Tory Burch Spring Sale


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I’m a sucker for three things in life.

1. When my flower girls ask me for something. [um, duh you can have your 5th ice cream, just don’t tell your mom.]

2. Chips & Queso

3. A Tory Burch sale

Tory Burch’s staple pieces are key pieces in any closet, but they can be a little bit pricey! Anytime she has her spring event or major sale I have to stock up! I love gifting the wallets for girlfriend’s birthdays or special events. My espadrilles and sandals are on sale, too so we can twin!

The more you spend, the more you save. So if you and your mom are interested in something, I say purchase together and pay each other back [that’s what my mom and I do so we can get the full 30% off! ;)]

Just enter code SPRING at checkout! There is also free 2-day shipping if you use paypal!

I’ve pulled her favorite pieces of mine, um hello pineapple sandals! But I would love to know what you end up getting. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for the TB sale heads up! Time to do a little shopping…

    Published 23 Apr 15Reply
  2. Well I just sent this whole post to my boyfriend for birthday present ideas! I hear those new shoes run extremely narrow though, which is such a bummer for my fat feet! I’m still crazy about all of it, thanks for sharing!

    XOXO, Caroline

    Published 23 Apr 15Reply
  3. Kourtney wrote:

    Aaahh!!! Love a good Tory Burch sale! 🙂

    XO Kourtney

    Published 23 Apr 15Reply