How To Style Hair After The Gym

Let’s talk dirty hair! If you aren’t new to my blog, you know that I don’t wash my hair every single day. Washing your hair each and every day can actually be extremely damaging for a few reasons.

1. It strips your hair of its natural oils, therefore creating rough strands.

2. Let’s be honest, every product is an opportunity for profit. For example, most people know Carmex makes your lips super soft- but once you stop using it your lips can crack. You keep using it and keep purchasing. The haircare industry is the same. Most of the time you’re creating a waxy buildup that you “think” is giving you soft strands. However, it’s actually causing your hair to appear oily more quickly- so you wash more frequently. It also breaks down your natural hair texture [and color if you get your hair colored] so that you are tempted to buy *more* products to fix your hair issues! You want clean hair, but you don’t want to be creating a never-ending cycle of trying to perfect your hair.

3. Washing daily can affect the cuticle of your hair, causing it to appear dull and lackluster.

But most of us workout a few times a week, or even daily! If you go to spin class every single day, what do you do about your hair?

Now first off, always use your best judgement. There are some spin classes that one just has to wash their strands after. However, you don’t have to [or need to!] wash after each pilates class, etc. Let me tell you how!

Before you fake clean strands, you have to prepare properly. First, 99% of dry shampoo is not the same. In fact, Living Proof Dry Shampoo is the only one on the market that ACTUALLY cleanses your hair. I love other dry shampoos for volume and for spraying before I go to bed, but this one is what I use after a workout. Second, when working out you want to use an invisi bobble ponytail holder. This one won’t create dents in your hair so you aren’t left to fix even more of a mess. Third, you want to protect your hair while you wash. Half the time you can hop in the shower after a workout and attempt to not get your hair wet. But the moisture in the shower causes you to step out and feel like you look worse than when you first got in the shower. haha! To prevent moisture from getting to your hair in a shower, I wrap my hair in a turbie towel [the cotton kind] and THEN top it with a shower camp. The double wrap prevents moisture and humidity from breaking in.

1. Start with said messy hair. This is bedhead that I did a barre class in. Ick!

2. Spray Living Proof Dry Shampoo on roots, under your hair and anywhere you think needs to be refreshed.

3. Take a brush and gently massage your scalp to really get the dry shampoo to penetrate the dirt and grime. I do this for about 15 seconds.

4. Take your blow dryer and blast it on the cool setting. This will set your hair cuticle causing it to shine and allowing the dry shampoo to really kick in.

5. Curl the TOP layer of hair. My goal is to do an updated hair tutorial, but I need a proper bathroom to shoot it in and I’d really love to get a video of it. These haven’t been set in motion yet, but it’s on the to-do list. I have shared a few times on the blog and on Snapchat how I curl my hair, but hopefully this explains the jist.  I take my T3 curling iron and wrap it at the top of my hair, I curl straight down vertically and leave an inch out at the end of the hair. I do this all around my head and only concentrate on the top layer. Because my hair was previously styled, I don’t want to add more heat to it. This is just a “touch up” if you will. Also, if you use a heat protectant you can apply it after your dry shampoo. I use this one.

6. To really emphasize my ends and create a beachy look [perfect for dirty hair!] I straighten the bottom inch of my hair. This gives you a great texture and complements the imperfect bottom layers.

7. I spray an anti-static spray on my hair so that it doesn’t frizz from the workout prior.

8. I tease my hair. Here is a teasing tutorial.

9. Spray Triple Sec and head out the door!

This really allows me to only wash my hair twice a week and it makes a world of difference in the health of my hair! Do you have any tricks for styling hair post gym?!

Photos by: Angie Garcia | Kimono: Nordstrom– on sale!

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  1. I don’t wash my hair everyday, so I’m always avoiding the gym on days I don’t shower. This is the perfect guide for me because now I can try to work out daily and not be afraid of looking unpresentable!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  2. Kessley wrote:

    I love this! Always looking for new ways to keep my hair looking fresh! If my hair doesn’t look good, I don’t feel good! Love the cold air trick with hairdryer!

    Thanks babe!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  3. Becca wrote:

    This is super helpful, thank you! Question, when you use the triple sec, do you just spray all over or at the roots? Thanks again!!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I spray all over! xo

      Published 13 Jul 17Reply
      • Becca wrote:

        Thank ya!!

        Published 13 Jul 17Reply
  4. Such great tips! I’m going to try these hair ties. I always get a dent from my regular hair ties so hopefully these help.

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  5. Augusta wrote:


    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  6. Nydia Esparza wrote:

    Does this routine work if your hair is drenched after the gym? Like soaking, just got out of the shower wet? That’s my struggle with my gym routine. Help!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Nydia! If my hair is drenched I just have to wash it! 🙁

      Published 13 Jul 17Reply
  7. Melissa wrote:

    Love the post! Will be trying these products!!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  8. Savannah wrote:

    I wish I could do this! My hair is thick but fine. I don’t know how to explain it but my scalp is always the first thing to sweat in a workout! I’m going to try this dry shampoo and blow dryer trick!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  9. Irina wrote:

    I just bought the turbie towel on a whim a week or two ago, and I am obsessed. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It cuts my drying time in half.

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  10. Hannah wrote:

    I have been using the invisible bobbi hair ties recently and I do like them! I totally agree that after some spin classes you really don’t have a choice but to shower! I’ll have to look into the Living Proof Dry Shampoo!


    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  11. Amanda wrote:

    Thank you! I have always wondered about this topic.

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  12. Jennifer wrote:

    I wash my hair every…single…day. I’ve read so many articles lately on why I shouldn’t and it is stressing me out!!! Thanks for the tips. I’ve got to start working on it!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  13. Laura wrote:

    Hi Katey! I love you tutorial on Snapchat! So informative! But I can’t remember which size of curling iron you said you use.. either 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″? Thanks for your help! 🙂

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Laura! It is the 1 1/4! I hope this helps! 🙂 xo

      Published 13 Jul 17Reply
  14. Elana wrote:

    Girl your beauty recs are life changing. Bought this dry shampoo today. Amazing!!! Always spot on with your products. Thank you!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  15. Alyssa wrote:

    I have really curly hair naturally, so it’s SUPER hard to not wash my hair every day. I wish I could just let it go like you can!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  16. Emma Williams wrote:

    I love this post! Normally my hair just goes into a gross pony or I just wear a hat. I love that dry shampoo! It smells so good! I definitely needed this post though to help style my hair and keep it healthy!

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  17. Francisca wrote:

    Absolutely love this dry shampoo !! I don’t wash my hair everyday and it is a life saver !

    Published 12 Jul 17Reply
  18. Ashley wrote:

    These tips are so helpful as I just started getting into a real workout routine where im taking classes all week. I never want to wash my hair every day so I will definitely try these out!


    Published 13 Jul 17Reply
  19. Congratulations. I love your blog and I will definitely try these tips. My hair get messy after an extraneous workout.

    Published 27 Apr 19Reply