Style Inspo: Classic

You know when you are eying a girl at Nordstrom and she has chipped nails, messy hair, a baggy top and STILL looks pulled together? Her secret? She knows her style. Fashion says, “me too” and style says, “only me.” Figuring out what defines your personal style is the easiest way to look chic and pulled together at all times. It isn’t about how much money you spend on your clothes, but the time you invest putting your wardrobe together. 
For example, I am always layering basic jewelry pieces: a monogram necklace, a thin gold bangle, stacking rings, and I really don’t mix it up. I buy other pieces of jewelry but never wear them, because my daily jewelry reflects my style. I’ve decided to do a fun series over the next few weeks helping you define your personal style, and I would love to hear what type of girl you are, that way I can better help you! I’ve got four types for the next four weeks and granted, none of us fall into one perfectly. However, make the perfect marriage of whatever typecast you want, just hone in what makes you, you!
I decided to start with the classic girl, because I think she encompasses what 60% of you all are! If you’re classic, Lauren Conrad is your go-to and you think chartreuse nail polish is repulsive. You probably have dirty blonde or light brown hair and live by, “less is more.” You’ll dance the night away to Britney Spears but secretly think, “bless her heart, she still goes into a gas station barefoot” and you wore Lilly Pulitzer and pearls on bid day. Your dream Christmas gift is a pair of designer ballet flats and you want The Tiffany Setting. No one ever wonders if you have dirty hair, because you are as chic as they come. With clean lines and classic cuts, you’ll end up serving Thanksgiving dinner in your perfect home, so please invite me!
Shoes of choice: nude ballet flats to take you from work to yoga to a dinner date with your perfect boyfriend.
Dress of choice: skinny jeans are your signature.
Jewels of choice: a classic gold watch and nothing else.
Home decor of choice: coffee table books, of course.
Bag of choice: An over-sized quilted bag holds your chic wallet. 
Makeup of choice: you are a natural beauty so after bronze rand mascara all you need is a light pink Christian Dior plumping balm.
Scent of choice: with vanilla notes, Dolce & Gabbana the one is yours.
Nails of choice: Before He Cheats is the perfect creamy pink to show off your glow.
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  1. Amanda wrote:

    I love this idea! There’s definitely parts of me in here 🙂 I even JUST painted my nails baby pink..

    XO Strawberry Chic

    Published 06 Aug 14Reply
  2. What calligraphy-looking font is that?! I am in love!!!

    Published 07 Aug 14Reply