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There are a few things COF readers know I love. Tula skincare. Mizzen & Main shirts for Paul [helllllo mama doesn’t want to pay for dry cleaning!]. Avocado egg salad. Leopard print. You get the idea. And we all know I adore DK deodorant. I’ve adored it so much so that I wouldn’t use anything else. It turned me into a deodorant snob and I accepted that.

Which is why I feel a bit like a monster writing this post. I broke up with my beloved DK deodorant.

This deodorant loved me faithfully for the past 5-ish years and I just tossed her in my bathroom trash like she hadn’t stood by me through starting my career, my wedding and pregnancy.

I’ve heard health talked about like a bank account and I like to view it the same. You make deposits with some choices and withdrawals with others. I’m not perfect, I like to get Icees at the movies and rarely say no to a cookie. But the reality of my choices are they are very balanced driven and because I like some sweets I never use coffee creamer or drink tea sweetened. I treat products the same! I use essential oils where I can and then turn around and self tan. I’m comfortable swapping products and adding other products in just like a bank account. I think a lot of women feel the same, because who wants to feel shamed for either decision you prefer or make?! It’s all about what you feel comfortable with. As I’ve become a new mom, there are moments I think, “Oh gosh this is getting all over Maxi, I want to make sure it is safe.” I use natural detergent, natural body wash… you get the idea. Deodorant organically fell next in line!

I knew good and well that normal deodorant doesn’t have the best reputation. While research is very conflicting on deodorant there is a general consensus that most people want to find a great natural option based on the findings of those studies. From the aluminum to parabens [I want to note that most deodorants in the US do not contain parabens now] I encourage you to research on your own! I definitely don’t want to share incorrect information as natural products aren’t my expertise, this is just a review on my experience.

One of my girlfriends in California is quite the expert on natural products. Amy Beth is my go-to for things like this [see her blog here, she has great product reviews!] and I love to pick her brain on products she keeps and products she swaps out for natural.

We were on the phone and she was talking about her experience switching. I wanted to switch but I felt like it would be really difficult to find *the* perfect deodorant. I realllly liked my DK deodorant so I thought, “Honestly, I’d rather just do something different to add in a healthy deposit to my life.” But what she said on the phone struck a nerve– we all have our moments, right?!

She told me how aluminum clogs our pores hindering our bodies from removing sweat. We sweat to naturally rid our bodies of toxins, so we aren’t allowing our body to actually clean itself. You won’t find a natural antiperspirant, because natural would allow your body to sweat. Aluminum is the only one approved by the FDA [not that that says much] so honestly, you can’t get a natural antiperspirant that would work. But you can find a great natural deodorant so you don’t notice the sweat and then your body adjusts. The “adjust” part caught my attention.

“Girl, what do you mean adjust?”

“I don’t sweat under my arms. Ever. I mean I must certainly sweat because I don’t wear antiperspirant but I haven’t noticed it in months.” 


Her explanation of deodorant causing this cycle where we sweat more without it made me want to test out this theory. So what are my results?

She’s 100% right.

Now switching to natural deodorant is quite the process and you also have to find the deodorant that works for you. Keep in mind, the deodorants that work for me may not work for you because we all have different body chemistry. Also take note that some use baking soda and while that doesn’t irritate my skin it can irritate some girls’. But when I tried Tom’s or LaVanilla I just about called Amy Beth to tell her I was a quitter.

What did work? Schmidt’s [rose + vanilla scent is my fav!], Primal Pit and Native.

Out of those three, my true love is Native in Coconut & Vanilla. Dare I say it smells as divine as my former favorite deodorant? It is their most popular scent! I was reading an article on this company and 90% of their customers are women and 80% of those customers are moms. I’d like to think we as women are picky and moms can sometimes be even pickier, so this says a lot about the brand right?!

Now a few things to keep in mind, I’ve been switched over for about 2 months now. The first 2 weeks were the worst. I felt sweaty and sticky and spray-tanny  [not a word- I just kept telling Paul I felt dirty like after a spray tan!] and well, sweaty. Then after 2 weeks I wasn’t really noticing any sweat, I just would notice that I didn’t like certain scents in some deodorants. Some natural deodorants are very earthy and if you don’t like that smell [like me] it can be a big waste of money to test your favorites.

Now 2 months in I use Native Vanilla Coconut daily and notice no difference at all! I think if I went on a trip and forgot deodorant I seriously wouldn’t notice. Now I’m not going to test that theory, but Amy Beth was 100% right.

A few tips for switching over:

  • Keep deodorant in your purse. The first 2 weeks you’ll feel so weird from switching [or at least I did!] so I wanted to touch up mid day. Totally normal! I was so used to the thick feeling of deodorant that natural deodorants felt too “slimy” or gel-like. But Native felt just like DK to me!
  • Keep these wipes on hand as well! These are natural deodorant wipes you can get at Target and I liked to use them after I worked out. I just felt cleaner! If I worked out and then ran an errand really quickly before I could hop in the shower, these wipes were amazing. They smell great, too.
  • All the articles I read don’t suggest you switching in the summer. Yet like an uninformed blogger, I did. ha! But I wrote this post in the fall because switching in the fall is best they all say! Less heat, etc. You get the idea.
  • Also be careful on recommendations! I say this as I write a blog post recommending my favorites. Deodorant really has to mesh with YOUR specific chemistry/ph balance. So just like some skincare works for me and doesn’t work for you, take that even more literally when it comes to deodorant. It’s a pricy task to switch and find the brand that works for you.

Now I’m off to be a bit embarrassed I wrote such a long blog post on deodorant and sweat and all the good things I know you want to hear about while you drink your morning coffee. But seriously, try it out sometime! Best part is if it works, you really stop sweating [as much] and if you feel personally uncomfortable with those chemicals you aren’t using them!

Photography by: Angie Garcia | Favorite Deodorant: Here & Here

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  1. Good to know fall is the time to switch! I’ve been thinking of it myself lately, and could give it a try!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  2. Chelsey Mack wrote:

    I’m totally going to give native a try! I would love to know what natural body wash you use as well. That feels so strange asking ????????‍♀️????

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Chelsey! I use the beautycounter body wash! xo

      Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  3. Caroline wrote:

    I had been waiting for this post since your tweets!! I had read good things about Native and was considering switching but now that I’ve read your thoughts, I’m totally on board.

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  4. Lexi Burton wrote:

    I’m so glad you did a post on natural deodorant! I’ve been wanting to switch but I was weary about the process.I love the Pacifica wipes for post gym!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  5. allie wrote:

    LOL, I started cracking up because that’s exactly what I’m doing… drinking my morning coffee and reading this post! 🙂 I’ve never heard of this deodorant but it sounds awesome so I wanna try!

    xo, Allie

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  6. Jazz wrote:

    I so relate to this post. My friends call me a hippie because I use essential oils for everything from cleaning to bug repellant to headache relief and rarely take medicine! I’m big on cooking from scratch and natural ingredients but I have to get an Icee and popcorn whenever I go to the movies lol. #balance I haven’t made the jump to natural deodorant, though, even though one of my sorority sisters makes her own. It’s so hit or miss–I’ve used the Pacifica wipes post-workout but didn’t like the results so I’ve got to start experimenting again once the temperatures drop consistently in Houston. Sorry for such a long comment!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! Oh yes I’m the same!!! I hate taking medicine! My mom is like, “If you won’t take an advil you can’t complain.” lol! But I do anyways! 😉 I really feel like that is the best way to be for me, too! If I go all or nothing then I get burnt out and quit, but if I balance healthy choices I find I end up being healthier in the end! xo

      Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  7. Denise wrote:

    Thank you for this! I just ordered a native stick, can’t wait to try!
    Do you talk about Tula skincare more in depth? I’ve been eyeing it up, but unsure about the price commitment, would love to hear more about why you love it!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Denise! Absolutely! If you search “Tula” in my search bar on the blog I’ve got lots and lots of blog posts on it and I apologize because they are all so long- they feel like a mini novel! lol. If you use code KATEY you get 20% off.

      Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  8. Robyn wrote:

    I just switched over to Native a couple of months ago as well and love it! I tried some other natural deodorants and just no ???????? but Native has worked great for me too. All about that balance girl!!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  9. Emily wrote:

    Hi Katey!

    LOVE this post! We are currently switching over to more natural products that are as well. Barbie is a big fan of Native deodorant and Pit Paste. What works for me is Freedom All Natural Deodorant. We’ve tried a lot and the first 1-2 months of detoxing are hard but it is SO worth it.


    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  10. Katie wrote:

    I have been slowly switching some products after having my son a few months ago as well. Do you mind sharing what diapers you use? I think these are the next products I will be looking at to switch.
    PS I love these posts and hope you do more on products you have found that work for you!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Katie! So unfortunately, Maxi always has blowouts with Honest diapers! 🙁 Right now the only thing that works for her is Pampers. I may try again later but it was SO messy [as you can imagine! lol] that I just let the diaper thing go.

      Thank you so much for reading!

      Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  11. Britt M wrote:

    I have been using LaVanilla Sport Luxe (the smell is pure heaven) after switching from DK deodorant. I AGREE with EVERYTHING you are saying!!! I am just almost out of the 2 month mark from switching to natural deodorant and let me tell you…I felt b.o.–yyy (not a word, but whatever) the first few weeks and I wanted to quit because I could NOT be stinky, I mean, it totally defeats the purpose and I have never smelled bad under my arms before. But I’m starting to see that it works. I also want to note that I seem to be getting a much closer shave under my arms that lasts LONGER because I don’t have the regular deodorant clogging up my pores. Are you noticing that too??? I do want to try Native to see if I will like that one better but I do like the LaVanilla sport and the ADORABLE travel size deodorant that is perfect for tossing in your purse so I think I will keep using the mini size for that purpose.

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Yes!! I’m so glad you said that becuase I thought I was crazy! I used to shave under my arms every single day. I hadn’t shaved in 2 days this week and I was so confused in the shower this morning. I was thinking, “Uhh..did I already shave?” No! I just am getting a normal shave and I feel like even my hair follicles are adjusting. Haha yes!! Girl I wanted to quit so many times. I kept telling Paul I felt so gross but he uses natural deodorant and was like, “I don’t even smell you.” I kept thinking, “Bless you for lying.” haha!! But the end result is so worth it!

      Published 11 Oct 17Reply
    • Lisa wrote:

      Thank you so much for this. I had been thinking about it a long time and you inspired me to give it a go! I am using the La Vanilla Sport. I’m hoping you, or one of your readers can answer a couple of questions.
      1) I’m one month in and thought I had gotten through the stink phase, but it seems to be coming back this week. How long does it really take for the stink to stop?
      2) In the last week I have developed a rash only in my armpit fold (is that a word?) not all over. It’s like I’m rubbing because I don’t have a rash anywhere else. Does anyone have any insight to this? I haven’t found any info online about this in particular.
      3) How long should you give a brand to know if it is working for you?

      Published 13 Nov 17Reply
      • Katey wrote:

        Hi Lisa!

        Apologies I just now saw this comment!

        It honestly took me about 2 weeks but for everyone else it is different! I will say LaVanilla never worked for me so it could just not be working for you! I had a friedn try La Vanilla for 2 months, she never stopped the sweat smell, switched to Native and didn’t smell starting from Day 1!

        It could just be the brand giving you the rash in that one spot! My biggest tip is to shave your underarms at night and then apply the deodorant in the morning to not get a rash!

        I hope this helps!


        Published 26 Nov 17Reply
  12. I never really wanted to try a natural deodorant until reading this.. do you really sweat less?!?! I’ve loved your blog for years and I nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award! You can see your nomination and how to continue at the end of this post: http://www.onepotslop.com/finding-what-moves-you/ I read your blog everyday and it’s really the only one I’m 100% loyal to! Keep it up!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Rachel! Aw thank you so much, that is so kind of you!! I really sweat less! Honestly, the other day I forgot deodorant and didn’t even know I had until I was getting ready before bed and thought, “Oh! I didn’t put it on today.” We still have days that are 95 in Texas so I feel like that says a lot! haha! Hope you have a great day! xo

      Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  13. stephanie wrote:

    I love this post. I have been wanting to switch for a long time. I have read several studies that suggest deodorant with aluminum causes breast cancer in women. I’m all about balance as well. I take cream in my coffee but won’t touch a cookie thru the week 😉 BALANCE right?

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  14. Katie wrote:

    Love this post! Thank you for writing it. Yes, I have tried many natural and more expensive natural deodorants as well. Native is my absolute favorite!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  15. Katie wrote:

    I really didn’t like Schdmit’s. I tried a few different scents and they all stained my tops. I’ve been using Native for about 3 months though, and absolutely love it! No odor, no stains, and it just works!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  16. Jasmine Minor wrote:

    If anyone needs any additional ideas on natural deo lines to check out, I abolutely LOOOOVE the Primally Pure Lemongrass scent deodorant and for those that have sensitivities to baking soda, this line has a “sensitive deodorant” option with very low amounts of baking soda. I have also tried their lavender scent and it’s definitely a close second to my top lemongrass fav 🙂 Here is the web link if it’s of interest: https://primallypure.com/collections/deodorant

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  17. Jessica wrote:

    Just ordered from Native! I’ve tried Toms and didn’t like it so went back to regular. But lately my regular go to is not cutting it. But after reading it helps get out toxins and you sweat less am I all in for trying natural again! Thanks for sharing!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  18. This is such a great informative post! I have thought about switching to a more natural option, but didn’t know where to start or what to try. Now I have options thanks to you!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  19. Rebekah wrote:

    I L O V E Native! When my mom was diagnosed with cancer I switched to no deodorant because I freaked out about everything… which Did. Not. Work come July in Northern California. I tried so many, but once a friend recommended Native I was hooked. I agree balance is key, I have my morning oil routine, but also don’t leave the house without a few sprays of my Tom Ford. You win some, you lose some 😉

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  20. Madison wrote:

    Girl Schmidt’s Bergamot Lime gave me the worst rash! So weird how everyone’s Ph is different. I’m trying native now!

    Published 11 Oct 17Reply
  21. Meagan wrote:

    Can’t wait to try these! Any recommendations on men’s natural deodorant? My man said he will consider switching after we see how mine goes!!

    Published 12 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Paul uses Tom’s! It didn’t work for me but it works super well for him! I do know Native makes men deodorant, so I’m going to order him that next! xo

      Published 12 Oct 17Reply
  22. Annie wrote:

    This was so informative! Thanks for sharing and giving us some insight to how natural deo works. I’ve been trying to find one that actually works for years so I’m going to try out a few you talked about. Also, I totally know what you’re talking about that slimy feeling natural deo leaves! Haha. This time I will fully commit to the switch even if it means being smelly a bit (I say that now) we’ll see how it goes at work. Love ya girl!

    Published 12 Oct 17Reply
  23. This is great! I tried switching to Tom’s this summer (so whoops, the wrong time to do it), and I just felt like I SMELLED all the time! I’ll try these brands once it finally cools off around here!


    Published 12 Oct 17Reply
  24. Heather wrote:

    I have used Native for a long time and absolutely love it. I’ve tried several scents, including the unscented and have not been disappointed with any. After trying so many different ones trying to find the perfect fit for my body, I was so happy to see a Facebook post from Native and figured I had nothing to lose by trying. I’ve never looked back.

    Published 12 Oct 17Reply
  25. Jaide wrote:

    Totally loving the coconut Native. I was sold from day one, and never had excess sweating problems or odor at midday. I couldn’t believe the change. It was almost like my body had been working overtime to overcome the usual brand name deodorant. And ladies of a certain age…let me assure you that I’ve had my share of hot flashes with Native, and didn’t even get moist. (maybe rub it on my forehead too, haha)
    Now to be fair, hubby is trying the men’s minty Native, and while he’s dry and sweet smelling, it is giving him a little rash. He’s a blond with sensitive skin, so I expected it might react differently for him. It helps to not put it on right away when he’s still dampish from a shower. Wait for the pores to close a bit. And try a different scent, in case it is the mint that’s the culprit!

    Published 12 Oct 17Reply
  26. Linda Garza wrote:

    Love this deodorant so much but I ended up getting that dreaded rash that apparently is a side effect of many natural deodorants. It happened after a couple of months of wear. You should Google it so you don’t freak out if it happens to you.

    Published 15 Oct 17Reply
  27. aartifact wrote:

    I just want to make sure I understand this properly, because I tried native deodorant and stopped after two days–

    So it’s normal to be sweaty/smelly for the first couple of weeks, because the body has to adjust?

    Published 16 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! Unfortunately, yes! 🙁 It’s your body releasing toxins and adjusting! xo

      Published 18 Oct 17Reply
  28. Lexi wrote:

    I currently use Lavanilla in the Pure Vanilla scent. I feel like it smells very baby poweder-ish. Does the Native Vanilla Coconut have any similarity to that smell? Thanks!

    Published 17 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lexi! The native smells more creamy to me if that makes sense! Not powder-ish! I didn’t love the Lavanilla scent! xo

      Published 18 Oct 17Reply
  29. Brittney wrote:

    Hi Katey! Can you please further explain what you mean when you say some of the deodorants “didn’t work”. Thank you!

    Published 23 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Brittney! It just honestly felt like I didn’t have any deodorant on, but I also didn’t like their scents! xo

      Published 23 Oct 17Reply