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Hey girl, hey! I’m so excited about today’s beauty post! I think these products fit any girl’s makeup routine, no matter what kind of look she prefers. I haven’t changed anything too drastically or fall. I still love full lashes and pink lips, but all of these have been easily incorporated into my daily look and my sister has used them as well! She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and so she is my little guinea pig for how versatile products are.

1. Lash Products

Mascara | Serum

I get asked a lot if I have fake lashes or lash extension on and I always say thank you, but no. I never want the conversation to last too long because then Paul would know I spend an electric bill on mascara and that would be an awkward conversation. However, a few weekends ago this question got real serious. Paul and I were checking out at breakfast and the sweet old lady [I mean she seriously had to be 95] leaned over and said, “Can I ask you a question?” I got excited thinking she’d ask if we were newlyweds and give some invaluable marriage advice. She leaned over the counter, proceeded to pull my lashes and said, “Are those extensions?” At that point I knew my serum and mascara was working a little too well and I needed to share with you.

This mascara from Chantecaille actually has a growth serum in it, so even if you don’t do a serum daily it makes your lashes grow! I asked the cosmetics manager at Neiman Marcus the number one product she would always purchase even when she stopped working here and she said it was this, so I was sold. I also use Neulash each night before I go to sleep. The bottle lasts for months and you get results in about 3 weeks!

2. Liner

I always like my darker lipsticks to have a bit of a plum base. This liner by Urban Decay in shade Bittersweet has been my “go-to” fall shade! Because I’m blonde I get intimidated by crushed berry lips because 4 hours in [and a few snacks later] I feel like I just woke up from a post-Halloween party. This liner is super creamy and almost feels like lipstick, yet it never fades and blends really well with light skin tones.

3. Gloss

YSL Gloss | Chanel Gloss

I normally don’t love lip gloss, but I picked these up before our honeymoon and loved how pigmented they were. If you are a little worried about wearing bright pink lips in the fall these is a great compromise! Try a nude like MAC Fleshpot and put either YSL gloss in shade #15 or Chanel gloss in shade #166 over it! I also love this nude gloss by Chanel [#189] if you want to pull a Kourtney Kardashian.

4. Concealer

Whenever I get a blemish I’d honestly rather just stay at Hotel Hellman [my self-dubbed nickname for our home] in my pajamas and not wear any makeup until it goes away. I hate putting anything on it and half the time it’s because I think concealer makes it look so unnatural. This concealer by Bare Minerals is super creamy and almost makes your blemish just blend right in with your skin, so it’s completely unnoticeable. I know that’s a strange way to describe it, BUT I got this a few weeks ago and then I guess the Lord let me break out so I could test it out for y’all.

5. Lids

I used to never wear eyeshadow. I think I went all of college and even when I started my career just throwing on eyeliner and leaving. But then I realized my liner really needed something to softly blend into my lids with, but I still don’t like to go too crazy with eyeshadow. I got these Wander Beauty eyeshadow creams and it is so easy! I use Champagne for daytime and if I go out at night I just add on shade Bronze. It’s Katey Proof.

6. Cheeks

I picked this blush [shade #280 Golden Sun] up last weekend and was really drawn to it for it’s undertones. It’s so hard to see in that picture but it has a plum base but it isn’t dark and can easily blend on lighter skin. I wore it Sunday to church and came home so impressed with how well the pigmentation lasted I almost threw away all my other blushes. Sometimes I get overzealous. What can I say?

I hope this helps you find a few transitional items for fall! Do you have any favorite beauty products right now?!


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  1. Those lip glosses look so pretty!

    xo, Laura

    Published 23 Oct 15Reply
  2. Bianca wrote:

    Love the glosses. Can you link the Chanel 189 again? The one in the post wasn’t linked.

    Published 23 Oct 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hey girl! I’m not able to link it because it was limited edition and not available anymore! 🙁 But people can buy it on ebay [I just don’t like there because I don’t want to be the reason someone got it if it was a “fake”. If that makes sense!]

      Published 23 Oct 15Reply
  3. Irina wrote:

    After seeing the UD liner on you over and over I bit the bullet and go it 2 weeks ago and I am IN LOVE. I’m wearing it nonstop and I get so many compliments. Thank goodness you’re fair skinned and blonde like me so I could know if it looked good before i got it.

    Published 23 Oct 15Reply
  4. erica wrote:

    Good review on the gloss!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

    Published 23 Oct 15Reply
  5. I’m such a sucker for beauty products! Especially ones with such pretty packaging! haha <3


    Published 24 Oct 15Reply
  6. Kathleen wrote:

    Loving this makeup! I need to try the lipgloss!

    Published 25 Oct 15Reply
  7. Margo wrote:

    Still love reading your blog on a regular basis! Literally LOLed reading about the little old lady pulling your eyelashes!! Clearly I need to purchase some of that mascara!!

    Published 25 Oct 15Reply