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My mom’s favorite part of Christmas gifts is most definitely stockings! She loves to overflow stockings for our entire family and she puts a lot of detail into it each year. I think one of my favorite parts about stocking stuffers is that while they are all sweet and small, they range from needs to wants. She’ll put in enough toothbrushes, candies and gum so we don’t have to stock up during the year and then surprise us with a beautiful piece of jewelry and luxury lipstick! I tried to incorporate a ride-array of price points on this post from $3 to something around $100. Whether you are in charge or stuffing stockings or not, hopefully you can find a little something for everyone on their list! From a $12 David Yurman dupe to a lucky-charm keychain your younger sister would love, what is it about little gifts that make them so good!? They are always my favorite!

What are your favorite part of stockings each year?!


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  1. That fries over guys shirt is my spirit animal! My boyfriend and I only do stocking stuffers then take a trip together every year for Christmas, I love buying for stockings! Great selection <3
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 08 Dec 16Reply
  2. Elizabeth wrote:

    Love these stocking stuffer ideas!! My mom also loves overflowing our stockings. Still to this day, we wake up on Christmas morning with our stockings sitting at the end of our beds waiting for us. 🙂

    Published 08 Dec 16Reply
  3. Madison wrote:

    My parents never let us wake them up to open gifts until after 9 am, but we were allowed to open our stockings anytime in the middle of the night/morning that we wanted, so I think my stocking is always my favorite because of those memories! Plus, who doesn’t love those tiny, thoughtful & practical gifts?!

    Thanks for sharing!
    XO, Madison

    Published 08 Dec 16Reply
  4. Love these stocking stuffer ideas!! May even need to get a few for myself! lol

    Published 08 Dec 16Reply
  5. Amanda wrote:

    I always love stocking stuffer ideas! Ordering that bracelet now, love it! On Snap you mentioned showing how you schedule blog shoots and I would love to read more – “behind the blog” posts! I would also love to learn about how you edit your instagram photos, love the bright white but colorful images!

    Published 08 Dec 16Reply
  6. Omg that little bunny charm is too cute! <3

    Published 09 Dec 16Reply
  7. Amanda wrote:

    Loving it all! Especially those ginger jar matches!! Xo

    Published 12 Dec 16Reply