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I’m the obnoxious girl in Dallas who is always talking about how much I love Fort Worth. It’s where I grew up and where Paul and I spent so much of our time when we started dating. We decided that when we get married we would move back. He audits so he works all over the DFW and is never actually in Dallas. Because I work for myself the process can seem a little lonely. If I don’t have meetings or errands I will seriously sit at my desk for 14 hours straight. When Paul gets off work at 1 a.m. and we don’t see each other it’s a little daunting to know it would be the same way when we get married. Of course I have a lot of girlfriends in Dallas, but I have more in Fort Worth along with my family. I started going to work in Fort Worth a lot so I could just work around my mom and we decided that it just didn’t make sense for both of us to be leaving Dallas each day.

 Last week we started the house hunting process and I already can tell this is going to be Paul’s forte. Our realtor is my mom’s best friend, so thankfully she knows everything I like. I think I freaked out so much when we started talking about interest rates, tax exemptions, etc. The little girl emoji with her hands in an x? That was me. I’m more of a, “What type of granite does it have?” girl. If you have any advice about the process please let me know!

As a little mini celebration I got an All The Wire bracelet with the coordinates of Fort Worth. All The Wire’s jewelry’s sentimental with an edge [like my bullet necklace!]. It has the sweet endearing touch with Kate Moss edge that I love. I hope you have a great Bachelor Monday! 😉 Who is your favorite? 

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  1. GORGEOUS bag. Love it! So bright and cheery 🙂

    Published 23 Feb 15Reply
  2. Love that bag! Perfect for this dreary Texas day. I’ve been eyeing it myself and might just have to snatch it up!


    Published 23 Feb 15Reply
  3. I grew up in real estate and work as an escrow officer at a title company so I eat breathe and sleep it for sure! Just remember all of the things you want in a home, especially since you will spend so much time there! There is no perfect house but you can make it perfect for you two! Congrats! You will love being back in Fort Worth. My husband and I moved from there to Aledo for the schools and I have daily withdraws of not being so close to shopping and Central Market!

    Published 23 Feb 15Reply
  4. Tasha wrote:

    Focus on what you want in your home & the community you live in. I had the same neighbors for years. Very loving community. Also think about school districts & things of that nature. Crime rate. Paul & You look like a Keller, Euless or Southlake couple 🙂

    Published 23 Feb 15Reply
  5. I love the bold color of this bag! Plus its nice hearing about your house hunting plans :] I can only imagine how gorgeous it’s gonna be!

    Morgan Paige

    Published 23 Feb 15Reply
  6. Congratulations on your big move and your engagement! Best of luck! Love your sweater.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 24 Feb 15Reply
  7. Christine S. wrote:

    That’s awesome! I actually just moved from Dallas to Fort Worth but am pretty unfamiliar with the area. Not sure how many of your readers are from there but I’d love a post about the places to go!

    Published 24 Feb 15Reply
  8. If you’re not building or buying a pre-owned home, look at the base boards, the corners, check the tiles, are they cracked? Check all the little OCD things you would never think to look at and also put it in your contract that the home has to be professionally cleaned before you move in.

    Otherwise have fun and take your time!

    Published 01 Mar 15Reply