Netflix and Papaya Pink Pumps

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Sweater: French Connection [Similar] | Jeans: J Brand | Bracelet: Goldenstrand Jewelry [c/o] | Lipstick: Neon Azalea | Pumps: Dee Keller [25% off with code FRIENDSANDFAMILY2016] [c/o] | Bag: LV, Similar | Necklace Vince Camuto [old, similar available]

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Because I’m home a lot, I love no-fuss tops. Silky embellished tops are fun for a date night, but just not realistic for every day in the life of Katey. I’m constantly sitting at my desk, at the kitchen table or even the couch while I write and respond to e-mails. Comfort that looks dressier is what I need, because otherwise I look like a total ragamuffin that doesn’t know where to purchase an iron.

These jeans are my favorite pair in my entire closet! They are so soft and the cut fits my legs perfectly. I am always rolling or cuffing my jeans because I haven’t found a tailor in Fort Worth that doesn’t want to bankrupt me. I’ve also worn not been able to take off this cuff by Goldenstrand Jewelry. One of my girlfriends back in Dallas is the cuff queen and I’ve never found one to wear every day. This one is made out of the perfect material that fits your wrist without being too bulky! I wanted to balance the turquoise with some pink-my idea of balance at least! These by Dee Keller have a great heel that isn’t too ridiculous, but doesn’t fall in the kitten category. Even better news? They are 25% off right now with code FRIENDSANDFAMILY2016 at checkout here!

This top from French Connection was an NYC buy and I love how the structure makes it seem much more put together than what it actually is. I couldn’t find exact online, however this is incredibly similar. I’ve worn this for date nights, errands and Netflix marathons and it’s safe to say it worked on all occasions.

Speaking of Netflix, let’s have a chat. What do you watch?!

For the past month or so, I’ve been watching Damages. If you like crime, suspense or law it’s definitely got all three components. However, it puts my anxiety through the ROOF. My mom and I love suspenseful shows, but somehow this one bothers me. It’s probably got something to do with the fact her fiancé is murdered [I’m not spoiling anything, that is in the first episode!] and I’m still mourning the fact they never got married.

Do you have any Netflix favorites?! I feel as if I’ve watched the staples: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Etc. Clearly, I need something a little light hearted, but just as addicting!


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  1. Bets wrote:

    Jane the Virgin is fun. I also enjoyed The B in Apt 23 (Kristen Ritter made it worth the watch) tho I didn’t enjoy season 2 as much as 1.

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  2. Maggie wrote:

    Gilmore Girls! I’m currently re-watching in anticipation of the reboot and have been loving it! Very lighthearted, sweet, and funny.

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  3. Alexandria wrote:

    OMG Katey! Have you watched Making a Murder yet? I die!!!! Although it’s a documentary, it kept me on the edge of my seat just the same. Soooooo much suspense….

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  4. Grace wrote:

    First of all- i looovveee you and your blog. Seriously the highlight of my morning! Have you watched Jane the Virgin? The title and plot line sounded so silly to me, but after episode 4 I couldn’t stop. It’s so light-hearted, funny and entertaining. Definitely recommend!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  5. Morgan wrote:

    Call the Midwife is one of my favorite shows ever and I discovered it on Netflix after finishing Downton Abbey! So I suggest both of those if you haven’t seen them yet! And I’ll take this whole outfit please 🙂 love every bit of it!

    How 2 Wear It []

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  6. Madison wrote:

    Love your blog Katey! And love how you said ragamuffin haha perfect word! And you should definitely check out Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – definitely a funny, light hearted show! And I loved Lost as well! Can’t wait for your next blog post!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  7. Victoria wrote:

    I think you should check out the show “Chuck!” It’s lighthearted but has some intrigue, crime solving, and humor. My husband and I watched it right after we got married. One of the last seasons got a little bit slow but it was totally worth it to see the show’s grand finale.

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
    • Paige wrote:

      Yes! Someone else that loves Chuck!! I’m watching Chuck for the second time with my boyfriend… We laugh out loud constantly at it.

      Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  8. Lerica wrote:

    I feel the same about Damages! Check out unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Hart of Dixie. Super fun shows and very addicting as well.

    And I love your outfit. I haven’t been to French Connection in a while, but I will have to check it out.

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
    • Lindsey wrote:

      I love Hart of Dixie!

      Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  9. Mallory Dyer wrote:

    Definitely watch Parenthood! It’s the sweetest show ever! And Desperate Housewives!!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  10. Allison wrote:

    I highly recommend Hart of Dixie and Royal Pains! Both are so fun to watch without making you anxious – I have the same problem!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  11. Netflix is a staple in our home. I would recommend The West Wing, Parenthood, Gilmore Girls or Lost! Since my home is overrun with boys (I’m the only female), I get drug into shows like Arrow or the Flash. I do enjoy them but I also have no other choice sometimes. When I do get time by myself I love going back and watching Friends, I could watch it again and again, my husband is not a fan lol!

    Anyway, I love this look, it’s perfect for me when I’m running around with my boys, doing errands etc.



    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  12. Julie Monsees wrote:

    I’m loving the cuff as well! The turquoise goes so well!

    I agree with everyone above! Orange is the New Black is amazing (nothing like the book, so be prepared lol) Jane the Virgin is sweet and romantic and will make you want to put your mom on speaker so you can watch the show together. 😉 Daredevil is actually amazing as well! Nothing like the movie (sorry Ben..but we all know that film was not your best…)

    Another goodie is Broadchurch. It’s a series from the UK. The American version is Gracepoint but is pretty eh. Broadchurch has very short seasons but is AMAZING. Caps intended! If we were brunching I would reach across the table and squeeze your hand to emphasis the amazing-ness!! If you watch no Broadchurch 🙂

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
    • Jenna wrote:

      Yesss Broadchurch!!!

      Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  13. Sam wrote:

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt rocks, Chelsea Does was interesting but my favorite that I’m so sad AMC cancelled is The Killing (starring Mireille Enos from ABC’s The Catch) It’s pretty dark (think raining in Seattle 24/7) but super intriguing & not too scary/suspenseful

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  14. Kathryn wrote:

    I’m obsessed with your cuff! It’s beautiful!

    As for Netflix, I am a creature of habit. I’ll re-watch my “go-to’s” (The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, etc.) until I’m blue in the face. I definitely need to venture out a bit!!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  15. Ellen wrote:

    Parenthood is great! Its light hearted but still keeps you interested!!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  16. I am swooning so hard over almost every item you are wearing in these photos! That sweater is literally everything!! So obsessed

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  17. Courtney wrote:

    I’m obsessed with How I Met Your Mother…it’s like a more modern day “FRIENDS” (which I’m obsessed with, too!). New Girl is also a good one. Love your look!


    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  18. Amy Beth wrote:

    I. Need. That. Gold. Turquoise. Cuff.

    I keep watching old Fixer Uppers and that’s about it. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself when The Bachelor/Bachelorette isn’t on since I’m so used to it consuming my TV life…. Please tell me I’m not alone in this??


    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  19. Clara wrote:

    The Ranch w/ Ashton Kutcher is so funny! Love Arrow or Gotham for a more suspenseful type show. There’s always Scandal of course…Blacklist is great too!! Those are my faves!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  20. Odette wrote:

    Absolutely love this outfit! I feel you on the whole balancing of bright colors- especially come spring! If you’re looking for a show that will make you laugh that has a hint of scandal definitely watch Jane the Virgin…you will be addicted!



    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  21. Lexie wrote:

    I love the pink pumps! They really do seem like the perfect heel height!, and they are such a fun color!

    As for Neflix, I’m definitely a Grey’s Anatomy fan! Between the drama, medical cases, and attractive doctors I definitely got hooked. Scandal is good as well, although I prefer the earlier season to the later ones!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  22. Jenna wrote:

    If you like Damages try watching The Killing, that is a great show that keeps you wanting more! Broadchurch is great too, i also enjoyed Downton Abbey for a change of scenery – the clothes, hairstyles and castles are a whole reason to watch it alone!


    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  23. lavi wrote:

    Love the heels

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  24. Hart of Dixie!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  25. Emily wrote:

    LOVE the color of those heels! Such a fun pop of color! If you haven’t watched Bloodline yet, you must! I would say it’s a mix between a mystery/thriller and Parenthood, odd but soo good!

    Emily at Style Cubby

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  26. Check out Narcos — beyond amazing!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  27. Margo wrote:

    Love those jeans!!! And you have to check out The Office– I’ve binge watched all 9 season twice already! It’s such a classic. Also, check out Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s hil-a-ri-ous!!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  28. Cassiday Pinion wrote:

    Loved this post! As if I don’t love all of your posts. BTW thank you SO much for responding to my email about my mom and I’s trip to Fort Worth 🙂 So appreciate it! Here are some shows I have loved on Netflix!

    Sons of Anarchy
    House of Cards
    Prison Break

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  29. Love those pumps! They are gorgeous 🙂 I’d recommend something for Netflix but all I watch is Grey’s Anatomy.

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  30. Love those pink pumps! They are the perfect pop of color! =)

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    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  31. sydney wrote:

    You are so adorable! As for Netflix, I suggest Gilmore Girls & Jane the Virgin!!
    xo, Syd

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  32. Carolyn Bronikowski wrote:

    If you’re looking for something light-hearted, definitely Gilmore girls!!! Prison Break is great too! Oh and White Collar (absolutely hilarious and light hearted, plus Matt Bomer is great eye candy!) But I still prefer Alias, hands down, the best pilot episode in tv history!! (And it’s got some yummy eye candy!)

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  33. Your pumps are so fab! The color is perfection for spring! XO


    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  34. Olivia wrote:

    Love this look! I always struggle with bigger jewelry (I’m more of a dainty necklace gal) but maybe a cuff could work for me. If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls, you have to! My mom and I binged it together and it really is so fun. Also I love rewatching Grey’s Anatomy- if you haven’t seen it, get ready to become hooked!

    Published 07 Apr 16Reply
  35. Courtney wrote:

    First off, I love this outfit. This is my kind of style! It’s simple and effortless, yet looks so well put together. For Netflix, if you are looking for something light hearted then I would look into Parks and Recreation. Super funny and has plenty of seasons that are all on the site!

    Published 08 Apr 16Reply
  36. Melissa wrote:

    You NEED to watch Revenge!! I just started it and I am hooked!!

    Published 13 Apr 16Reply
  37. You should try Mom’s Alterations in Arlington on Cooper and Park Row! She is a sweet woman who made her living in the United States by doing alterations and opening up her own shop. My mom has used her for over 30 years and she is the only person I trust with all of my clothing including anything formal!

    Published 22 Apr 16Reply