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Malika Earrings | Lilith Pendant Necklace | Jenni Pink Mix Earrings | Vacay Sweater | Yellow Espadrilles | Turquoise Dress | Gray Tee | Wifey Tote | Maxi’s Outfit | Maxi’s Shoes | Hat | Maxi’s Play House | In partnership with Kendra Scott, all selections and opinions are my own! | Photography by: Angie Garcia

My mom has many random talents. She can throw a baby or bridal shower better than anyone I’ve ever seen. She makes a 5-star meal, has 7 different options of quiche to offer, and each dessert has powdered sugar lightly dusted on. It’s just unreal- so much so, when I was a bride I asked if she could just throw my shower and she politely declined. Something about being the mother-of-the-bride and wanting to enjoy it- go figure. 😉 My mom is also a toddler whisperer. Toddlers don’t misbehave around her, and it’s always been that way. They adore her! She stayed home with us when we were little and all her friends would ask her to watch their toddlers with us in the summer while they worked because they knew they’d have a great time. My mom also can find ANYTHING on the internet within minutes. If we are watching a TV show and I say, “Oh, her dress is pretty.” My mom has it pulled up online, in her cart, in 30 seconds. My Meme {her mom} is the exact same way. Their ability to find it so fast is almost concerning.

But she does have one random thing that I’d say is more of a quirk- or maybe it is a talent depending on how you look at it. My mom can’t pack light for the life of her. Even if we are just going somewhere for the night, she needs a full suitcase, with her tote, and two carry on’s- of for beauty products and the second for jewelry. We’ve worked with her on it, I will help her pack, but she likes options and she also likes to know she has every single thing at her fingertips from Excedrin {what if she gets a migraine at 4 pm?!} to exfoliator {what if her skin gets dry?!}. Then when my sister and I ask her for EVERYTHING on vacation she says, “Well, who is glad I overpacked now?!” She’s right, she’s right. It’s serious business and I’ve never met a TSA agent not floored she’s got an entire suitcase of statement/cocktail jewelry. So honestly, I revoke my statement. It’s a talent. A talent I benefit greatly from since I sometimes pack a little too light.

So with my mom’s random packing habits and our beach trip coming up in a few weeks, I decided we needed to do a blog post on packing lightly for the beach with your jewelry. I’m sharing how you can bring 3 pieces of the new Kendra Scott collection and get different looks that can mix and match and extend a week’s worth of outfits. By packing these three statement pieces, you can throw in your wedding rings, daily watch, summer stack bracelet and know you won’t overpack at all.

The Ponytail Piece

Jenni Pink Mix Earrings

These Jenni Earrings are so much fun, and not heavy at all. They come in an ivory or abalone shell mix, as well. But me picking pink shouldn’t shock you. 😉 With ponytails and beach hair, you need an earring that plays into that look and complements the style. The shell and acrylic mix is playful! If you are out shopping or dining on the town, throw up a ponytail, and toss these earrings on. After you’ve done that a day or two, incorporate a scarf in your ponytail {remember my silk scarf video?}. As long as your scarf color plays into these earrings, you won’t overdo it. Keep the outfit simple like a relaxed tee and shorts. This allows your outfits to roll and pack compactly, so you save on room. I’d also wear these with a topknot and linen dress for a dinner on the patio.

The Layering Piece

Lilith Pendant Necklace

I wore the Lilith Necklace in this blog post and I received more e-mails asking about it than any other necklace I have posted! I am so glad the feeling is mutual on this pendant piece. 😉 So let’s talk about why I like this necklace for packing. It comes in 4 colorways to pick one that works best with your style, and it gives you multiple necklace styles in one based on length. The necklace has an adjustable sliding bead closure, so you can make it a choker, a necklace, or a long, layered piece. If you have a second-skin necklace you wear daily {monogram, child’s names, etc.} you can wear this necklace longer to layer. Or, if you are like me, you can wear it as more of a choker with the same v-neck tee you shopped in above! This saves you extra suitcase space. I think as long as your shirt has a “v” {t-shirt, button-up blouse} this allows the choker version of the necklace to shine through.

The Dressy Piece

Malika Earrings

Now I had to include a dressy piece for your vacation dinners! I went with the ivory since I know I could also wear those for summer weddings! This style of earring retails for $128 and looks like something that would be at a department store for $250! I can’t even express how luxe they look in person. But if you are a bride, let these be your rehearsal dinner earrings! I paired it with a long-tiered maxi so you can see how they look.

So mom, you keep overpacking so I can reap the benefits, and I’ll pack three! ha! I hope this gives you some suitcase support as you pack for your summer trips. Or maybe you just want to update your everyday look {real life above! ha!} and this post helps you narrow it down.

Another note is that I have a Kendra Scott discount code valid until May 31!

Code “Katey” gets you 20% off a $100 spend or more!

Which piece would you take on vacation?!

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    Kendra Scott pieces are so great to pack on vacation- I love how they come in such great carrying bags. I love bringing my favorites on trips!

    xoxo A

    Published 22 Apr 19Reply
  2. Such adorable pieces, I love them! Perfect for a day out with the family! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 22 Apr 19Reply
  3. Laura Leigh wrote:

    So many cute pieces! The dressy piece is my absolute favorite!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 22 Apr 19Reply
  4. Lyndsey Vasek wrote:

    Does this code work on Kendra Scott Fine Jewelry? I tried but I don’t think it does! Thank you!

    Published 22 Apr 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lyndsey! I’m so sorry, I just found out it doesn’t work on Fine Jewelry! xx, Katey

      Published 25 Apr 19Reply
  5. Juliya wrote:

    Picking up the Malika earrings and Lilith necklace!! Can’t wait to wear them this summer. Thanks for the code; it worked 🙂

    Published 22 Apr 19Reply
  6. Sooo, so cute!

    Blondie in the City

    Published 26 Apr 19Reply
  7. Cb wrote:

    Hi there – id love to purchase your Malika Earrings for my rehearsal dinner. Please lmk if you’d sell. They’re sold out online thanks

    Published 05 Oct 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi! Are you still needing them? xx, Katey

      Published 16 Dec 19Reply