Valentine Cards for Kids

Halloween is fun simply because my kids love it. I’m not obsessed with traditional Thanksgiving food. But Valentine’s Day?! It’s embarrassing how much I love the day. Maybe it’s the fact that January always seems like such as sad month after we rip the bandaid off of putting our holiday decor away or maybe it’s all my favorite sentiments wrapped into one holiday, but Valentine’s Day always seems like this light at the end of the tunnel for spring. I babysat for a family growing up and one of the little girls was born on Valentine’s Day and I definitely tried to barter with God to have a little one born on Valentine’s Day as well. I laugh looking back, but I did have a little girl born on February 11th and we came home from the hospital with her on Valentine’s Day, so it will always have such special memories for me!

This weekend, we put away our Christmas tree and so naturally, I started to get the kids’ Valentine’s baskets together. 😉 I thought I’d first cover Valentines for their class since that’s something most people do need to check off their to-do list! My sister is a graphic designer and freelances for a mix of clients from sports apps to clothing brands, but she has found a huge passion in making gift tags for kids! Below are a lot of her tags {but check out her website as she has superhero and Lego options, too} and the little gifts I’d pair them with.

Maxi got a kick out of all the treats she saw while we were shooting! She graciously let us borrow her wands and poppers to share some ideas. ha.

For Harry’s class, I’m going to be doing these dinosaur bubbles and these dino tags. I’ve had the bubbles sitting on our dining table so I can wrap for his class and every single morning he comes by begging to go “out” as he points to the door and blow bubbles. I’m going to order extra and keep in our activity closet. I have a little closet in the hallway I use to store things to use outside {finger paints, bubbles, silly string} on days they are beyond bored of me. haha.

For Maxi’s class, I’m doing these “color my world” Valentines paired with watercolors.

Each time I’ve run in Homegoods the past month, they’ve had the Valentine’s Play-Doh packs! If you can’t find them at your local one, these Valentines well with any party favor Play-Doh options.

For your little princess, attach a glitter wand with a magical Valentine!

On your next grocery run, get a few snack packs of Goldfish and this Valentine tag works perfectly with them!

This is an older wooden airplane Harry had {by Le Toy Van} but these party favor airplanes are precious and you can just use ribbon to tie on this tag.

I keep these lollipops on our counter in a jar for a pop of color this season, but they’d be a perfect sweet treat with these tags.

Homegoods also has a ton of cute Valentine’s straws you can use to pair with this tag, or these are precious!

Pop a Cutie in this bag and add this tag!

If your girl loves Barbie I love these poppers or these heart ones are so cute for the class, as well. Add this tag. If you’re looking for their Valentine basket, here is the bow one!

And for a little gift they’ll use all summer long, here is a sunglasses Valentine. These are great from Amazon, or Maxi’s bedazzled brand is this if you’re just using for your own little one.

Don’t forget their teacher! These Valentines are a bit more universal- so perfect for adding to their favorite candy or bakery treat. This, this, and this.

Here is the Valentine’s ribbon I love!

While this may not help you get all your ornaments stored away or the post-holiday glitter out of your carpet, I hope this helps you get one thing checked off your to-do list! Which one is your favorite?!


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