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It. Is. November. WHAT. HAPPENED?!
It typically takes me until November 15th to wake up and think, “I have to get presents. I am terrified to go to the mall.” 
Last year I came up with a system for incorporating how to do gifts [online shopping, please and thank you], and lessen the stress [emotionally and financially] of getting everyone a thoughtful present. I wanted to share it with you all this season, and the most exciting part is we start with Y.O.U. 😉
Recently, my family and I have started giving trips for Christmas. Last year we spent Christmas in NYC and this year we are going skiing. We have family all over, so I never really grew up having Christmas in my parent’s house with traditions. Now we try to spend a few days out of town to truly celebrate the holiday and each other by sharing new experiences. The best present I received last year was going to Christmas Eve service in NYC at the most beautiful church and running to get cheesecake with my family and one of my best friends at 1 a.m. after. 
Needless to say, packing and planning a trip makes Christmas shopping even more intense. My mother also requests graphics from us and lists so that she can get an idea of what types of presents we want. Because we travel we only do a few gifts, but by giving her a little board she is able to say, “Katey wants purses and neutral colored pieces.” As if that was changing. 

I’ll break up the next few weeks with graphics and lists of what to get friends and family, but for starters I wanted to share my own list so you could get an idea! Or you can just send this page to your mom! 😉 
Get yourself out of the way first, so while you’re calling your mom to ask if she prefers Prada perfume to Versace she doesn’t have to ask, “Now do you need flats or heels?” 
I always focus on neutral bags for Christmas so that I can wear them year-round, and shoes. Christmas can be even more stressful when you order a lot of clothes that don’t fit, so I focus on that for my friend’s gifts, too! I don’t want to add a million returns to their list right before they go back to work. My monogram necklace is worn to shreds, so I wanted to update that and adding more bar cart pieces never hurts! 
So, go ahead and spoil yourself a little bit. What do you want this year?!
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  1. I LOVE the nude with animal print theme. If I could choose anything from your list I’d definitely go with the studded Valentino pumps!

    XoXo Kelly

    Published 04 Nov 14Reply
  2. I need that Tory bag! Great list!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 05 Nov 14Reply
  3. Hill wrote:

    One of my best friend’s family does a trip instead of real presents for Christmas! They all suggest a destination earlier in the year and her mom plans everything but keeps the location a secret. On Christmas they open gifts that are clues about where they’re going and then they leave for their trip the next day. I always thought it was such a great idea because you’re basically gifting memories which is better than even the most beautiful pair of heels

    Published 05 Nov 14Reply
  4. Hi I have a question! How do you put this list of pictures together? Thank you!!

    Published 12 Nov 14Reply