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Oh stocking stuffers! I find these to be so much fun. I really enjoy shopping for stocking stuffers because I feel like you don’t have to get yourself all frazzled on finding the perfect gift. You can find a stocking stuffer for 50 cents that is just as fabulous as a stocking stuffer for 50 dollars. And who doesn’t love a small little treat?! I’ve actually heard of groups of girlfriends doing “stocking stuffer parties” over the holidays where you come with one stocking stuffer under $5 or $10 and then everyone swaps and comes home with a little gift. Isn’t that a great idea?! I’m not sure why we all adore stocking stuffers, but it’s probably because they are the little “happies” of life. From a great floss to peanut butter pouches or even an eyeshadow palette, here are my favorite stocking stuffers to gift friends and my family! The best part about this post? A ton of these items I was able to grab at Target so it makes it easy for you! Also, I want to note that these are a lot of stocking stuffers! It’s definitely not realistic to have this many in a stocking, but I wanted to give a variety of ideas so that you could pick and choose what works best for your family!

Stocking Stuffers For Him

  • Notepad: Many of you all know that Paul is a CPA. He is an extremely detailed person and while he lives in excel spreadsheets, he likes his notepads. He will write everything down and check it twice. I found these Moleskine notepads and thought they were nice.
  • Shower Gel: Paul has been hooked on Jack Black shower products for a few years and I always use his birthday and Christmas as an opportunity to stock him up.
  • Games: Target [okay, no this isn’t sponsored but I’ll probably mention Target 500 times in this post because their holiday sections are too good!] had this little section of games like this. They are perfect for a stocking and great to gift your guy for a family game night.
  • Sugarfina Candies: If your guy is like mine, he prides himself on being pretty relaxed. He never cares where we eat, how I decorate, what we do on the weekends or where we go. He’s honestly the most easy going person in the world, which is why I adore him. Opposites attract right? But if there is one thing I’ve made him a little nuts on it would be Sugarfina candies. I ate these like mad during my pregnancy and he became hooked. If I buy even one box I have to hide it from him or he will devour the entire thing in an hour. Spoil your guy with these nice candies on Christmas!
  • Mixers: Paul enjoys a good Old Fashioned when we go out to eat and Target had some fun cocktail syrups to make them at home!
  • Face Scrub: Most guys aren’t going to go grab a skincare item, but I think they appreciate it when we get it for them.
  • Deodorant: I feel like men always run out of deodorant! Paul likes the Tom’s North Wood scent.
  • Protein Bars: Make sure to grab their favorite snack to keep at the office. Paul wants to note that yes, these are for women but they taste great! haha!
  • Socks: J.Crew has some of the best socks for guys and they always have a ton of different options in store. Grab a pair of two for your guys’ stocking.
  • Shaving Items: Jack Black has a great ingrown hair product called, “Bump Fix” and Target had a cool line called, “Bevel” for shaving cream and other products.
  • Favorite Pens: Paul uses extremely fine-point pens at work and he is quite possessive of them! 😉 I always grab him some when I’m out and about and see them.
  • Vitamins: My husband isn’t the best at self care. He’s always thinking of others. He would seriously go to five different drugstores to find the exact vitamins I like, but would never remember to take a vitamin himself. The only way I can get him to remember is if I get him gummy vitamins!  He’ll remember to take these Olly vitamins. Sometimes. I try, y’all! I do!
  • Drink Sleeve: These drink sleeves from Duluth Pack are amazing! They fit on his to-go coffee cups and he keeps this at work, too. It’s nice because he will know which coffee he got when everyone’s cups look the same!
  • Scuff Bar: This J.Crew scuff bar is great! Have them keep it at work in their desk so they can spot treat before you launder. It will remove stains on their collars and cuffs from lunchtime mishaps. It sold out online but I see them in stores all the time!

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Stocking Stuffers for Her

  • Bling Brush: I reviewed this brush ages ago on the blog and still keep a million on hand! These clean your wedding rings [or other jewels] in a flash. They are the perfect size for your purse.
  • Hand Lotion: My favorite brands of hand lotion are L’Occitane, TULA and Beautycounter.
  • Magazines: Grab Allure for your beauty-obsessed friend, a bridal magazine for a bride-to-be or a recipe magazine for your friend that loves meal prep.
  • Planner: Target has the cutest pink planners right now! From $9-$12 these make great little gifts for the Type A girl in your life.
  • Beauty Refills: Beauty refills are perfect stocking stuffers! Whether a girl needs Venus razor cartridges or Clarisonic brush heads, she’ll appreciate she doesn’t have to grab these during her next Ulta trip.
  • Matches: Y’all always ask about the matches in my home, and I would say 95% were gifts from friends. Anthropologie has really cute matches this season.
  • Hair clips: All. The. Hair. Supplies. We are always looking for a hair clip, bobbi pin or ponytail holder right?!
  • Sheet Masks: Being a blogger I have tested a million sheet masks. These Mary Kay TimeWise Repair ones are LEGIT. You take it off and your face feels like you just got a 4 hour facial. I honestly use these in the mornings and then apply my makeup because it perfectly primes my skin. You could buy the pack and then gift one sheet mask to each of your friends and wrap them up in cellophane with a bow.
  • Deodorant Wipes: I review these here. You’ll never workout without them again!
  • Makeup Bag: I grabbed this velvet bag for a gift at Ann Taylor. I love the bow and that this isn’t a structured bag. Sometimes structured makeup bags are hard to fit in a purse or diaper bag, so you don’t have an issue with this one!
  • NYX Glosses: I’ve tried $50 lip glosses, I’ve tried $20 lip glosses. My favorite lip glosses are always NYX Butter Glosses. I’ve reviewed them a lot on the blog so pick up a few at the drugstore next time!
  • Eyeshadow: This palette was a Target and I’ve loved it the past few weeks! It’s a really great size if your girlfriend uses a makeup bag and can’t have a massive eyeshadow palette on her vanity. I will note this isn’t overly pigmented, but that’s perfect for most girls!
  • Fashion Tape: Fashion tape is your BFF that hides your bra strap, keeps a collar in place, holds a strapless dress up. You name it, fashion tape does it. This is a great stocking stuffer and you can normally find this at Target or a drugstore!
  • Snacks: I LOVE Justin’s peanut butter pouches. I keep them in my diaper bag and can eat them on the go if I’m starving. These are also nice to have and you can put half in a smoothie, etc. They make great stocking stuffers for a girl to keep in her purse.
  • Perrier: Being the ex-Whole 30-er that I am, I’ve tried every flavor of sparkling water on the market. Do we pretend to like it? Do we actually adore it? I don’t even know, but I keep buying it. However, I will say that the Perrier Watermelon flavor is the best. THE best. It tastes like the most refreshing drink you would get on the beach, but not bad for you! Grab a pack, and toss some in some stockings.
  • Beauty Samples: Do not toss your beauty samples! You may not want to test a perfume, but these are great for Christmas! I keep a box with all my beauty samples throughout the year. What I don’t use, I use for gifts! Tie a little pouch of perfumes around a bow on a gift. Throw some samples in stockings. From mini lip glosses to purse-sized mascara, any girl would appreciate them.
  • Purse Wipes: Being a style blogger, I do need to tell you that you should clean your handbags per the designer’s instructions. However, I love these handbag wipes! They used to be sold at The Container Store, but I recently found them at Target. I switch out my handbags a lot more now that I’m a mom. My purse really depends on what we are doing for the day/which diaper bag I’m taking [I have a regular one and backpack for travel]. Once a week, I’ll take one of these wipes and wipe down the bag I was using. I really think this keeps them in great shape because with at least 4 blog shoots a week, I’m a bit harder on my purses than one normally would be.
  • Earrings: Baublebar has some fabulous little earring gifts this season. I personally prefer these, these and these.
  • Coco Floss: A reader introduced me to this floss earlier this year! There is coconut oil in this floss and I couldn’t tell you what it does, but it’s the only floss I use now. I HATE flossing. It hurts and my gums bleed. Autoimmune disorders cause your gums to bleed even if they are in fine shape. A reader knew that and told me about this floss. It’s wonderful! My gums don’t bleed ever using it and it comes in a ton of different flavors. I order them in bulk online, but I also saw them at Anthropologie over the weekend.

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Stocking Stuffers for Baby

  • Pacis: Peaches is always grabbing Maxi’s pacifiers, so she always needs more. Plus, she gets more excited over a paci than anything else! 😉
  • Remote: Maxi is really into remotes, as all babies are. So we found this one remote at Target and it’s so cute! It sings a little song, “I’ve got my remote and I’m in control.” ha! It’s the perfect size for a stocking.
  • Little People: My girlfriend is a mama of two little ones and she told me to give a set of Little People for the first Christmas. I grabbed the princess pack at Target. I got a little worried Maxi wouldn’t be into them. Well when she was sick, I gave her two of the princesses from the pack to try to make her feel better. She is obsessed! Each morning she has her bottle in bed with me and she sits in our bed for a good 20 minutes just playing with Cinderella and Snow White. It’s the cutest thing. I’m excited to give her the rest in her stocking.
  • Teething Wafers: We keep the Happy Baby Organic Teething Wafers in our diaper bag for her snacks while we are out and about!
  • Placemats: These are wonderful for going out to eat. They had a cute Minnie Mouse set at Target I grabbed. Maxi mostly self feeds now, so I like these for eating at restaurants and keeping her toys clean.
  • Lovey: This unicorn lovey at Target was so sweet! While she doesn’t sleep with stuffed animals, Maxi has started to get very attached to certain ones and loves her unicorn dolls. She has a pink and white one and I dread having to wash them each week because Maxi looks for them. I figured I’d add another one in the mix to make it easier!
  • Baby Oil: I don’t work with Beautycounter, but I religiously order this oil for Maxi. This oil is magic. I WISH they made it in an adult-sized portion. We put this on after all of her baths and Maxi has never had any skin issues from rashes to baby acne. I really attribute it to this oil, because if I ever have a rash or itchy skin I put it on it and it’s gone. Whenever I post products from distributors, I purchase them all myself. But I do get questions on how I purchase, and I purchase mine through my friend Amy Beth Campbell.
  • Cuddle + Kind Doll: I know as parents, we try to do our best to be realistic with gifts for children. Maxi will almost be 11-months at Christmas, so it makes no sense to go over the top. She won’t care and we want to raise her to not expect toys 24/7. However, I also know as parents we enjoy giving and the magic of the holidays. It’s a balance and each parent has to find their comfort zone! But I have gotten so many e-mails from many mamas wanting to gift socially conscious gifts to babies, as they feel better “giving back” with toys. I really recommend Cuddle + Kind Dolls! Maxi has this mermaid that we got her while I was pregnant, so it won’t be in her stocking this year. For every doll purchased, Cuddle + Kind donates 10 meals to children in need in the USA and around the world. They do so through the following giving-partner organizations: World Food Program USA, Children’s Hunger Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada and WE Charity School Nutrition Program.
  • Cactus Teether: Silicone teethers always feel good on their swollen little gums and I found this cute one at Target! Perfect for boys or girls! Sorry boy mamas, I know so much of this is girl based since this is what I truly bought for Maxi’s stocking!
  • Wooden Teethers: We also really like wooden teethers, and this pineapple one is precious!

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Forward this post to your husbands, your mamas or your besties! I hope some of y’all find ideas to make this stocking stuffer business stress free and fun! Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to check the Holiday Gifts tab at the top of the blog. There you’ll find some of my favorite gifts along with each gift guide of the season.

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  1. Kelsey Warden wrote:

    Where are your stockings from??

    Published 04 Dec 17Reply
  2. I love how you separated this guy into three sections – especially appreciate the suggestions for guys. It’s always so hard to gift them!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 04 Dec 17Reply
  3. Meg wrote:

    She will love the remote. Our 11 month old twins play with it all the time. You will definitely be singing the songs anytime someone mentions a remote 😉 Love the placemat idea…going to pick some of those up!!

    Published 04 Dec 17Reply
  4. Holly wrote:

    This is such a lovely idea and a unique way to do a different sort of gift guide. I love the mixture of fun and useful things here and can’t wait to fill some friends (mini) stockings with some of your gorgeous ideas. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

    Published 04 Dec 17Reply
  5. Such cute ideas! I already jotted down a couple of these! Thanks so much!

    Published 04 Dec 17Reply
  6. Perfect ideas! <3

    Published 05 Dec 17Reply
  7. Erin wrote:

    I love this post!! If you were going to do a stocking for a new bride, what all would you include?

    Published 05 Dec 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      A Bling Brush and a MRS. Box! xo

      Published 12 Dec 17Reply
  8. Tiffany wrote:

    I know this is THREE months after the fact but I LOVE these wafers for my 9mo! And thank you for your search bar because it made it so simple to find now that we are in this teething territory (I remember this post but wasn’t in need of wafers yet). I joke not that i was in the aisle at Target today pulling up this post to make sure I got the wafers you mentioned. Jack loved them and his big sister, Scarlett, just HAD to test them out too. Anyways, I’ve followed you since Jen Kubes was pregnant the first time around (I was then w/ my first and was trying to navigate maternity fashion) and I have loved following as your content and advice evolves with your life. Thank you for always sharing!

    Published 15 Mar 18Reply