Valentine for your Guy

If we are honest, Valentine’s Day gifts are really for women. We love pink presents and we aren’t ashamed of it. Now depending on your relationship, gifting your guy can sometimes be a bit more difficult. They go out of their way on this day to get dinner reservations weeks in advance and find your favorite flowers, so how do we show appreciation back?  I wanted to cover three things that I think really show your guy you love him today and always!
1. An Adventurous Promise

Maybe you are like me and not adventurous at all, or maybe you have no problem sky diving you just get busy. I think a really sweet gesture is to offer an adventurous promise in your Valentine’s Day card to him. Paul and I always talk about running a race together, but never get to it. Life gets in the way. So go ahead and schedule that 10k, look up a ropes course or book a zip-lining date. They can be a really fun and inexpensive gesture to show him, “I really want to try new thing with you.” Men love to get away from typical “dinner and a movie” dates, and they love knowing you trust them. 
2. Cook a “Real” Meal

I cook for Paul, but when I do it’s typically healthy or something I picked up from Eatzi’s. He always asks for Pot Roast. Always. If you want to avoid the crowd on Valentine’s Day, cook him a meal and don’t skimp on carbs or calories. Men and women have different taste buds, and what might be a cheat meal to us is probably not a cheat meal to them. Paul would think I murdered someone and wanted him to hide the body for me if he saw I made a Pot Roast and Chicken and Waffles. Who would eat that together?! He would and making it for him would probably earn me the right to pick our date night restaurant for the next 6 months. 😉
3. Add to his Wardrobe
Some men like books, some men like expensive gym memberships. They all like classic wardrobe pieces. I shared Paul’s love for Mizzen + Main back around Christmas, and got so many questions about their shirts! I’m a huge fan of the Henley’s [Paul is too!] and you don’t have to iron their dress shirts as they are wrinkle-free. Have you seen your guy pack for a work trip?! Paul wads everything up…You also don’t have to dry clean them so it saves them money, too. For Valentine’s Day they are offering a great special of a Hucksley dress shirt AND Henley for $165 using promo code: VDAY15. You can be extra sweet with two shirts for him or get the henley for yourself. 😉 AND they are giving away a $600 His & Her Valentine’s Day gift basket. You can enter here. They are giving away:
1. Choice of Mizzen + Main dress shirt
2. Rock Avenue Bowtie and matching Pocket Square
3. Shwood Sunglasses
4. Choice of Mizzen + Main Henley
1. Champagne
2. Kendra Scott Kiri necklace in Cobalt
3. Kendra Scott Elle earrings in Cobalt
4. Capri Blue Volcano Candle 
Adding to his wardrobe AND yours?! Win. Win.
Have fun spoiling your beau this Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to treat yourself in the process! 😉

Thank you to Mizzen + Main for sponsoring this post! 

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