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Something is wrong with me, because I’m not a New Years person. I think I’m so fearful of all the drunk driving that goes on that I never really make plans. Anyone else the same?! 
Last year a lot of our friends went to an event in Dallas and somehow Paul drug me out to it. But we literally got there, I said hello to people and left 15 minutes later. I’m such a little night owl. haha!
So a full-on sequined outfit isn’t necessarily what I need for New Years, and I don’t think you need it either! You can stand out with a fun print. To keep it “festive” and in theme just make sure it has a black base to it and pile on fun jewels. 
I picked up these heels for Paul’s Christmas party this year and they are my new favorites. They are the most comfortable dancing shoes and I’m obsessed with the little gold detailing. 
This year we will be in Colorado piling on sweats, but if we were doing anything we’d probably be going to dinner, so this dress fits the bill! If you want to take it up a notch add this bib on top! 
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  1. This dress is AMAZING! Perfect for NYE!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 26 Dec 14Reply
  2. lydia wrote:

    Love these heels!!!! Are these true to size?

    Published 09 Jan 15Reply