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In Texas, buying a coat is a last minute thought. Then we have ice and act like we’ve never seen it and freak out. If it snows we all ask to not go into work and classes are cancelled for a week. 
Last year I decided to stop being absurd and invest in a coat. I had never been too excited for this because I always just lived in North Face jackets. So horrific. Those are meant for skiing and work out clothes, not black skinnies. I know it is a sorority effect to fall into, but stray, girl, stray. 
My three favorite coats? The wrap, the faux fur and the tomboy. The tomboy is not the correct name for utility structure jackets, but that’s what I think, so I go with it. 
The wrap is my favorite because I’m a shortie and have zero waist length. I’ve got longer legs and I tell myself that God just left a few inches off my waist length. Anything I can do to pretend I have a longer waist and the wrap coat is the perfect way to do that! 
I’ve compiled my three favorite coats for you below. If you’re a sorority girl trying to branch out in college go for the tomboy! If you are a shortie like me, get an Olivia Pope wrap. And if you’re a go-getter and “it girl” get the faux fur!
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  1. Love your coat, such a perfect piece for many years to come! Couldn’t agree more, I finally took the plunge last winter and invested in a cocoon overcoat and am so glad I did, especially for those way erratic days of weather in Houston last year!

    Published 29 Oct 14Reply
  2. Rachel wrote:

    Love this coat. I have a camel peacoat for winter, but the open style of this one is so much better!

    Published 29 Oct 14Reply
  3. That is an amazing coats! The wrap coats are my favorite. I love that it is basically a big blanket with a tie for your waist. The camel color you chose is perfect!


    Published 29 Oct 14Reply