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I’m fully convinced the quickest way to change your day life is to buy a new lipstick. Something about a new color in a pretty little plastic tube says, “You’re about to be a completely different woman, Katey.”

Needless to say, it’s my favorite accessory to any outfit. On my last review of Laura Mercier, I found out so many of you were fans of her line! I thought it would be fun to pair her new Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm & Lip Pencils as accessories to different types of date nights!

Men love Laura Mercier. They don’t know they do, but they do. Chances are your boyfriend/better half has probably said, “You look so much prettier without makeup. Why do you even wear it?!” Men love the no makeup, makeup look which Laura has mastered. Her pigments are strongly visible, but with a smooth and creamy texture so for all your beau knows you were born with berry lips. These Lip Parfaits are made with Karite Butter so your lips are moisturized and fine lines are filled, but you are getting a “wet” shine in one swipe. Think Girl Next Door, but glammed up!






First Date:

I think a more detailed, natural look is perfect for your first date! You may be dying to kiss him or you still aren’t sure if he is more than a friend. So keep your look laid back and easy! I start with the Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Praline. This. Is. Holy. Grail. It’s the best nude that also works with muted pinks!

Follow that up with the Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm in Amaretto Swirl. I loved it on my Swedish complexion [I’m pretty fair in case you haven’t noticed! 😉 ] but also tested it on my mom who has a lot of olive undertones and it transferred beautifully. It’s a sultry nude, but your skin looks alive.




Blot. Blot. Repeat!


Day Date:

I’m partial to day dates! I think because when I started dating my fiancé he had just finished busy season and had a lot of time off, so we got to go on plenty of day dates when his work ended early. Walking a farmer’s market or antique store is stress free, but you sometimes find out more about a person than just nervously asking questions over dinner!

So many of you have requested I try corals with my blonde hair. I got Creamsicle in the Lip Parfait and this would be perfect for during the day! I kept the Praline lip liner on and it softly blended into this Colourblam.



Romantic Date:

Berries are so romantic and easily portray confidence, even if you’re still nervous about your date! If he has a romantic dinner planned and you have to dress up, but aren’t too sure how dressy you should get wear a berry lip. It automatically adds a few touches of chic to any outfit.

I used the Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Crushed Berry. This is really pigmented so be sure to use a mirror when applying. Laura says that this should always be a natural line and I did it softly above. Isn’t that color amazing?! Draw marks on the top of your cupids bow to start and center the bottom lip line. Then just connect the marks! I went ahead and filled my lips in because I knew I wanted it to stay fully on in between eating at dinner.

I topped it with the Lip Parfait in Raspberry Ripple.



I hope this was helpful for your next date night and let me know if you’d like to see more makeup looks for those! Have a wonderful Tuesday all your gorgeous girls!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.47.31 PMBrought to you by Laura Mercier. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Chronicles of Frivolity!

Outfit Details:

Top: Nordstrom | Jeans: Nordstrom | Bracelet: Julie Voss | Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace: Lawrence’s Gifts | Monogram Necklace: Similar [get size 3 XL!]

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  1. Preeti wrote:

    that fuchsia is gorgeous on you!!

    xoxo, Preeti

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  2. Meredith wrote:

    I agree that men love the no-makeup look! You crack me up by saying “after busy season!” I am a CPA that used to work in public accounting! I SO don’t miss those work hours!!!!! I love your blog by the way.

    Savannah, GA

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  3. Love this post! It’s always fun to try a new lip color… the right one can really change your entire look and confidence!

    xo, Laura

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  4. Christine wrote:

    I love the berry color! What blush have you been pairing with it on your instagram? I love the combo!

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  5. All of these colors are so pretty on you Katey!! But, I must say, the berry might be my favorite! I love Laura Mercier products because of how natural they are and because I have never had breakout problems with them! I will have to try her lipsticks, Thank you for sharing!

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  6. Kathleen wrote:

    These lip colors are perfect! You look gorgeous for date night!

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  7. All these lip colors are gorgeous!!

    Madison Martine

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  8. So true Katey, men tend to love that hair in a ponytail fresh faced look (what they don’t know is sometimes we do put a lot of effort into creating that “undone” look). As far as beauty routines go.. couldn’t agree with you more lipstick is such an easy way to change your face (scratch that) day, err I mean life lol

    Hand In Pocket

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  9. Eleni wrote:

    Katey!! Always so flawless even when you are putting on lipstick which us women know we can look a bit silly. Great recommendations!!

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  10. Delanie wrote:

    I have never tried her lipsticks before, but this post has me excited to go out and buy some. These colors are so pretty! great post
    love, Del

    Published 21 Jul 15Reply
  11. Yes! Lipstick is everything! I love when I find a new one that I’m obsessed with.

    Published 22 Jul 15Reply