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Stockings are my favorite gift all of Christmas Day! The candy, the lip balm, the tiny treasures. It’s also quite the thrill to find stocking stuffer gifts! What will help make my husband’s life easier, while also fitting in a small stocking? What will bring Maxi joy? Which candy cane will she devour more? Pink or red?! Here are my top stocking stuffers for 2020 for her, for him, and for the little ones!

For Her

  • Tula Eye Patches: I didn’t *truly* experience dark circles until my pregnancy with H. I mean, sure, I’d had dark circles before- but those were another level! I still struggle with them as he nurses 3-4 times a night. These gel patches are a gift from the heavens. I have never been obsessed with eye patches, simply because they slide all over your face. These do NOT slide off of me. I pop them on before my morning coffee and leave on for as long as I please- dark circles be gone! They have hyaluronic acid to plump, green coffee caffeine, quinoa seed…all the good stuff! They are meant to depuff, cool, and brighten. My code KATEY gets you 15% off of them!
  • 45 Second Speedy Gloss, Nails Inc.: Your top requested link all year, has been the link to this nail polish. I did a story on it in real-time- it TRULY dries in 45 seconds. The base and top coat are key in my opinion, I even use them with my other nail polishes like Essie, and they make it to where they fully dry {like won’t nick or smudge!} in 45 seconds. Add the top coat and base in a stocking.
  • Coco Floss: I have never loved floss until I tried this brand a few years ago. This floss is made with coconut oil and honestly, doesn’t hurt me to use. It’s a textured floss so it grabs plaque easier than having to jam a traditional smooth floss up your gums.
  • Heart Sponges: My mom got these for me on Amazon and they are the best! They are pink heart rubber sponges off Amazon, so you can wash your dishes without gross mold accumulating. And they have a little suction to stick to the side of your sink!
  • Taylor’s Spiced Christmas Tea: You can get this tea at Whole Foods and it is just the best for Christmas. Add a few packets in everyone’s stocking to enjoy while you watch a Christmas movie.
  • Cute Matches: Cute matches are always appreciated as you can place them on trays around the home or as an accent to your coffee table. Style meets functionality.
  • Anastasia Haute Holiday Lip Gloss Set: For the girl that loves a nude lip, this Anastasia Haute Holiday Gloss set has the BEST cool-toned glosses I’ve ever seen. Lots of nude gloss kits have a warm-toned base and cool-tones actually make your teeth look whiter. 😉
  • Shampoo Scrubber: This is one of my favorite Amazon finds. You apply your shampoo, then use this to scrub and exfoliate the scalp. It’s like being at the DryBar in your own home, and it helps remove dry shampoo build up- which can lead to hair fallout.

For Him

  • Narwhal: If your guy loves to listen to music while he works outside or grills, get him the Narwahl! It’s a lid that fits on Yeti cups, and it’s a Bluetooth, water-resistant speaker. You just sync it to their phone or Spotify and they can listen to up to 6 hours of continuous music. It’s perfect for working outside or being by the lake or beach.
  • Bourbon Mixer: I always get him a mixer to add to our bar, and ordered this from Nordstrom this year.
  • Pocket Knife Sharpener: Paul told me I HAD to add this for y’all, in case your husbands also break down amazon boxes on the daily. lol
  • Coco Floss: Get him the Coco Floss I mentioned above in mint for his toiletry bag.
  • Beard Oil: This was the only thing Paul requested in his stocking, and I’m assuming it is because this year brought about all the facial hair. ha. He works from home half the week as his office rotates, so he doesn’t shave nearly as much anymore. He loves Jack Black and this beard oil!
  • Mask: It probably seems a bit odd to include a face mask in a stocking, but our mask mandate has been extended until at least March. These are Paul’s favorite ones!
  • Golf Ball Holder: A gift to clip on their golf bag!
  • Truffle Honey: Okay, hear me out on this expensive honey. It is INCREDIBLE. I’m not a honey person and I just devour this stuff. Drizzle it over peanut butter toast, make it in salad dressings, I even use it for candied bacon. Paul loves honey, and I promise this will be the hit of your stocking for your guy!

For Little Ones

  • Pluffle: This is an amazing stocking stuffer for sensory kits and play! It doesn’t dry out or stick to everything in your home like slime- but has the same concept.
  • Doorables: Doorables are quite the hit in our home! They have Disney characters in “mini size.” Think Polly Pocket, but Disney Princess. If Disney Princesses aren’t your thing, these Superheroes are perfect!
  • Wooden Town Cars: I grabbed a few of these for Harry as I always think it is nice to get a baby something you know they will be using in the next year!
  • Milk Rattle: Meri Meri makes some of my favorite rattles as they hold up so well, and aren’t too cheesy.
  • My First Bunny: A classic gift they will have for a lifetime.
  • Purse Teether: Her first handbag…but in teether form. I mean, can I have one as an adult?! lol
  • Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk: We have this in our home and it is always a hit for drawing hopscotch.
  • Personalized Crayon Box: To keep their crafts tidy and your purse clean while out and about.
  • Curious George Kaleidoscope: I grabbed this at Homegoods, but they also have it on Amazon.

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  1. These are such great ideas! Thanks, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 02 Dec 20Reply
  2. Megan wrote:

    Thanks for posting about the nail polish! I went to Sally’s on Monday and bought the red color because of you, but they didn’t have the top coat or the base coat and so I just placed an order! I will say I tried the red nail polish just by itself and I was so surprised how quickly it dried! I haven’t painted my nails pretty much all year because it just takes too long to dry and so if I try to do it it’s after my son goes to sleep and then it seems like it always smudges overnight☹️ And so I’m so excited for this!

    Published 02 Dec 20Reply
  3. LeAnn wrote:

    Great idea on the knife sharpener for guys. Its hard getting gifts for men generally, but especially stocking items.

    Published 02 Dec 20Reply
  4. I looove Tula! Haven’t tried their eye patches before and reading this post just made me realize I want to! I could use some eye care products added into my skincare routine!


    Published 02 Dec 20Reply
  5. Casey Clayton wrote:

    If anyone needs another golf gift idea, customized ProV1s are great! I’m definitely going to try that quick dry nail polish.

    Published 03 Dec 20Reply
  6. marie wrote:

    Where is the little dog christmas ornament from showing on the post today?

    Published 03 Dec 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Marie! I got it from Biscuit Home last year! 🙂

      Published 03 Dec 20Reply
  7. Jennie wrote:

    Hey there! I’ve tried purchasing the nail polish by following the above link a handful of times on both my iPhone and my Mac and it doesn’t ever complete the transaction. Idk if you get paid or anything for these items but if so there seems to be an issue. Thank you for the rec! I can’t wait to try them. 🙂

    Published 04 Dec 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jennie!

      Oh boo! 🙁 No I do not get credit, you’re so sweet to ask!! I get mine in store at Sally’s! xx, Katey

      Published 04 Dec 20Reply