Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you all! This year I was overly giddy to send out Christmas cards [isn’t it so exciting your first year?!] and wanted to share them with you all too! I just wish Peaches could have been photoshopped in our wedding photo. 😉 Kidding! I ordered them through Uh Oh Pasghettio , and the quality is amazing if you are curious about sending newborn announcements, cards for the New Year or Valentine’s Day!

I hope you have a blessed Christmas with family, friends or loved ones! Last night at Christmas Eve service as we sang, “Oh How He Loves Us” I couldn’t help but cry when it says, “If grace is an ocean, we are all sinking.”

This year has been filled with immeasurable joy [getting engaged, purchasing a home, getting married, moving in together, owning a dog, meeting so many of y’all] and great sadness as well [watching my mom go through a chemo treatment for 8 months]. But each December, as I look back on everything God has blessed me with, I can’t help but think of his grace he extends me each and every day that I don’t deserve. He came here as a baby, to be born in a manger and experience persecution and suffering. All so that we could be saved and know we follow the Messiah who has experienced the emotions we have as well.

Our Pastor last night took the opportunity to touch on the subject of, “If God loves us, why do bad things happen?” It’s such a difficult subject to discuss because when your faith is strong it’s easy to stand on the side of, “Well, our human minds can’t grasp that. God’s can.” But our Pastor boldly explained, “God, came here to suffer, too.” He came to heal, love and save all the while being mocked, denied, beaten, nailed to a cross and murdered in the cruelest way. We have a savior who understands every emotion, pain and hurt we have.

So as 2016 comes and goes, just as quickly as this year, with each emotion, know your savior, who adores you, is jealous for you, and gives you grace that you ultimately drown in, understands your heart. He understands each action and feeling, because he has been human and experienced it as well. And yet, never sinned so that we could be saved.

I can continue to struggle, be imperfect all the while running to Jesus and leaning on him. I couldn’t help but cry during that part because I serve a God that gives me immeasurable grace, that he didn’t need. He didn’t sin. He doesn’t stumble like I do every single day. Each day when I have to control my tongue and emotions, he forgives me and loves that I run to him as I fail. I mean how unbelievably beautiful is that gift?

This gift from God is something that I as a human could never do. I could never not fail at something and then watch my child continually mess up. And each time she ran to me, understand why it was difficult for her, forgive and give her strength to overcome. Daily.

What a beautiful gift. His son. His grace. His forgiveness. His strength. His power. His Love. His cross.

“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, The virgin shall conceive and bear a son. And shall call his name Emmanuel.”

Isaiah 7:14

Oh how he loves us.


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  1. Briana wrote:

    Merry Christmas! This was a beautiful, touching, well written post and it really touched my heart in so many ways. You said what I’ve been thinking a lot lately and to have it all out in front of me like that nearly moved me to tears. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday <3

    PS: Those wedding photos #goals

    Published 25 Dec 15Reply
  2. Christine wrote:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Your post made me cry and totally overwhelmed me with love and reminded me how great our God truly is! My mom is sick as well and it is the hardest thing in the world to watch, but I am so thankful that our God is so much bigger than sickness and disease and that his plans are much bigger than we can even imagine. I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!

    God Bless!


    Published 25 Dec 15Reply
  3. Merry Christmas, wishing you the best 🙂

    Published 25 Dec 15Reply
  4. What a special year! Congrats on your marriage to Paul and starting your new life! <3

    Published 26 Dec 15Reply
  5. Kathryn wrote:

    Merry Christmas to you all as you celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple! What a joyous time.

    xx Kathryn

    Published 27 Dec 15Reply
  6. Veronica wrote:

    Such a beautiful post, thank you!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Published 28 Dec 15Reply