All these sandal options would be perfect! Annd I’d need t pair it with that adorable leopard watch 😉

    xoxo, Mindy

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  22. Brianna wrote:

    Dear Katey, I enjoy reading your blog so much!!!! You are so sophisticated and fashion forward. You have given me such great ideas on how to incorporate new things into my wardrobe while still managing a style that is unique to me. Watches (especially ones that make a statement) are really a staple for me; however, I don’t own very many. 🙁 I would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on a few new beauties from Wristology!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
    • Brianna wrote:

      And that jewelry tray is to die for! 😉

      Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  23. Katherine wrote:

    I LOVE these watches!! I also love your style, I read your blog everyday!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  24. Catherine M wrote:


    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  25. Kristen wrote:

    The battery in my current daily watch is dead – I think it’s a sign 😉 These watches are too cute!!!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  26. I love fringe! It really is great all year round and can be such a statement piece ☺️

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  27. Courtney Rogers wrote:

    Love this style Katey! #5 is one of my favorites. A classic piece! Thank you for sharing:)

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  28. Elizabeth wrote:

    I have to say, I am a newly converted watchaholic, and I’ve been eyeing some of the Wristology watches, they’re definitely gorgeous pieces without the hefty price tag!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  29. Brittany wrote:

    I love Wristology and the Rose gold watch. I also want those YSL lipsticks! Gorg!!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  30. Casi Selph wrote:

    I LOVE all of your fringe picks! The Wristology watches & tray are Gorgeous♥ for some reason crazy instagram has me blocked from commenting on your posts now, maybe it will get fixed so I can tag some friends♥

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  31. Kari wrote:

    Love your blog and love these watches! I have a small watch obsession and these are awesome!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  32. Carla Eakman wrote:

    I wanna do the mermaid diet!!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  33. Lauren Harr wrote:

    Love these!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  34. Love all of the fringe!! such a great thing to have year round, like you said!! adore the watch and monogram tray!! so adorable! xx

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  35. Jayna Gray wrote:

    Loving the fringe look and especially the cute watches! I have been looking for some nice new watches to wear while I work in the clinic next year!! Thanks for the ideas!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  36. Zana wrote:

    I love your blog! Your such a beautiful soul.

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  37. claire wrote:

    These are so fun! Always love your arm parties going on!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  38. Rhonda wrote:

    I’ve been wanting a watch recently and am loving that gold and blue one! A monogrammed tray would be so cute to have too 🙂 Btw, I love reading your Jesus Is posts, even though I don’t have the book yet! You do so great making them easy to understand.

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  39. Nickie wrote:


    First off, I just bought 5 and I love it. Second, my favorite pieces are 1, 8, and 13 for sure. I definitely have them in my shopping cart ready to hurt my bank account hahaha. Thanks for such a FAB giveaway! You inspire me so much and I’m so glad I had the chance to talk to you on the phone once (even if it was to talk about your old apartment and schedule a tour lol).

    Thanks for being so fabulous!

    xoxo, Nickie

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  40. Jen Miller wrote:

    Love your style and everything you post! I think I need to invest in some more fringe after this post!!! Loving that watch!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  41. Renee Biernbaum wrote:

    I love your style! I follow your Instagram and you are always dressed so cute and can pull anything off!!! It’s one of my favs for inspiration!

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  42. Carol Burgess wrote:

    Thank you for the chance at this AMAZING giveaway! My email is

    Published 25 Jun 15Reply
  43. Sami Mast wrote:

    I’ve been looking for a great statement watch for a while now! But 3 watches?!?! I WOULD DIE. That top right one is calling my name…


    Published 26 Jun 15Reply
  44. Jordan wrote:

    The watches are super cute! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway! 🙂

    Published 26 Jun 15Reply
  45. Gloria wrote:

    Love, love the jewelry!! Enjoy your blog!

    Published 26 Jun 15Reply
  46. haleigh wrote:

    love love love those watches

    Published 26 Jun 15Reply
  47. Lauraj wrote:

    Love the watches! And love your blog!

    Published 27 Jun 15Reply
  48. Brianna wrote:

    I love the fringe pieces that you have compiled into a must-have collection! They’re somewhat edgy, yet also feel a tad bohemian. I will be picking up several of them ASAP!

    P.S. I’m such a huge fan of your blog!

    Published 29 Jun 15Reply
  49. OMG the leopard watch and that monogrammed tray!! I’ve never won a giveaway for fingers crossed for this one!

    Published 29 Jun 15Reply