Crop It Ex Cheerleaders

Let’s talk about this crop trop trend. When it came around I thought, “Oh, that’s so cute. Maybe I’ll wear them with shorts all summer and go to Coachella and look like Kendall Jenner.” 
Then, I tried them on. Let me start off with, I do NOT hate my body. But I think one of the best things you can know to style yourself is understanding your body type. I’m 5’2″ and I was a dancer, gymnast and cheerleader. I’m just more muscular and broad, and I’m totally fine with it. I did some cute little flips back in the day because of it. I could get down to 80 pounds and guess what? My shoulders will STILL be broad. Needless to say, throwing on a flowy crop top just probably isn’t the best style for me. 
Then, I found the structured crop top and that was a game changer. Broad shoulders, thin straps on a crop [on me]…not too cute. But put a little structure in your crop and it shows off your muscle tone and allows you to look slimmer. Pair it with one of my favorite structured skorts and you’ve got the easiest outfit ever. 

Photography by: Cortnie Dee//Instagram: Cortnie Dee//Facebook: Cortnie Dee Photography
Every now and then I get a few e-mails asking what photographer I use and I’ve shared one with you, but typically I use my boyfriend. I love to share my little secrets in DFW with you all, and I have another photographer for your list: Cortnie Dee.  Let’s discuss why I love her.
1. She shot me in 10 minutes. TEN. So amazing.
2. She shot me in a crop top and I DO NOT hate any image. Seriously? How do you wear a midriff top, have a photo shoot and love every image? She’s so talented.
3. She might be the easiest person to get along with. I’ve met a LOT of people in Dallas after moving here and one thing I’ve learned as a working girl is 1 out of every 40 people are legitimately nice when you meet them and focus on making you feel comfortable. It’s a low number, and Cortnie is one of them. She becomes your best friend in 1 minute, which is crucial for a photography session. She’s so relaxed and caters to YOUR personality as opposed to just staying in her shell and you worrying about looking good and what to talk about. 
Her style is so eccentric and personality-focused, just like her. She focuses on documenting you as opposed to documenting publishable photos. If you mention me to her you get $50 off your package. 
So for all my ex-cheerleader more muscular babes you can shop structured crop tops and my outfit below! 

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  1. I was a dancer, gymnast and cheerleader too! Love that crop top, it looks gorgeous on you!

    Published 30 Jun 14Reply
  2. BL wrote:


    Published 31 Dec 14Reply