March Favorites

Top: Veronica Beard [c/o] | Skirt: Veronica Beard [c/o] | Shoes: Loeffler Randall [old]

Photography by: Madison Katlin

Happy Friday from Aurora, New York! You may have seen on Insta Stories but my mom and I got to do a total bucket list trip and go to #CampMackenzieChilds at their headquarters. I’ll share a post on the entire experience soon, but it’s been such a rewarding week. We got to tour the entire production facility and all I could think when we were finished was,”Okay, these pieces should be WAY more expensive than they are.” To see what goes into making the pottery for each plate from the clay to the painting, it’s truly a phenomenal work of art.

But this trip signals the end of March and boy was March better than February. This month flew by with a lot of “firsts” for Maxi. Her vocabulary took off this month and it feels like she says a new word every few days. Right now she’s with Paul, my sister and my Nana and Pop Pop. My grandparents were coming in for Easter and so they are helping throughout the day while Paul is at work. Each time I Facetime Maxi she says, “Pop Pop” and looks happy as can be! I’m so excited to see her tonight.

My Favorites

  1. Ulta Eyeshadow PaletteIn my affordable beauty post I shared this little eyeshadow palette I couldn’t get enough of. I’m still faithfully using it each day with no complaints. The shadows are as creamy as ever, however the palette looks like I treat it horribly. The sign of a good eyeshadow palette is when it is dirty, no?! 😉
  2. Laptop StandPer the recommendation of Lauryn, I grabbed this laptop stand. Although I’m not obsessed with the way it looks on my desk, I think it’s helped my posture a lot! I have yet to invest in a desktop computer [I know, I know! Is it life changing?! Do tell!] so I don’t want to be crunched over my desk each day. Adding another Amazon must have to your list.
  3. MacKenzie-Childs Jars for PantryI’ve used a few different methods to organize my pantry over the years and I’ll be honest the suctioning jars do NOT work for me. They look stunning. Beautiful. But when I want some goldfish stat I do not go to the trouble of opening it. Baskets work really well for me! But then when it comes to smaller, hand-sized snacks I wanted some jars. I ordered these from MacKenzie-Childs to test out. I am ordering a few more because they’ve been perfect for Maxi’s applesauce pouches, etc. Do you have a method you use to organize your pantry?
  4. FUJIx100fI really wanted a camera for travel because I get SO anxious traveling with my lenses. They are also incredibly heavy and take up far too much room. I’ve played around with this make of camera {however the x100f is new} for about 2 years as my girlfriend Ashley has it. I took the plunge to purchase before the trip and I’m so happy I did. It’s easy for travel and will be perfect for taking a quick photo of Maxi.
  5. BeddingOur bedding died last month, rest in peace. We all had the flu and we’d all been sleeping with that duvet. Our bedding had to be dry cleaned, but in my moment of cleaning absolutely everything to rid the home of the flu I tossed it in the washer. I even tossed the down-filled duvet in the washer. Big mistake. Huge. First, the bedding tore everywhere from the dryer. Secondly, you can’t wash a down-filled duvet. I blame flu brain. Thankfully, I had a Pottery Barn coupon and went with this. It’s a LITTLE feminine {okay, maybe a lot} but I have a gem of a husband that doesn’t give one thought to it. So far, I’m obsessed! Our designer is adding new art above the bed, so I’m very excited to see it come together.
  6. DysonThis was my birthday gift from my family and I swore up and down I’d never own this thing. The price?! For a dryer?! No. No. And no. But over the years I’d heard a LOT of chatter about it. Like The Bachelor, people had extreme wavering opinions. Some said this dryer was the key to their happiness [kidding] some said it did nothing special. I polled y’all and the general consensus was that if you have unruly hair you love it, if you have finer hair it’s nothing special. I’ve used it for a month now and so far 3 of my girlfriends have purchased it after seeing how much I love mine. I will test it a bit longer before I review on COF.
  7. Kate Somerville Tanning TowelsI haven’t always had the best luck with tanning towels- or so my photographer says. I’m convinced she should be the one reviewing self tanner because there have been many a shoots that haven’t worked thanks to streaky legs. I got these to test from a press kit and if you’re more fair like me- you NEED. These are so stinking easy and don’t make you look uneven or orange. I think a lot of time tanning towels are so concentrated that wherever you start application can end up being a hot mess. Now these were lighter on me, so say your skin is super olive it could just be a light layer on you. However, they are the perfect shade for me! I also love them for the face and they don’t cause me to breakout.

Favorite Posts

Your Favorites


  • Patio: We have never ever invested in patio furniture. Funny enough, we’ve honestly borrowed some from friends for parties and the like. But now that we are settled in our home, the time has come to dress that patio up. I can’t chat *too* much about the project just yet- but stay tuned, y’all!
  • Pantry: You could probably guess from one of my favorite monthly faves, but I aim to organize the pantry this month! Our pantry is an “L” shape, so I’ve always felt a little confused on how to organize it. Do I put electronics on the left and food on the right or vice versa?! Would you want me to share when I’m finished?

 Monthly Read

After reading something a bit more serious, I wanted to dial it back a notch and read something easy! The Wedding Date is a quick and sweet read! I read it on the plane and truthfully couldn’t put it down. It’s not a deep novel by any means, but it’s a cute romantic read so if you just want some happy in your library add this.

What did you love this month?!

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  1. Love the series of photos! What a cute photoshoot! 🙂 and please do a review of the Dyson dryer! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 30 Mar 18Reply
  2. Taylor wrote:

    Happy Friday! I’m hearing a lot of good things about the book “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. I ordered it on Amazon a few days ago so I haven’t started it yet but I think it’s definitely something you should put on your to be read list!

    Published 30 Mar 18Reply
  3. Hi Katey! I’m obsessed with this striped number on you. You look amazing. And yes – a desktop monitor is a must! I have a dual monitor setup at work, and it is awesome. Nowadays you can find nice, reasonably priced 27-inch plus monitors and connect them to your laptop with a simple docking station. You’ll be so glad you did!

    Have a great weekend!

    Published 30 Mar 18Reply
  4. Amanda wrote:

    Hi Katey!

    Is 1 Kate Somerville Tanning Towel usually enough to do your whole body? Considering giving them a try!

    Published 30 Mar 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Amanda! Yes, it is! I use one wipe for my entire body and face! 🙂 xo

      Published 01 Apr 18Reply
  5. Alex wrote:

    Omg pleeeaase share you pantry organization !! That is what on my to do list but I keep putting it off because I don’t know where to begin!

    Published 30 Mar 18Reply
  6. Irina wrote:

    I just got my hair done yesterday and both my stylist and I agree the Dyson is nothing special. I definitely think I’d use it if I got it as a gift (which she did) but I wouldn’t spend $400 of my own money on it. I have wild ahir that takes forever to dry and it did not cut my drying time in half as promised.

    PS you and Maxi look adorable in these shots.

    Published 30 Mar 18Reply
  7. My favorite this month is the same as always, the Pioneer Woman, and I feel like you would be equally as excited as me about meeting her! She had a book signing yesterday and I got to meet her! She said she would claim me as her daughter, no big deal. (I died.) Loved this post!!!

    Published 30 Mar 18Reply
  8. Kathy Lang wrote:

    Your new bedding is beautiful! I’d like to see the pantry once you’re finished organizing it. I’m fair-skinned to so I’ll definitely have to try those Kate Somerville tanning wipes! The Dr. Gross ones don’t really work well for me. 🙁

    Published 30 Mar 18Reply
  9. This is such a cute two piece!! <3

    Published 31 Mar 18Reply
  10. Love these monthly posts! Your trip with your mama looked like a blast but I know how it feels to wanna get home to your baby! If you sell what’s currently above your bed let me know! I love those Ballard pieces!


    Published 31 Mar 18Reply
  11. elizabeth null wrote:

    obsessed with this look!!

    Published 02 Apr 18Reply
  12. Katie wrote:

    I would love to read a post about how you organized your pantry.
    Love organizing so I am really interested into these posts.
    xo Katie

    Published 03 Apr 18Reply
  13. Alma wrote:

    I loved my grandma’s 97 birthday , it was a great day !

    Published 04 Apr 18Reply