2019 Stocking Stuffers Guide

It’s my favorite gift guide of the year coming to you first: stocking stuffers! Paul and I have done “no-gift Christmas” before where we wanted to just focus on time together and we STILL always sneak in a stocking for one another. They are my favorite items to purchase for family and friends, because honestly, I find them to be the MOST useful. Clear lipstick caps so you can actually see your shade of MAC lipstick and coffee mug warmers so you don’t reheat your coffee at the office 7 times…I mean what is not to love?! Below, I’ve pulled stocking stuffers for her, for him, and for your tots. I can also say this is 100% Maxi approved. Paul was giving her a bath last night while I was finalizing this post, she snuck out behind me, saw what I was doing, and got FAR too excited. Haha! She pointed at everything wanting it, so hopefully she forgets before Christmas morning. 😉 Feel free to share this gift guide with family and friends so you can all get ideas for one another.

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Even if you aren’t in charge of your bestie’s stocking, this is a great option for getting her a little somethin’ somethin’ if you aren’t sure what she would want. Paul, I would take everything I don’t have on this list! 😉 A few things to note:

  • This wrist bangle is the BEST with little ones. If you know a mom, gift her this! I have shared these types of keyrings for years, because I can’t imagine using anything else with kids. I keep it on my wrist when we run in stores and I don’t have to shuffle things around when Maxi is on my hip. I purchased myself this exact one about two months ago and it has been perfect.
  • Love that Drybar shampoo but can’t find the time? Give yourself a salon-worthy shampoo at home with this shampoo massager. A friend of mine was raving about her’s and says it helps get rid of build up. A healthy scalp = healthy hair.
  • A sweater shaver is the one laundry item you didn’t know you needed. You know how sweaters get pills and look aged after one season? Or what about your sofa or headboard that gets the little beads on the back? Blankets, bedding, or jeans? I have shared this for a year or longer, and it is probably the most useful thing I’ve ever purchased on Amazon. It makes sweaters and furniture look BRAND new!
  • Got migraines? You need an ice roller. While an ice roller in the fridge is great for helping depuff your face, I actually use mine for migraines and sinus headaches. I will put some peppermint oil on my temples, use my ice roller, and within minutes, I feel like I can function again.
  • I use these headbands to wash my face and do my makeup every single day. It keeps my hairline from getting wet OR getting product in it. I think these really help me go longer in between shampoos.
  • Do you always lose gift cards? This wallet is one my girlfriend has and she raves about it. I have almost bought it *so* many times. She keeps all her gift cards, coupons, and spending money in this wallet, so she isn’t tempted to use her debit card when she already has a Starbucks gift card. What a good idea going into the new year with a new budget!
  • These sunglasses are one of the best “designer” look-for-less options I’ve ever seen {I have them!} and if you stare at a computer all day, you will want Santa to get you some blue light glasses to help your eyes from straining.


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While I typically think guys can be far trickier to shop for, I’m so happy with this stocking stuffer list that I almost think it is better than the ladies’ version! Paul has a few of these and I will happily fill his stocking with the rest! Don’t miss a few items:

  • This coffee mug warmer is one of our family’s favorite Amazon purchases! I originally got Paul one for his office and he raved about it so much I got one for myself. He always says this is the most useful item I ever got him!
  • Most of our Tupperware is a little more feminine. MacKenzie-Childs, pink glass, you know what I mean. This is perfect for your guy to take to work or to store protein bites you make him. Paul loves me to make these oatmeal protein bites and I never eat them, so keeping them in his own container is great for work or home.
  • Paul and I have yet to get on the AirPods train. I lose inexpensive earrings, how could I keep up with expensive headphones? These have great reviews and after talking to a friend, she said these are the best dupe.
  • As parents, we always think of what to do in emergency situations. Paul got me these for the car where they break the glass or cut a seatbelt. For $7.99 on prime it comes in a pack of 2, so get one for your stocking and one for his!
  • Men’s hair products don’t get enough love. A common via Instagram DM is what Paul uses on his hair, and this is the product. It leaves a matte finish, which I know can’t be said for many male hair products.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen | sixteen

Maxi just about thought this was the most exciting thing ever. I got excited over catalogs as a kid. My child gets excited over seeing gift guides I made. Kinda sorta the same thing?! haha.

  • Maxi is never into play makeup because she can tell the difference. However, this is the only kit I’ve ever bought her that keeps her busy and she uses it like it were real!
  • I always get her these melting figures for holidays and she thinks they are so funny! I’ve done the melting witch for Halloween, melting turkey for Thanksgiving, and melting bunny for Easter. Be careful to keep it off carpet! This is an activity for the kitchen table. She loves Baby Shark so I’m getting her this one for her stocking.
  • I do want to note the thing she was the MOST excited about on this page happened to be the Paw Patrol finger puppets. ha!
  • Maxi has this in the unicorn version and she plays with it with everyone who comes in our home. It shoots the balls out across the room and she laughs hysterically each time. The reindeer is a cute version for Christmas.
  • Maxi loves these bath crayons and they are so nice to have on hand for nights she wants to avoid taking a bath and keep playing. { *cough* nearly every night! 😉 }

I hope this list helps you stuff all your stockings and you enjoy one of my favorite traditions of Christmas!

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  1. These are such great ideas, thanks, Katey! I love how you’ve separated them into types too! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 12 Nov 19Reply
  2. Tiffany wrote:

    I look forward to your Stocking Stuffer Guides like I look forward to Oprah’s Favorite Things. I screen grabbed a few things that will definitely be going in to people’s stockings and gift baskets!! Thank you for making a portion of gift getting so much easier!!

    Published 12 Nov 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Best comment ever!! ? I love feeling like Oprah! Xx, Katey

      Published 12 Nov 19Reply
  3. Karis wrote:


    These stocking stuffers are bomb!!! I have a couple of things from the “for her” one already, but now I basically want every other single thing on that guide. I’ll be sending this on to my mom and Luke for sure. Can’t wait to see the rest of the gift guides you put out this year <3


    Published 12 Nov 19Reply
  4. Kerstin wrote:

    Where are your stockings from? So cute. I couldn’t find where they’re linked. Love this guide!! It’s amazing!!

    Published 12 Nov 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kerstin! Sorry they are on last year’s Christmas Decor blog post. They are from One King’s Lane! xx, Katey

      Published 18 Nov 19Reply
  5. Ali wrote:

    I love these ideas, especially the “for him” board! I feel like men are so hard to buy for!

    Published 12 Nov 19Reply
  6. Kate wrote:

    This is the greatest gift guide to date! Added all the things to my amazon cart.

    Published 13 Nov 19Reply
  7. Lindsey Drake wrote:

    This is the best guide I’ve seen! Love it. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

    Published 14 Nov 19Reply
  8. Emily wrote:

    I love your gift guides, especially for kids! I have two young kids and I feel like there is just SO MUCH out there to choose for them that it can be overwhelming. Also, I’d love to see suggestions for what to dress my daughter in each season. I know you do post those but I’m letting you know that I appreciate that. There are lots of cute clothes out there too and I need help narrowing it down! I love it when you post snippets of Maxi’s day/her outfits/toys on IG stories 🙂 <3

    Published 15 Nov 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you so much, Emily! I’m so appreciative that you follow along and read! Sending love! xx, Katey

      Published 18 Nov 19Reply
  9. Mary wrote:

    Love this! I noticed the sweater shaver is already out of stock. Is there another one you recommend or some place else to purchase the one you recommended?

    Published 15 Nov 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Ahh!! I hate when thing sell out so fast! 🙁 I think you are safe buying another off Amazon! xx, Katey

      Published 18 Nov 19Reply
  10. mitali wrote:

    Your post is very helpful I used ice roller .when i fell stress . After using it fell relly relax in headache and in stress. it’s amazing.

    Published 18 Nov 19Reply
  11. Cecily wrote:

    Love this! Thank you for sharing ?

    Published 20 Nov 19Reply