3 Steps to Stepping Out after a Workout

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Scarf: Zappos [c/o] | Top: Zappos [c/o] | Leggings: Zappos [c/o] | Vest: Zappos [c/o] | Shoes: Zappos [c/o] | Bag: LV, Similar | Lipstick: #7 | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photography by: Angie Garcia

I’m 99% sure one of Newton’s Laws is left out of textbooks.

“Every object about to go into motion [i.e. work out], will most likely have plans right after.”

I’ll work all day, think I have a free evening, sign up for a class at Zyn22 and get a text 2 seconds later, “Hey, everyone is going to dinner to celebrate so and so’s birthday.”

And with New Year’s Resolutions in full swing, chances are you are starting to feel torn. Do I skip a workout? Do I go to yoga and then dinner with my boyfriend? What’s the right way to do it?!

Instead of skipping, I’ve tried to learn a few ways to be able to run around in public without feeling insecure. Dress well and prep well:

1.Pack an Oversized Scarf

Scarves hide a lot of sins. They draw attention away from no makeup, they conceal dirty hair and they also conceal your lululemon tank top. In these winter months I try to keep one in the car with my spin shoes that way if i have to run to the grocery store or Starbucks after I don’t have to show off I just left the gym! This one is from Zappos and I love how soft it is!

2. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I don’t love a lot of dry shampoos. They put a nasty film on your hair and honestly, I’d rather just put my hair in a top knot and spritz with hair spray than add a cakey film to my strands. BUT I do love Living Proof Dry Shampoo. Most dry shampoos conceal oil, but this one actually cleanses your strands so you can rock messy waves after yoga!

3. Overpriced Deodorant

Okay, that title sounds ridiculous but hear me out. If there is one beauty item in the world I can’t live without, it is this. The Donna Karan deodorant has spoiled me so much that whenever I run out and try to use something else [ahem, my husband’s, oops] I cringe. My body legitimacy reacts with nausea as bad as the stomach flu.

Think I’m crazy? Try it. You could run a marathon and you’d still probably smell better than Giselle as long as you use it before.

I’m not sure if you saw The Bachelor last week [they did this random scent science test and Ben sniffed the girls after working out. Who knows why?! #ratings] but the entire time I kept thinking, “If they have on the Donna Karan deodorant they are good to go.” haha!

Anyways, it is $25 which seems ridiculous, but it lasts for 4 months. And I’ll pay $6.25 a month to smell like I never work out 24/7. #KnowWhatImSayin’

On to the dressing part! You don’t have to rock your 7-year-old sorority tee to the gym every day. Investing in a few pieces, like new shoes or a vest for after the gym, helps you feel a little more confident and I think push a lot harder in the gym!

I got to collaborate with Zappos for a fun workout look and when I shared this outfit on snapchat a week ago I got so many e-mails! I was really excited y’all loved these leggings as much as I did! I also shared on snapchat a few weeks ago that they are my go-to for finding workout shoes. That’s actually how I found out about Zappos years ago. I love Nike sneakers for running around, but I hate that they sell out in 14 seconds on every site. There is never enough stock or my size. But Zappos always maintains a great level of inventory with their workout gear [specifically Nike shoes!] so you can find whatever you need. If you are ever worried about sizing they also always have free shipping and free returns. Everything I’m wearing in this look is true to size, as well, so I didn’t have sizing issues!

Hit the gym like you’re going to dinner after and be sure to prep your gym bag with the right items! I truly believe this is a huge key in keeping you on track so you don’t have to sacrifice your social life or your personal health. Do you have any tricks for being out and about after a workout?!


In partnership with Zappos. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow COF to operate full-time. 

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  1. Clarissa wrote:

    Those leggings are amazing!!!! I love this look. I have weird feet/ankle issues so my gym shoes are unfortunately horribly geriatric (haha they are seriously so unattractive) but I love to keep booties and an oversized sweater in my bag to transform my leggings into a cozy, less gym-y look!

    Published 18 Jan 16Reply
  2. You look so cute and totally make this look work! I love it

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 18 Jan 16Reply
  3. Chottie wrote:

    What good ideas! I’m completely obsessed with those leggings, thanks so much for sharing!


    Published 18 Jan 16Reply
  4. Kristen wrote:

    Love this! Would you mind sharing what spin shoes you use? I’ve been considering getting some since most spin studios charge $1-3 per rental and that starts to add up!

    Published 18 Jan 16Reply
  5. These leggings are everything!!



    Published 18 Jan 16Reply
  6. Love the sheer parts of those leggings! So cute!


    Published 18 Jan 16Reply
  7. Love the after gym look! I also use the Donna Karan deodorant too, love it! Thanks for the tips for changing your look from fitness to fashion!


    Published 18 Jan 16Reply
  8. Catharine wrote:

    I’m so in love with this outfit that I just had to post a comment about it haha! Great job Katey!


    Published 18 Jan 16Reply
  9. I just bought a similar pair of leggings! Love them for running to the store right after leaving the gym!

    xox, Ashley

    Published 19 Jan 16Reply
  10. Lauren wrote:

    hahaha I LOVE that you recommended the Donna Karan deodorant the stuff is magic. I’ve tried switching before too and it just does not work. sometimes they go on sale for Nordstrom anniversary sale as a trio and i think it goes down to like $18-20 a deodorant so i always stock up. Totally worth the splurge 🙂

    Published 20 Jan 16Reply
  11. Clair wrote:

    I absolutely love those leggings! However, who can afford to spend over $70 on a pair of leggings? It’s a little disappointing to fall in love with some of the looks you post, knowing that I will never be able to afford most of them.

    Published 21 Jan 16Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      Agreed.. especially knowing this look was given to her for free. I can promise that seeing “c/o” is a major turn off for a lot of readers.

      Published 21 Jan 16Reply
      • Katey wrote:

        Hi Lauren!

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! While, I understand how you could see that, I would like to say that’s the nature of running a full-time blog. When you love a brand and share them, sometimes you are able to be gifted a gift card as a way of saying thank you for supporting the brand and a means to test product for your readers. I know Tory Burch does the same just to customers that purchase during certain sales of the year. When I worked in PR and worked with magazine journalists day in and day out I constantly gifted them product so they test new products. This doesn’t mean they write about it all, but it’s so unrealistic to be able to purchase 40 new leggings on the market, so you can share the top 3 for your readers.

        I like to be upfront and honest, so whether I was given a gift card or discount I share [c/o]. However, I turn down roughly 30 gifted items or brands a day just because I will never share something I wouldn’t purchase or haven’t purchased myself. I send back lots of gifted product and don’t mention half of it, because I won’t do that to my readers. I just like to test, so I can find the best for them. If I liked the product then I share. Some bloggers choose to not share [c/o] but I want to let my readers know, “Hey, I’m sharing new content each day for my reader just like another publication so I’m able to satisfy a variety of readers needs. But please don’t wonder if you should be buying it all, I’m just a guide!”

        I’m just trying to share lots of different brands for lots of different girls to fit their needs! I personally spend money on leggings because when I do buy brands such as Target, they get holes and to me it is a waste of money. I prefer to have 3-4 pairs as opposed to 12. But we all have different preferences and I truly support that!

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I appreciate you understanding how a blog is able to support the audience!

        Published 21 Jan 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Clair!

      I totally understand your viewpoint, and I appreciate it! With price being relative to a person, I have some friends who spend $20 on leggings and some who spend $200! I personally spend around $70 on leggings just because I have found when I buy something more inexpensive they collect lint, get holes or stretch out in the waist and they become something I donate, as opposed to something I wear.

      I like to share a mix or price points on my blog in order to satisfy a variety of girls! I will be sure to be on the lookout for some cost-friendly workout wear in the future!! Thank you so much for your support!



      Published 21 Jan 16Reply
  12. Jamie wrote:

    Just came across this post. Since it’s older, all of the items are sold out. I would love to see this look re-created with items that are currently available!

    Published 12 Nov 17Reply
  13. Taylor wrote:

    What brand are leggings/style?

    Published 03 Jan 18Reply